Walmart Point System Chart

Walmart Point System Chart in 2024

Walmart, which is One of the biggest stores, has a Lot of part-time and full-time hourly employees. That Can easily cause people To be late or not show up at all.

To avoid this problem, Walmart made a good program called the Walmart point system, which keeps track of attendance.

Walmart Bereavement Policy

This Policy is in place To make sure that Walmart’s operations run smoothly and To help workers in many ways.

What happens if you are a new employee at Walmart in 2024 and have 5 points?

What Is The Walmart Points System?

The Walmart point system is part of Walmart’s attendance policy. It’s an method for reducing tardiness and unplanned absences.

If a Worker doesn’t show up On time, he will lose one point. Between five and nine points can be given to an employee.

But One important thing To remember is that if one of them gets five points, They will be fired.

This rule also applies to people Who leave before Their shift is over. That means workers may lose a half point. Or they will be fined one to three points if they miss work during the holidays:

Violation Point(s)
Absent 1 occcurrences
Miss more than half your shift 1 occcurrence
Absent on a key event date (Walmart double point days) 2 occcurrences
Fail to report, or “call-in” an Absense. Apply additional occurrentce(s) for the absense unlesss it is approved 2 occcurrences
Clock in/out 10 or more minutes early, but work at least half the shift 0.5 occcurrence
Clock in 10 or more minutes late, but work at least half the shift 0.5 occcurrence

After 183 days, points can be taken away or dropped. You can also get rid of them with PPTO (or reduce them to half). But You won’t be able To get more than 2 points for 183 days.

walmart attendance Policy

No Matter what score is shown, you Only have 7 days from the date of the incident to add it to the PPTO.

The Main Goal of this policy, Just like in any other company, is To reward workers Who show up every day.

It also says that all hourly workers have to show up on time, work their scheduled shifts, and explain why they aren’t there.

At the Same time, They want To make sure that their customers are taken care of And that their employees don’t have to fill in for others often.

How Do We Report A Walmart Absence or Lateness?

Many Other circumstances prevent You from going to work, Such as being late or being ill. You must give a reason for your absence. In this circumstance, What would you do? Continue to read more to find more.

It is necessary To log your absence on the OneWalmart website if you are going to be late for work.

walmart attendance Policy

You Can also Contact customer service at 1-800-775-5944 Or visit Your neighborhood Walmart (here) To let the store manager know you’re running late.

According To the Report stage, if an Employee Doesn’t call in at least an hour in advance To let the Employer Know they won’t be there, they risk getting in trouble.

How Can You Check Out How Many Points You Have At Walmart?

Let’s look at this part To learn more about how to check your Walmart points.

You need to go to your Walmart profile and choose GTA. When You click it, You’ll see both how many times you’ve been there And how many points you have.

It is important To look at the Report after six months. This is because if You have been working at Walmart for less than six months and have gotten four points, you will be fired.

Or, if You have worked at Walmart for a Long time and have gotten nine points, You can choose another option.

You Could also call the customer service department at Walmart. You can check your absence or point report at any time by calling (800) 492-5678. They’ll give you the details as soon as they can.

How Long Do Walmart Points Last?

There’s no question that points don’t keep adding up when you work at Walmart. For Example, if an Employee gets three points during a six-month rolling attendance period, those points will be taken away after two or three months.

After six months, if You are absent Or late for more than two hours, you will lose a new point.

Also, Approved absences are Not counted when points are being tallied.

So, Walmart workers don’t have to worry about losing their jobs if they miss five or more shifts in six months because of a death in the family, illness, pregnancy, FMLA leave, or a medical accommodation.

How Many Absences Are Allowed At Walmart?

walmart attendance Policy

Employees at Walmart can’t have more than five things happen in a six-month period. When you work there, You can have one thing happen every month. If you have any more, your job will be over. That’s the Short answer To your question.

How many days off can you take before Walmart fires you?

Workers Can Now miss up To nine days of work every six months because of Unplanned absences.

If You miss less than nine days in six months, it’s fine. What if there are more than nine? There is a Good chance that someone else will take Your place. So, You must keep coming and make sure you don’t Go over the maximum number of times.

How Are Good Attendance Rewards At Walmart?

We can’t state that the New company policy isn’t a significant improvement. Walmart believes that rewarding employees with bonuses will increase their likelihood of reporting to work. This idea is excellent.

Part-time And full-time hourly employees with excellent attendance records should equally be qualified for the bonuses in an ideal world.

Even if an Employee just has one or two points, they could still receive a greater bonus. If they have perfect attendance, they will receive a 25% bonus.

What Is The Way To Clock In At Walmart?

Even if they are late, Walmart employees must use the GTA Time Check app to log in for their shifts.

You must then sign up for OneWalmart. Thus, users of the GTA Time Clock app must visit the Time Clock home screen and log in. They will be Prompted to enter a special user ID And password to verify their identity.

To begin your shift after logging in, click “Clock In”. You can also select settings like “Meal Start,” “Meal Finish,” and “Clock Out” if you have already checked in.

FAQs – Walmart Point System

How many days can u miss at Walmart?

Before Walmart fires you, You can miss up to five days of work in a six-month period. One point is deducted for each missed work shift. At Walmart, you can get up to five points.

What is Walmart’s policy on absences?

Walmart keeps track of employee absences with a point-based attendance system. Under this system, each unexcused absence costs an employee one point.

Points Add up over time, And when a certain number of points have been racked up, the employee may be fired or face other disciplinary action.

Does Walmart have a strict attendance policy?

Walmart has a strict attendance policy. If an hourly worker is absent, arrives more than 10 minutes late, or needs to leave early, even if it’s because of a disability, the company keeps track of this and gives them “points.” Points lead to punishment and, in the end, termination.

Can Walmart fire you at 4.5 points?

The Answer from the bosses was, “Yes”. The report states That employees who have been with Walmart for less than 6-Months will be terminated if They accumulate four points. For employees with six months or more of tenure, termination will occur upon reaching nine points within a rolling six-month period.

How many points is calling in sick at Walmart?

Calling Out costs 1 point. Calling out On important dates (usually right before, during, Or after major holidays) costs 2 points.

You Can only call Out 5 times in a six-month period. After 6 months to the day of an event, that event goes away.

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