What Is The Southside Fade Haircut?

Southside Fade Haircut are simply stunning, but quite difficult to achieve. You’ll have learn how to use the device and maintain a steady hand in order to get the perfect fade.

We highly recommend booking an appointment with the salon you prefer so that an expert can style your hair.

Southside Fade Haircut?

You’ll love the way your hair feels as your Southside Fade Haircut will focus all your attention on the top of your head and where your hair is ever more prominent and more dense.

What Is The Southside Fade Haircut?

The Southside fade is named because of the place where it was born, which is it is the Southside in Houston, Texas.

It is said that the Southside is the most tiniest haircut that is available. Imagine the Southside as a tight and high-pitched, take it up to a higher point and slimmer. This is known as what we call Southside fade.

Who do you think this super short, mostly skin-colored haircut for? Men who like shaved hair as well as something more exciting than buzz cuts.

It’s also a good haircut which takes a long time to develop. You can also show off your head tattoos by putting a tad of hair in the in the front.

The small Southside can also be used to treat certain phases in Losing hair in particular when the area of baldness has a faster rate of loss that the line of hair.

Check out these 20 images to see the many options to style your Southside fade.

1. Southside Skin Fade Featuring a Hook Part

It’s almost exactly the same hairstyle as one that is worn by Drake as an influential hip-hop artist that is often seen.

Southside Fade Haircut?

You Can add a line around your hairline to soften the edges and increase the thickness of each hair.

2. Military Crew Cut Southside Fade Hairstyle

It is also possible to combine the southside fade haircut with the military cut. Choose this Style if you prefer to cut your hair short and want a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Southside Fade Haircut?

3. Wavy Southside Fade Hairstyle

This is ideal for those who’s hair is curly or curly. This is among the new curly fade haircuts that will be elegant in style and a smooth texture.

Southside Fade Haircut?

The longer the hairstyle, the better. give more focus to your curls or waves fade.

4. Southside Fade Haircut With Braided Top

There is also the option to pair a braided hairstyle and hair that is shaved down to the Southern fade.

You can make the braided appear more attractive by keeping longer hair on the top.

Southside Fade Haircut?

5. Southside Fade Haircut Design

You could also make your southside fade look more appealing by using hairstyles.

Southside Fade Haircut?

 For instance, you could make a pattern by making sure that the hairline that is visible on your hair remains.

6. Buzz Cut With Southside Fade

If you have long buzz cuts this cut is the perfect choice. If you opt for this particular type of skin fade, the best advice from a professional barber would be to put sunscreen to your scalp to shield it from the elements.

Southside Fade Haircut?

7. Gray Southside Fade Hair

Are you looking for excellent haircuts for guys with graying and thin hair? If so, the Southside fade could be a good choice for you. It allows you to show off your hair even if it’s cut it shorter.

Southside Fade Haircut?

8. High Forehead Line Up

The hairline in this style is better but still allowing enough length that can balance the most hairstyles with a sexy look. This style is suitable for people with receding hairlines.

Southside Fade Haircut?

If that’s the case, you can try micro-pigmentation. It can assist you in achieving your desired hairline.

9. Southside Haircut for Bearded Men

Even celebrities with massive mustaches are able to sport the Southside fade and can be paired with any beard or mustache style. Pick the Southside fade trim when prefer a more long beard.

Southside Fade Haircut?

10. Asian Southside Fade Hairstyle

If you’re Asian the style can also be a good fit for you. It’s a great option if you plan to go for a simple, stylish, yet short hairstyle.

Southside Fade Haircut?

11. Southside Fade Haircut With Buzz Mohawk

The buzz-mohawk fade is perfect to those who prefer a hairstyle that is easy to maintain but with some edge. Make use of it to showcase your true personality and authority.

Southside Fade Haircut?

12. Buzz Fro Hawk

You can also style your hair using an afro buzz fade and then pair it with the Southside fade. It’s a great choice for hair with afros, which tends to be able to accommodate a broad variety of hairstyles.

Southside Fade Haircut?

13. Southside Fade Featuring a Subtle Side Part

You could also try the Southside fade to create the Southside fade with a volumous and smooth hairstyle. It is possible to add an additional side part that displays the best volume.

Southside Fade Haircut?

14. Southside Fade Featuring 360 Waves

The Southside fade may have a greater impact on your natural hair. It can make your 360-degree waves look more visible and can provide you with a younger look.

Southside Fade Haircut?

15. Modern Southside Fade Shaved Haircut

The shaved hairstyle will provide the Southside fade a more contemporary appearance. It shows hair that isn’t even there. The only thing that is important here is the hairline that is wide.

Southside Fade Haircut?

Southside Fade Haircut – Video Tutorial

Are Southside fades suitable for women?

Sure, Southside fades haircut can be an ideal choice for females who prefer an edgy and bold style.

This style offers a chic and contemporary look, giving an individual and professional appearance.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a subtle cut or more dramatic one, a trained stylist can tailor your Southside fade to fit your style and personal preferences.

It is important to express your goals and collaborate with a professional to achieve the perfect and flattering look.

Remember that hairstyling can be an expression of self-expression and women are able to look stunning in the Southside style with confidence, and a sense of individuality.

Can I get a Southside fade with long hair?

Making a traditional Southside fade that has lengthy hair may be difficult because of the length.

There are other alternatives that are available. The barber can assist you to apply an ombre on the lower part of your hair while keeping the length of your top.

This will create a blended and fashionable look that is perfect for long hair.

Also, your barber could suggest other haircuts that work with your hair’s length including cut-offs that are layered or textured.

Get advice from a professional determine the best method for getting a fade that fits your long hair and the desired style.

Why is it called a Southside Fade?

The phrase “Southside fade” originates from its connection to the Southside region in Chicago in which this particular type of fade was popular.

It was recognized as a distinct cut within the urban population and became known for being the “Southside fade” due to its widespread Popularity and acceptance in the region.

In the course of time the term has since been used generally to describe the particular kind of fade, regardless of the location.

What are the benefits of getting a Southside fade?

There are many benefits to having an Southside fade cut. It gives a sleek and polished appearance, which enhances facial features and adds a the modern and trendy look to your overall appearance.

The Southside fade offers a variety of the styling options available and lets you explore various hairstyles.

In addition the Southside fade is relatively low maintenance when compared to more lengthy hairstyles. The shorter sides can make it easier to stay cool in summer heat.

How is a Southside Fade different from other fades?

Southside Fade sets itself apart from other fades due to its distinct beginning location, that is lower in the back and sides.

This makes for a stronger contrast between the thicker hair on top and smaller hair that runs down the back and sides.

Contrary to traditional fades that are typically used, Southside Fades showcases a sharper and more distinct transition.

It offers a more striking and more dramatic look, which emphasizes the gradual reduction in length of hair towards the temple.

This distinctive positioning of the fade is what distinguishes it from the Southside Fade and makes it an extremely popular choice for those who want a trendy and modern haircut.

Can anyone get a Southside Fade?

Yes, anyone can get a Southside Fade. It’s a style that was first seen in urban areas and has grown in popularity among people from all backgrounds.

The Southside Fade typically features short hair on the sides and back, Gradually fading into longer hair on top.

It is important to find a skilled barber who can achieve the desired look and provide proper maintenance advice.

It’s a hairstyle that can be tailored to fit the individual’s preferences and hair type. Regular trimming and styling are necessary to maintain the Southside Fade.

Is a Southside Fade suitable for all ages?

It is also known as the Southside fade. Southside Fade is a specific hairstyle usually that is associated with a shorter cut to the sides and a long length on the top, arranged with a fade pattern.

This hairstyle isn’t restricted to an age-limit it can be worn by people of an array of ages.

However, the appropriateness for Southside Fade may depend on your Personal preferences, hair texture and the individual hair texture.

It is strongly Recommended to consult a professional stylist who has experience to find the ideal hairstyle for you or someone you’re speaking to.

What is the difference between a Southside Fade and a regular fade? 

The primary distinction between the Southside Fade and a regular fade is the particular area of hair that has been tapered faded.

A typical fade is a gradual reduction in length of the hair from the top down to both sides, resulting in seamless transition.

This Creates a smooth and uniform appearance across the sides and the back of the hair.

On the other hand the Southside Fade focuses on tapering or fading hair in one area of your head. This is which is usually that side closest to an person’s ear.

The fade begins in the lower part of the face towards the temple or even near the sideburns. The fade then blends the length of the hair to smaller length towards the lower.

In the end overall, the Southside Fade is a variation of the standard fade, which is a focus on the fade or taper on the opposite facet of the head, giving it a distinct and asymmetrical appearance.

How to Get and Maintain Southside Fade Hairstyle

For a long-lasting and easy to maintain Southside fade hairstyle, abide by these steps:

  1. Find a professional barber: Choose a barber who has experience in hairstyles that fade, specifically one called the Southside fade. They’ll be able to create the desired style.
  2. Make clear your preferences: let the barber know that you’d like an Southside fade. You should specify the length you would like at the top, the amount of fade you would like on the sides and any other information you’ve got in your head.
  3. Sides fade: Southside fade usually involves an gradual shift from a longer, thicker hair on the top, to smaller hair along the side and then back. The barber uses clippers with different lengths to create this effect and create a smooth gradient.
  4. Blend the fade Barbers will skillfully blend the various lengths of clippers to ensure a smooth transition between the longer hair and shorter hair. This is essential to achieve an attractive and natural look.
  5. Style the top: You may choose to go for more of a textured, longer style or a more shorter, well-structured style. Tell the barber and they will style and shape the hair to suit your preferences.
  6. Maintenance on a regular basis: In order to keep hair on the Southside fade, go to your barber once every couple of weeks to get hair-care touch-ups. This will keep the fade looking clean and hair on top is well-maintained. You may also request your barber for suggestions on styling techniques and products for keeping your hair at fresh and beautiful.


It shouldn’t be a problem finding the Southside Fade hair cut for menthat is ideal for you, no matter if you prefer the subtle appearance that a lower fade offers the flattering look of a mid fade or the striking look from a high fade.

There are many hairstyles for fades for men to choose from, from dramatic contrasts to simple cuts.

You can alter your look through combining your hairstyle an appropriate hairstyle that fits the character you want to portray.

FAQ – Southside Fade Haircut For Men

Which hair type is the Southside fade suitable for?

This haircut is accessible to everyone since it involves cutting off the majority of the hair of the wearer. Because the haircut is easy and easy to Do it doesn’t need a lot of hair. The hairstyle Can enhance lots of lives when you have the right equipment and reliable hairdressers.

How to get a Southside fade haircut for men?

The southside fade haircuts for men are awe-inspiring, yet difficult to attain. You’ll have to master the machine for shaving and possess an even touch in order to get the perfect fade.

When was the Southside fade discovered?

This simple hairstyle that has modern styling first became popular at South Houston in the early 1990s, and became popular with young artists. Although it didn’t have any impact on the fashion scene of the 90s but it’s regarded as a chic hairstyle that’s edgy and trendy in the present.

Where did the south side fade come from?

Houston, Texas
Since it is because it is from Houston, Texas’ south side and south side, the Southside Fade is referred to in the Southside. Have you ever noticed the style and fashion always fall located on the south-side of every town?

How long does a Southside Fade typically take? 

The time needed to complete the Southside Fade will depend on the stylist or barber and the length of the hair client generally, However it will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Are there different types of Southside Fades?

Yes, there are various kinds of fades, such as high fades, which begin higher on the head and skin fades that are cut much shorter than standard fades.

How is a Southside Fade done?

The hair is typically cut shorter at the neck’s Bottom and grows in length when it reaches the top of the head.

Where did the style originate?

Additionally, the Southside fade hairstyle derives its name from being cut from the south-facing side of the South Side of Houston, Texas. This geographical association is the main reason behind the name given to this cut.

Who are the celebrities who sported the southside fade?

Some of the stars who proudly carried the Southside fade were Adam Levine, Jake Gyllenhaal and David Beckham. Drake is a popular Canadian rapper as well as Ronaldo who is well-known in Brazil also wore the style.

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