Top 20 High Fade Haircuts For Men


High Fade Haircuts: The most well-known haircuts for men with long black locks is known as that of the Haircut known as the High-Top Fade Hairstyle, that dates to the beginning of the 1980s.


It’s not just helping you keep your Shag in check, it also marks the beginning of hip-Golden-hop’s Age.

High Fade Haircuts

Naturally, it has resulted in many a number of different variations of the look over time.


High Fades Hairstyles can be defined by an elongated fade that begins high up in the back and sides of the head, and then tapers down to the skin, or shorter lengths at the hairline.


In order to provide you with a vast choice of options we’ve compiled the most exciting in the following guide.

What Is The High Top Fade Haircut?

If you are wondering what you can do you can fade your hair there’s no clear answer.

We’ve come up numerous high top fade designs that you’ll have to consider your options before deciding on your favorite.

To achieve this faded haircut style the hairstylist or barber will cut edges and the back of your head and cut the top hair extremely long.

This Stunning contrast is the main draw for this high top fade. The reason it’s so popular is that it is suitable for every hair type.

Is A High Top Fade Professional?

You might be wondering if you are allowed to wear high-top fades high top fade cut to work. If you don’t have any strict dress codes at work then the conclusion is that yes.

This style looks tidy and neat, which allows the wearer to maintain their messy hair in place. Therefore the high-top fade hairstyle is an ideal hairstyle for a professional setting.

20 Best High Top Fade Haircut

We hope you enjoy the examples we’ve provided below in case you’re contemplating having an high-top fade haircut at the next time you go into the hairdresser.

Here are the top High Top Fade Haircut, that range from dreads to curly fade hair, and twists to the top up to high as well as low fades on the sides.

1. Classic Laid Top with Shaved Neckline

This hairstyle shows exactly what the high fade can do best. Although that hair at the top is shorter and even but the fade makes it appear longer, which creates a pleasing contrast.

High Fade Haircuts

2. Line Up with Brush Up

The haircut may appear to have many things happening But let’s take a closer look.

The first is the high fade. You’ll get nearly clear sides however, you’ll still be surrounded by a lot of hair.

High Fade Haircuts

These clear edges are supported by an angled line – which means that all hair is cut and shaved in accordance with the shape of your hair and, consequently, you’ll see clear line near your temple. The entire thing appears to be in perfect harmony.

There appears to be no room for fun, however that’s why you need the brush-up. This helps to balance the hard lines by providing a soft texture.

3. Slit and Line Up with Dyed Front

Don’t start me involved in how simple to amplify an easy hairstyle by making a few deliberate adjustments to it.

The curved lines are a beautiful detail that runs down the beard, ending with a cut-off side.

High Fade Haircuts

4. High Fade Edgar

A high fade in the Edgar creates an assertion that you’re as hard and edgy as you can get.

The fade draws attention to the contrasted and short hair in hair’s fringe, and on top. Making sure the fringe is lined up and hair combed up allows for layering and creates an appealing look.

High Fade Haircuts

the chain of barbed wire and the colorful tattoos add more edge and flair.

5. Semi Curled Short French Cropped Top

The layers that are created in this fashion are extremely elegant and the top being a bit shorter creates a amazing, subtly elegant style. 

High Fade Haircuts

Its top is French cut with the sides tapering faded to give a clean appearance that is then finished by the temple fade that allows beards to come in and balances the entire face.

7. Man Bunned Dreaded High Fade

Who doesn’t love watching a good old-fashioned bun? It only gets better when you have dreads that are dyed literally it’s a wish of many.

High Fade Haircuts

However there’s always a way to draw more focus on your top by high fade it. Straight undercut high fade isolates this type of style on top to ensure the your beard is able to do its work below.

8. Side Swept Pompadour with Fade

Puffed sideswept with a line is the reason for that wildly masculine style. The fade of the sides draw all focus towards the top. 

High Fade Haircuts

In addition the beard balances out the lower portion of the face by introducing the grizzly texture.

9. Disconnected High Fade

Straight-up uncut undercut and the high fade is a match that’s in heaven! If you look closely that this isn’t an overly elaborate look, by using a simple approach, we can accomplish all we require for this elegant appearance.

High Fade Haircuts

10. Short Top with High Fade

The high fade haircut refreshingly merges the short-cut sides with a foolproof crop, cut precisely.

This cut will leave you looking stunning regardless of what.

High Fade Haircuts

11. Flat Dyed Strands with High Fade

This appears to be a professionally colored french crop! A Sharp high fade to the naturally dark hair of these ladies is the perfect way to showcase the highlights. We’re also thinking of your Bad Bunny images!

High Fade Haircuts

12. High Fade & Messy Fringe

High fades are excellent for bringing attention and volume at attention to top in the skull.

The gentleman here uses them to focus attention on the texture he creates by using messy hairstyles throughout.

High Fade Haircuts

The fringe has been intentionally left longer and styled using a comb and hair products to achieve a ruffled look. The short beard and delicate jewelry made of silver adds a touch of edginess to the simple appearance.

13. Short Line Up

This haircut is ideal for men who are looking for a basic easy, low-maintenance haircut. A combination of high fade and the line up creates a neat haircut.

High Fade Haircuts

14. Casual Brush Up with High Fade

This is a relaxed, casual cut that’s perfect for a hairstyle for everyday use. It can look more tidy or messy based on your style preferences.

High Fade Haircuts

15. Designer High Fade with Textures

Here’s an French crop version that includes an arrow-shaped cut into the sides of the head. It also changes the high fade with a modern design.

High Fade Haircuts

16. Short Fade

This easy cut ensures that the hair is the same length at the top to ensure a neat appearance. the high fade provides the illusion of depth as well as dimension.

High Fade Haircuts

17. Brush Up with Classic Fringed Drop Fade

If you’re in search of Something that is full of texture, you’ll be delighted by this hairstyle.

High Fade Haircuts

18. Undercut Curled Slit Shaved High Fade

Texture curled on top with a slit-shaved lines on the sides, and a cheesy undercut create a separation between them.

High Fade Haircuts

How could one styled! The more modern way of styling adds a touch of exotic by focusing the focus on both the top as well as the sides.

Its high fade is a bit lower, but it is a nice addition to it. That’s the reason for it’s an undercut is so attractive!!

19. Thick Afro Matte Top with High Fade

Afro hair is quite messy when not managed correctly. As we can see, the top is kept short, with sides high fade, and the temples gone as it blend in with the beard. The line has been kept very clean and sharp.

High Fade Haircuts

20. Thin Hair Layered Brush Up

Fades play a role in making certain looks appear more polished and that’s exactly the case in this.

The style features a very long top that is brushed up, while both sides are high faded, thus shifting the focus to the brushed-up top.

High Fade Haircuts

How Style High Top Fade Haircut?

Top top fade hairstyles make a style statement while keeping a neat appearance. They are well-suited with the textured black hair. Sides which are shaved or buzzed fade are common.

At at the temples, the fade begins at the temple, and continues to the top. The hair can be cut in an interesting way or cut straight across or curly.

To achieve this style, you need to maintain sharp edges, so it is important to regularly maintain and upkeep it. The high top fade is, however, able to be a great option to display your powerful character.

High Top Fade Haircut – Video Tutorial

What products can be used to style a high fade?

There are a variety of products you can use to create the high fade hairstyle and each has its distinct advantages and effects on hair. 

A popular choice is pomade. It provides an incredibly shiny and smooth look that’s perfect for classic hairstyles. 

Wax however offers a matte appearance with a better hold, which makes it perfect to be used for messy and textured looks. 

Gel is another popular to style high fades. high fade because it offers a firm hold and a wet shiny appearance that is ideal for sleek and polished designs. 

If you’re seeking an organic look clay is an ideal choice. It provides a matte look with medium-sized hold that’s great for messy or tangled hairstyles. 

Other products worth considering include hair spray for more hold, texturizing sprays for additional volume and texture as well as sea salt spray to create an ocean-like, windswept look. 

When choosing a product for styling is important to think about the type of hair you have and your desired hairstyle to select the product which can work the best with your style.

Can a high fade be suitable for all ages?

Yes it is true that a high fade is suitable for anyone of all ages. While it’s a preferred option for young men because of its modern and fashionable style however, high-fade hairstyles high fade can work well for men of older age who prefer the clean and crisp appearance.

The trick to making an high fade work for different ages is to modify the length and style to match the facial form, type of hair and personal style.

For instance, a shorter top and a subtle fade could be an excellent choice to those who prefer an unpretentious look and a smaller top and an edgier fade could be ideal for those who prefer a more dramatic and dramatic style.

The final decision on the appropriateness of high fades high fade will be determined by the person’s individual attributes and personal style preferences and preferences, which is why it’s important to speak with an expert stylist to determine the perfect haircut for you.

What face shape is best suited for a high fade haircut?

High fade haircuts is suitable for a variety of facial shapes however, it is likely to work especially well for people who have oval or round faces.

The reason behind this is because high fades high fade is able to even out those proportions that are characteristic of both facial shapes which creates a more pleasing and harmonious overall appearance.

For people with oval faces it is possible to use a high fade may help enhance the natural beauty and balanced appearance of the face and for people with round faces.

the high fade Could help reduce the size and length of the face, giving it an angular and more distinct appearance.

But, it’s important not to forget in mind that specific features like the size of your forehead the jawline’s shape as well as hair texture, may be a factor in the Decision of Whether the high cut is the most suitable hairstyle for a specific person.

It’s always an excellent idea to consult an expert stylist in order to discover the perfect haircut that best Suits your individual personal characteristics and style.

Can a high fade be worn with facial hair?

Yes it is true that a high fade is a great option with facial hair and in fact the combination could create an extremely stylish and fashionable appearance.

There are numerous ways to wear an high fade in facial hair, dependent on the design and length of hair.

For example, a thick beard or a long well-groomed mustache can give an imposing and rough look when worn with the high fade, whereas having a smaller, less trimmed stubble or beard could create an elegant and refined appearance.

When creating the look of a high fade using facial hair, it’s essential to take into consideration the general balance and proportions of the beard and hair in addition to the facial shape and personal style preferences.

A consultation an expert stylist may help in finding the most effective way to create the high fade that includes facial hair.

They offer individualized guidance and advice in accordance with your individual characteristics and preferences in style.

How do I choose the right length for my high fade?

The length you choose for high fade haircut is dependent on many aspects, such as the shape of your face hair texture, face shape and your individual style preferences.

One method to determine the right length to wear for a high fade would be to look at the length and appearance of hair that is on your top the top of your head.

For instance, if you favor a shorter and more textured style on top it is possible to choose an edgier style that begins high in the sides and the back the back of your head.

In contrast it is an elongated, more sleek style on top You may prefer to choose the more subtle style which gradually taper Downwards to towards the top the top of your head down to side and behind.

It is also crucial to think about the texture of your hair, since thicker, coarser hair might require a shorter fade in Order to get the look you want while finer hair might require a longer fade for the appearance of volume.

The best method to determine the best size for the perfect high fade, is to talk with a Professional stylist who will offer advice and suggestions in accordance with your individual hair type and features.

What’s the difference between a high fade and a low fade?

The length you choose for high fade hairstyles high fade haircut is dependent on many aspects, such as the shape of your face hair texture, face shape and your individual style Preferences.

One method to determine the right length to wear for a high fade would be to look at the length and appearance of hair that is on your top the top of your head.

For instance, if you favor a shorter and more textured style on top it is possible to choose an edgier style that begins high in the sides and the back the back of your head.

In contrast it is an elongated, more sleek style on top You may Prefer to choose the more subtle style which gradually taper downwards to towards the top the top of your head down to side and behind.

It is also essential to consider the hair’s texture, because coarser, thicker hair may require a shorter hair fade in order to achieve the appearance you desire.

However, thinner hair could require a longer-lasting fade for to give the illusion of more volume.

The best method to determine the best size for the Perfect high fade, is to talk with a professional stylist who will offer advice and suggestions in accordance with your individual hair type and features.

Can women also get high fade haircuts?

Yes, women can opt for high fade hairstyles if they decide to do so.

Although high fades are traditionally typically associated with hairstyles for men however, they’ve become increasingly fashionable among ladies in recent years as a growing number of women look to seek out provocative and stylish haircuts.

High fade haircuts can be altered to fit a range of women’s preferences and styles such as Shorter, cropped styles to longer cut, more textured styles.

Certain women prefer the high fade that has a striking cut or buzz cut on the other side, while some prefer a subtle cut that seamlessly blends with longer hair at hair on the top of the hair.

Like any cut, it’s essential to talk with professional stylists who can offer individualized advice and direction in accordance with your individual characteristics and preferences in style to ensure you get the look you want while preserving the health and strength that your hair has.

Final Thoughts

It shouldn’t be a problem finding the Haircut For Men High-Top Fade hairstyle for men that is ideal for you, no matter if you are looking for the subdued look in a low fade the flattering look of a mid-fade, or the striking appearance of the look of a high fade.

There are a myriad of haircuts of fade hair for guys to pick from, from striking contrasts to simple cuts. You can alter your look by mixing your fade in with a haircut that is tailored to your personality.

FAQ – High Fade Haircuts

Are high top fades back in style?

If you thought the high top fade had gone out You could argue that it’s back in. Both high top hairstyle as well as a fade appear to have a timeless appeal. You can pick them both without worry that your hairstyle will look old-fashioned as a consequence.

Who invented the high top fade?

It’s hard to know who is responsible for the development of hi top hair fade. It was in the 1980s there were a lot of instances where a hairstyle resembling the high top fade was observed.

Is a high fade haircut appropriate for work?

It’s dependent on the work setting However, a maintained high fade will be considered to be professional and appropriate for many workplaces.

How long does it take to get a high fade haircut? 

The time required for the high fade haircut is dependent on the barber as well as the client, but generally takes approximately 30 minutes.

Can I get a high fade with curly hair?

Yes you can, an high fade is possible using curly hair. Make sure you find an experienced barber haircutting curly hair.

Can a high fade be done with longer hair on top?

It is possible to achieve a high fade by adding longer hair on the top and adjusting the length of the hair to suit your personal preference.

Can I switch up my high fade haircut with designs or patterns?

Yes, you can apply designs or designs to hairstyles with patterns or designs. high fade hairstyle to create an extra unique and personal appearance.

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