Best paying jobs in consumer services 2024

Best paying jobs in consumer services

Best paying jobs in consumer services

Consumer services jobs have been in high demand as a stylish and modern way to make money. We will be presenting to you the most lucrative jobs in consumer services. Let’s first discuss what consumer services are.

Best paying jobs in consumer services

What are consumer services?

Although consumer services are often mixed with customer service, they are vastly different. Consumer services are tangible products available to most of the population and businesses. Consumer services are products you may have noticed all around you but not known they were there. 

There are many different types of consumer services, including finance, education, health care, and tourism.

It is important to note that customer services and consumer services are distinct. The former is the support that companies offer their customers, and these services could include advising customers or providing services following purchases.

Some people mistakenly confuse consumer services with consumer products, and consumer goods are tangible commodities that companies produce and sell to meet market demand. 

These tangible commodities can be physically accessed and compared with other products. Consumer services, which are intangible products, are different from consumer goods, and the combination of consumer products and services is called consumer products.

Many people are searching for new jobs as they try to get out of the poverty caused by the pandemic. Consumer services are one of the most popular fields of employment. 

We believe it is important to discuss what you need to do before you apply for jobs in the consumer service field.

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What should you do before looking for a job in consumer services?

It would be best if you made yourself more suitable for a job in consumer services.

Research the field of consumer services

As with all other career opportunities, it is important to be fully informed about the field you want to enter before doing so.

 You might regret choosing specific jobs in consumer services because they are not the most common. It is important to understand all aspects of the field and how they work.

Make sure to prepare a strong resume/CV.

No company will hire anyone without a clear plan and strong background in the competitive 21-century world. Employers will first notice your resume. Before you apply for any job in consumer services, it is important to work on your resume and fine-tune your skills.

Get ready for interviews

You should prepare a resume and research the industry to be ready for interviews with potential employers. No matter how well-written your resume is, it won’t get you far if you don’t show your ability to communicate your expertise in an interview. These skills are crucial for the interview stage.

Let’s now get to the financial side of things.

Best paying jobs in consumer services in 2024


Hedge Fund Manager

Annual salary: $145,000

This job may sound strange and new to you, but it is a relatively new job that has grown in popularity over the past decade. Hedge fund managers can be financial firms or individuals who use professional analysts to create hedge funds.

The six-figure salary is tempting, as you can see. However, to be a successful hedge fund manager, you must have many skills.

This job is difficult because you must know how to get a competitive edge and have a clear investment plan and a risk management strategy. The pay and skills you acquire will make up for any difficulties.

Chief Financial Officer

Annual Salary: $140,000

Chief financial officer (CFO), another six-figure job, requires meticulous and thorough monitoring of the company’s financial records.

It would be best to consider the responsibilities and grave duties that this job will entail before the salary drags you in.

This important job involves sensitive tasks such as making financial decisions, budget management, and strategic advice about the effectiveness of company expenditures.

A financial mistake could lead to inefficiency or bankruptcy, and this should be enough to show you how crucial the job of a chief financial officer is.

Chief Compliance Officer

Annual Salary: $120,000

Chief compliance officers inspect the company’s compliance with the standards, much like chief financial officers do. A company that isn’t aware of instances of violating these standards will be subject to severe penalties.

Companies can avoid unnecessary expenditures by hiring a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). This officer monitors the company’s actions and alerts the decision-making departments of any possible compliance violations.

This requires an in-depth knowledge of compliance standards and the ability to spot potential pitfalls in the company’s course.

e-Commerce Product Manager

Annual Salary: $114,000

Product managers are in high demand as e-commerce grows in popularity. E-commerce product managers make sure that ecommerce sites run smoothly and without any mismanagement. They will consider customer feedback and ensure that the product quality is high.

E-commerce product managers act as the link between technical development, business development managers, and other roles within the company.

To improve the company’s products and services, they conduct extensive market research and analyze user experiences.

They work closely with the development team to improve the products. Although there are many other duties that ecommerce product managers must perform, the salary is worth it.

Software developer for financial software

Annual Salary: $105,000

Technology has become more important to businesses. This means that every company must have a software developer to manage its online activities. The online presence of a business online is one aspect of its online activities.

Software developers who are able to manage the financial affairs of an online company will be well-suited for this job.

The best way to guarantee a good salary is to acquire the skills, and you will be more likely to get a better job if you have more skills in these areas.

Private Equity Associate

Annual Salary: $97,000

Private equity firms are typically smaller than investment banks, which means more competition for positions in these firms.

A personal equity associate’s primary responsibility is to provide a thorough analysis of the company’s current functions and prepare a report.

Competitors looking for the same job openings could benefit from your knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

Personal Finance Advisor

Annual Salary: $89,000

A personal financial advisor provides you with an objective analysis of your financial decisions. This means that they will give you advice about managing your money.

They are responsible for planning your savings, budget management, tax strategies, and executing trades on the market for their clients.

These services are not only available to the wealthy, but anyone can use them.

Compliance Analyst

Annual Salary: $78,000

Although the name may be confusing with some of the more lucrative careers we mentioned, you should remember that this job requires fewer responsibilities and less effort.

Compliance analysts ensure that organizations comply with industry standards and government regulations. They must be able to comprehend the various policies and regulations of government.

To avoid costly penalties, they must ensure that the organization follows a path that minimizes the chances of violating these standards.

Financial Manager

Annual Salary: $75,000

To ensure that the business’s financial output and input are perfect, financial managers must analyze the companies’ financial reports.

This is a crucial responsibility because of the fierce competition in the business world, and this is what employers expect of a competent financial adviser.

Tattoo Artist

Annual Salary: $62,000

Being a tattoo artist can be quite lucrative. The job does not only involve moving a needle around the skin, and this profession requires a lot of artistic talent. If you don’t have a talent for painting or any other art, it is good to look into consumer services jobs.

Content writer

Annual Salary: $55,000

Content writers are responsible for creating informative and professional articles online. They can help people with specific information about a company or product.

This job requires the writer to be proficient in English and use creative techniques to catch and hold their readers’ attention.


Annual Salary: $53,000

Accountancy is another job closely linked to the financial records of a company. This means that such employees have to carry a lot of responsibility to figure out income and tax data for the company.

Accountants are in high demand during tax season because businesses must file their tax returns promptly. An accountant must be familiar with statistics and mathematics, as you already know.

Well-Paying jobs in other consumer services field

Bank tellers work in banks and financial institutions. They provide customer account services, including receiving deposits and loan payments and cashing checks.

Client calls are answered by a Call Center Representative or Agent who can answer questions and address concerns about the products and services.

They are responsible for answering all customer calls, listening to leads’ concerns, and providing answers.

Apart from the Pandemic, travel agents were one of the highest-paid consumer services jobs. Their industry was affected by the Pandemic, and many agents were inactive during the COVID.

  • Bank teller – $32,215 per year
  • Call center agent – $35,778 per year
  • Medical receptionist – $39,138 per year
  • Flight attendant – $41,923 per year
  • Travel Agent – $42,350 per year
  • Receptionist – $44,004 per year
  • Account coordinator – $44,122 per year
  • Client relations expert – $44,588 per year
  • Concierge – $48,778 per year
  • Patient coordinator – $44,889 per year
  • Insurance Sales Agent – $52,180 per year
  • Administration consultant – $53,696 per year
  • Member service – $54,253 per year
  • Help Desk Analyst – $55,598 per year
  • Catering Coordinator – $56,590 per year
  • Client service manager – $57,301 per year
  • Technical support – $57,335 per year
  • Real estate manager – $59,660 per year
  • Front desk manager – $71,897 per year

20 Best Companies in The Consumer Services Field

The rewarding, challenging, and lucrative job of consumer services offers many growth opportunities and benefits. Customers need to place orders, receive information, and address complaints and questions.

Managers in consumer services are always on the lookout for skilled and competent customer service staff.

Even companies not directly involved in consumer services often have a customer support team or department. There are many career options in consumer services, including:

  • Receptionist
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Telephone Call Center Operators
  • Marketers
  • Salesperson

A customer service representative typically has the following duties:

  • Maintaining and developing a high-quality customer experience
  • Interacting with customers via various channels
  • Answering customer questions
  • Customer issues solved
  • Processing orders and applications

You must be able and able to maintain calm when dealing with customers in distress.

This article will cover the top 20 companies in consumer services. If you feel you have the skills to succeed in this field, then you should apply to these companies.

What Are The 20 Best Companies in The Consumer Services Field?

The best 20 best companies in the consumer service field are:

  • Apple Inc.
  • Royal Caribbean Group
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Trader Joes
  • In-N-Out Burger
  • Meta
  • Costco Wholesale Corporation
  • JetBlue
  • Amazon
  • CVS Health Corporation
  • Airbnb
  • Public Storage
  • Lyft
  • Southwest Airlines
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • McDonald’s Corporation
  • HelloFresh
  • ClassPass
  • Credit Karma
  • Wistia

Apple Inc.

best paying jobs in consumer services

There are many exciting opportunities and challenges when working in customer service with Apple. Apple allows support and service staff to work remotely depending on their job function, and apple service and support are top-rated because many people love working there.

  • Positive work environment
  • Inclusive environment
  • Learning new skills is possible

The roles related to customer service in Apple

 have been grouped into five different categories.

  • Online support: Your job as an online support representative is to create customer experiences online. Apple can now provide support via this channel:
    • The website
    • Appreciate it
    • Forums for the community
    • social media platforms
  • Technical Support and Customer Support: This category allows customers to communicate with them directly by phone, chat, email, or internet.
  • Apple Store Support: This category provides support to customers who work in Apple stores worldwide.
  • AppleCare Business Development: This category consists of job roles that manage AppleCare+ and the AppleCare Protection Plan.
  • Service Channel Management and Operation: This category manages and operates the service channel for hardware support to customers via the Apple Store, Apple Authorized Service Providers, and Apple Repair Centers.

Royal Caribbean Group

Best paying jobs in consumer services


It is a great place to work at the Royal Caribbean Group. You have the option to work on either the shoreside or shipboard.

To be able to provide customer service, you will need to undergo intense training. There are many advancement opportunities.

Because of:

  • Work fulfillment
  • Appreciation for yourself
  • A clear sense of purpose

Delta Air Lines

Best paying jobs in consumer services

Delta Air Lines is the largest airline in the United States, and it is also one of the oldest airlines worldwide. You can avoid the 9-5 grind by taking a customer support role at the airline.

There are many career options. These are:

  • Customer Service Agent
  • Airport Customer Service
  • Cabin Service Agent
  • Cargo Agent
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Flight Attendant

Trader Joe’s

Best paying jobs in consumer services

Trader Joe’s is America’s favorite restaurant. Because of its outstanding customer service and employees, it has a large following. The benefits that employees receive include:

  • Store discounts
  • Retirement and health plans
  • Leadership training
  • Scholarship programs

Excited? To apply, you can visit their “join our crew” webpage. This web page lists all available job opportunities and the payment rates for different locations in the country.

These customer service jobs are available:

  • Help Desk Support
  • Claims Risk Analyst
  • Safety Specialist
  • Crew member

In-N-Out Burger

Best paying jobs in consumer services

In-N-Out Burger has 358 locations in California and the Southwest. The restaurant promises competitive hourly rates as well as a friendly work environment for employees. Customer service staff can expect:

  • Competitive wages
  • Paid vacations
  • Flexible schedule
  • Career growth

You can work full-time or part-time, just like most restaurants. Visit their careers page for more and apply to become a Store associate.


Best paying jobs in consumer services

Meta Platforms, Inc., formerly Facebook Inc., is one of the largest multinational technology conglomerates worldwide. It is the parent company for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other subsidiary companies.

There are many customer services roles available due to the large size of its operation, multiple platforms, and many customers. There are many categories of these roles, such as:

  • Sales & marketing
  • AR/VR
  • Online operations
  • Partnerships and business development
  • Global operations
  • Advertising technology
  • Analytics and data

Meta has many benefits, including open work culture, growth opportunities, and flexibility in time and place.

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Best paying jobs in consumer services


Costco Wholesale Corporation, a multi-billion dollar chain of warehouses in eight countries, is worth a billion dollars. It allows members-retailers the opportunity to buy products at a substantially lower price. There are currently 824 warehouses in the United States and Canada.

Because they serve millions of customers worldwide, there is always a high demand for customer service personnel. You can apply for the following customer service positions:

  • Assistant in Food Service
  • Cashier
  • Assisting Members
  • Clerk

You can go to the career webpage to search for new job opportunities or apply for a job. You will find a friendly, supportive work environment and excellent compensation. There are also many career opportunities and personal growth opportunities.


Best paying jobs in consumer services

JetBlue is America’s most loved airline. Since its inception in 1998, JetBlue has been loved by both employees and consumers. Their policy has set the airline industry’s standard, known as “The Customer Bill of Rights.”

JetBlue allows employees, including customer service staff, to work remotely if permitted by their job description.

JetBlue is a fun and friendly company that offers growth opportunities, time, and location flexibility. This makes JetBlue a favorite employer.

JetBlue customer service personnel interact with customers via phone, email, and social media. Most customer service personnel work remotely.

JetBlue offers customer service jobs in the following areas:

  • Customer Support Trainee
  • Front Desk Agent
  • Trainee for Inflight Crew
  • Cashier
  • Bartender
  • Chef

Go to the webpage to view the available customer service positions. Sign up for alerts about new listings.


Best paying jobs in consumer services

Amazon is much more than an online shop, and it has been an industry leader since its inception in 1994.

The company serves millions of customers worldwide, and you can be sure that there will be a customer service position available at any one of its locations. Some of these jobs include:

  • Warehouse Associate
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Delivery Station Liaison

You have the option to work full-time or part-time. Full-time employment comes with additional perks such as restricted stock units, scholarships, and health packages.

Sign up. Go to the customer support jobs webpage now.

CVS Health Corporation

Best paying jobs in consumer services

CVS Health Corporation is distinguished by its innovative healthcare solutions. These include:

  • Services for health and wellness
  • Plans for health
  • Pharmacy services
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Virtual care services

CVS employs more than 600 HealthHub employees and manages over 9,900 retail stores. There are many job opportunities available, including:

  • Mail Clerk
  • Contact the Call Center Representative
  • Customer Service Consultant
  • Customer Service Advocate
  • Specialized in Engagements

The CVS Health Career website has more information about the roles available.


Best paying jobs in consumer services

Airbnb offers temporary accommodation for travelers, tourists, and those who just need to stay. There are millions of people using the service worldwide. You have many customer service jobs options, including:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Customer Support Agent
  • Host
  • Contact the Call Center Representative

Here are some of the many benefits of working with Airbnb

  • Paid volunteer time
  • Comprehensive health plans
  • Extended family and parental leave
  • Access to food and snacks
  • Travel credits and annual experience
  • Opportunities for growth

Public Storage

Best paying jobs in consumer services

Public Storage is the world’s largest provider of self-storage units. Because they work directly with customers. The company is in dire need of exceptional customer service personnel. Jobs are available in the following areas.

  • Customer service department
  • Call centers
  • Managerial posts related to customer-company interactions
  • Real estate departments

The workplace environment at the company is diverse, inclusive, and strong. People from all walks of life are represented in the workforce.

Benefits include competitive salaries, performance-based bonuses, and flexibility in work hours.


Best paying jobs in consumer services

Lyft, a ride-sharing service that provides the best transportation globally, is designed to improve people’s lives. It’s available in approximately 95 percent of the United States and selects Canadian cities.

It hires people from all walks of life and offers equal opportunities to men and women.

Lyft offers a variety of consumer service jobs, including:

  • Customer Experience Associate
  • Customer Service and Quality Specialist
  • Safety & Compliance Specialist for Customer Service
  • Safety Care Director
  • Safety Analytics, Program Lead
  • Safety Analytics Program Manager
  • Specialist in Real-Time
  • Support System Architect
  • Workforce Management Lead

Southwest Airlines

Best paying jobs in consumer services

Southwest Airlines is a top-rated company in the transportation sector. Many awards have been given to Southwest Airlines, including the Best Customer Service Award as well as the Best Customer Satisfaction Award.

Southwest Airlines offers customer services jobs that include

  • Flight Attendant
  • Book Agent
  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Sales Representative

Southwest Airlines is a great place to work due to its tax-free spending accounts and stock purchase plans.

The Walt Disney Company

Best paying jobs in consumer services

The Walt Disney Company, an American entertainment conglomerate, employs more than 190,000. It also owns subsidiaries like Disney Media and Entertainment Distributions and Disney Parks.

Some of the key benefits include a supportive work environment, management support, and learning opportunities.

McDonald’s Corporation

Best paying jobs in consumer services

McDonald’s Corporation employs over 200,000 people and is a multibillion-dollar fast-food giant. Many branches are located around the globe. As the company expands, it creates new jobs.

Many consumer service job opportunities are available at McDonald’s.

  • Servers
  • Driver for Delivery
  • Cashiers
  • Contact the Call Center Representative

McDonald’s is a great place to work for students, graduates from high school, or part-time workers with no prior experience.


Best paying jobs in consumer services

HelloFresh, a New York City-based meal-kit company, is located in New York City. This creates a lot of demand for consumer service personnel such as:

  • Customer Service Agent
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Customer retention analysis
  • Global Customer and CRM Senior Manager
  • Manager of the Call Center
  • Contact the Call Center Representative

These jobs can be applied for with HelloFresh.

According to the company, you should work with them if possible.

  • It’s a job that changes the way people eat
  • A collaborative and smart workplace
  • Opportunities for career advancement and learning
  • Learn how data can be used to gain insight from consumers


Best paying jobs in consumer services

ClassPass Inc., a consumer service company, offers worldwide access to thousands of top-rated gyms and fitness studios as well as salons and spas. It has partnered with more than 30,000 health clubs across 28 countries.

Many health, financial, and mental benefits are available, including:

  • ClassPass Credits Free
  • High-quality vision, medical, and dental coverage
  • Paid parental leave
  • Excellent pay
  • Retirement savings
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Support for mental health
  • WFH stipend

All job openings can be found on the ClassPass careers webpage. Make sure to check it often for any openings that might interest you.

Credit Karma

Best paying jobs in consumer services

Credit Karma, a company, providing financial products and services to customers, is a provider of consumer services. Customers can also get personalized recommendations and offers to help them make the best financial decisions.

Credit karma includes – Customer service job roles

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Support Specialist
  • A representative for Member Services

Credit Karma employees enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Comprehensive health plans
  • Self-care and wellness reimbursement
  • Paid parental leave
  • Professional development
  • Continuous learning courses
  • Equal pay
  • Retirement plan
  • Equity incentives


Best paying jobs in consumer services

Wistia is a video hosting service for marketers. Their fantastic support makes them so popular, especially for people who are just starting to use the service. Its mission is to create inclusive, helpful, and essential products and experiences.

The Wistia consumer service jobs include:

  • Customer Success Operations Manager
  • Sales Development Representative

Employees are offered many benefits by the company, including:

  • High-quality salary and profit-sharing
  • Flexible and unlimited vacation policy
  • Healthy (and unhealthy!) Snacks and beverages
  • 401k plus company contribution
  • Total health + dental insurance
  • Insurance for life and long-term disability
  • 16 weeks of paid parental leave
  • Transport subsidies for your preferred mode
  • Personal budget for professional development


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