Walmart Tire Rotation Cost

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Walmart Tire Rotation Cost

Walmart Tire Rotation Cost: One of the most common places to get tires rotated is at Walmart. Like most things at Walmart, rotating tires doesn’t cost too much.

At Walmart Tire and Lube Express, a Lifetime Balance and Rotation Service costs $14 per tire. If you buy this service for life, they will rotate your tires for free for as long as the tires last.

Walmart Tire Rotation Cost

But if you just want them to rotate your tires, it will cost $2.50 per tire.

At most other tire shops, having your car’s tires rotated will cost you between $10 and $20. That is the price per wheel, not the total price.

So, if you take your car to a tire rotation service, you will probably spend between $40 and $80 for all four tires.

Read on to find out more about how much a tire rotation service costs at Walmart and what it involves.

Walmart Tire Rotation Services and Cost

Services Description Cost
Tire Rotation It does not include mounting and balancing $2.50 per tire
Lifetime Balance and Rotation Complete balancing and rotation service $14 per tire
Tire Mounting Carry-in It does not have general installation benefits $10 per tire
Tire Mounting Specialty It does not have general installation benefits $15 per tire
Flat Tire – Tubeless Rubber Manufacturers Association repair $15 per tire

Walmart also sells car parts and offers services to fix cars. One of the services they offer to keep your car in good shape is tire rotation.

They offer a service that will balance and rotate your tires for life for $14 per tire.

Walmart will rotate your tires for free for the rest of your life if you buy this service plan. If you take your car to Walmart and ask them to rotate the tires, it will cost you $2.50 per tire.

But keep in mind that the technician at Walmart’s tire service center will only rotate your tires if that’s all you need. They won’t even out or remount anything.

Walmart Tire Rotation Cost Details

Walmart charges $2.50 per tire to do a very simple tire rotation. So, it will cost you $10 to turn all four tires.

But it doesn’t include mounting or putting on the tires. It will cost you $12 per tire to have them put on. So, a set of four tires would cost $48.

At a Walmart tire service center, tire installation usually includes mounting, balancing, replacing valve stems, and rotating the tires every 7,500 miles for life. There are times when you can get a free tire rotation.

Do All Walmart Stores Offer Tire Rotation?

At most Walmart stores in the United States, you can get your tires rotated. This service usually costs $2.50 per tire, no matter which Walmart you go to.

The store’s professional tire technician will switch the tires on your car to the wheels of another car.

Tire mounting and balancing are not part of this type of tire service. It’s just a simple matter of turning all four tires to different wheels on the car.

Please keep in mind that if your tires are directional, they need to be mounted and balanced.

Tire rotation is needed to make sure that your car’s four tires wear out at the same rate. To avoid having to change your tires often and to make them last longer, you should rotate them every six months or every 6,000 miles.

Again, how much does it cost to have Walmart change your tires? At Walmart, it will cost you about $2.50 for each tire to have them rotated.

But if you get Walmart’s Lifetime Balance and Rotation Service, they will rotate your tires for free as long as the tires last. The price for this service is $14 per tire.

Why Is Walmart a Good Choice to Rotate Your Tires?

Walmart is a good place to go because it’s cheap. Most places charge between $25 and $50 to rotate all four tires, which is still a lot more than Walmart, which only charges $10 for all four tires.

Also, the $14 lifetime balance and rotation package for each tire will save you a lot of money over time.

Just remember that the balance and rotation package is good for the life of the tire and that you can only get it done every 7,500 miles. With tires lasting about 50,000 miles, this will get you 6 to 7 rotations and balances.

Can You Rotate Your Own Tires and How Should You Rotate Your Tires?

You can absolutely change your own tires. It’s not too hard to rotate your own tires, and you won’t need to buy too many tools.

If your car has a spare tire and a kit for changing tires, you should have everything you need. The only bad thing is that you won’t be able to make sure your wheels are balanced without a wheel balancer.

If your wheels were balanced when you bought them, you probably don’t need to have them balanced again as long as you haven’t lost any weights and you don’t feel any vibrations while driving.

If you really want to do it yourself, you could buy the tools you need at a hardware store and balance your own wheels.

You need to do two things before you can play musical tires. First, you need to know if your car has front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or both.

Next, you need to see if you have tires that don’t go in one direction, tires that go in one direction, or wheels that go in different directions.

This is important because the way you rotate your tires will change based on these things.

The forward cross, the backward cross, and the X-pattern are the three basic ways to turn non-directional wheels that aren’t staggered. No matter how the drive is set up, directional staggered wheels only have one pattern each.

Forward Cross: For FWD cars, the forward cross is used. The front wheels are moved straight back, and the back wheels are moved forward and switched left to right, right to left.

X-Pattern: AWD and 4WD vehicles use the X-pattern. With the x-pattern, both the front and back wheels are turned from left to right.

Front to back: All cars with directional tires have treads that go from front to back. Just switch the front wheels with the back wheels.

Side to side: All cars with wheels that aren’t all the same size use the side-to-side pattern. These cars should all be RWD, though. The wheels on the left are just switched with the wheels on the right.

Rearward Cross: RWD vehicles use the cross in the back. It’s the same as the Forward cross, but the front wheels are crossed from left to right and right to left.

Other Walmart Tire Services and Cost

  • For tires bought at Walmart, basic installation costs $15 per tire. Tire mounting, valve stems, lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles, and lug re-torquing every 50 miles are all part of the service.
  • Installation of tire valve stems costs $3 per tire for cars without a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system).
  • $10 to fix a flat tire
  • $5 to reset the TPMS.
  • Price Tire Installation Package: $25 per tire. This bundle
  • offers basic tire services and a warranty that protects you from road hazards.
  • Balance and rotation are $12 per tire for as long as the tires are useful. If you buy this package, you don’t have to buy the tires at Walmart.
  • Lug Nut Replacement – $2 per lug nut

When you choose the Value Installation Package, the Road Hazard Warranty protects your tires after you leave the tire service center. This warranty covers all flat repairs and hazards that were not expected.

With this guarantee, Walmart will fix any holes that can be fixed for free. Also, if your tires are damaged enough, you may be able to get a new set.

Check Walmart website to see if there are any discounts on tire services you can take advantage of. There, you can find deals that will save you money on the cost of tires.

FAQs – Walmart Tire Rotation Cost

Do Walmart tires come with free rotation?

Walmart will rotate your tires for $2.50 per tire, which is the cheapest service they offer. But this doesn’t include balancing, which is very important.

Walmart does, however, offer a lifetime balance and rotation package for $14.00 per tire, which is a very good deal.

How much does it cost at Walmart to have your tires rotated?

Most people can afford and find it easy to get their tires rotated at Walmart, so it’s a good place to get your wheels fixed.

If you want to know how much it costs to rotate your tires at Walmart, the answer is $5 per tire.

How much is a tire rotate?

Most of the time, a tire rotation will cost between $24 and $50. But it could sometimes go as high as $120. Where you go and what other services you get could affect how much you pay.

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