Best 25 Burst Fade Haircuts

The burst fade haircut is among of the most stunning styles of fades. This haircut is very practical since you can apply it to all hairstyle for men regardless of length or texture.

Burst Fade Haircuts

One of the most popular examples of these kinds of combinations is the asymmetrical burst Mohawk which is also known by the name of fade South of France haircut.

It is credited with its popularity to the famous R&B singer Usher Raymond. This is why we have tips on how to wear the burst faded hairstyle.

Here are some helpful tips for how to style this burst Fade Haircut up to the highest level of.


What Is A Burst Fade?

It is impossible to misinterpret the burst fade haircut the different faded haircut due to the striking characteristic it carries.

To achieve the faded look the hairline in front of the ear must be tapered with the hair at the back is trimmed.

This manner, the hairline mimics the curvature of the ear, and then swells out towards the neck.

In addition, the faded hairline looks stunningly attractive regardless of length, both on short and moderate length hair.

After you’ve found an solution to “What is a burst fade,” it’s time to think about the things you should be aware of to acquire one.

Best 25 Burst Fade Hairstyles For Men

When you’ve learned how to achieve the perfect Burst Fade it’s time to choose the specific set of settings.

This can be a little difficult because of the many varieties of choices, so here’s our top 25 most flattering modern fade hairstyles for males.

1. Burst Fade Mullet

Like a mohawk’s bursting fade is a great option for also a mullet. The modern fades mullets includes less hair around the sides, with a focus more on the top and back.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Therefore, combining it with a flash fade ensures that your hairstyle appears trendy and modern.

2. Burst Fade Mohawk

A mohawk fade is a great match with all the top hairstyles. There isn’t a lot that looks so stylish and elegant as a mohawk with a texture.

Burst Fade Haircuts

3. Burst Fade Curly Hair

Another variant of the fade of the frohawk. In all the fades of black men the faded cut that is paired with curly fade hairstyles for men is the most soft and lovely appearance.

Burst Fade Haircuts

4. Messy & Straight Hair Burst Fade

Sometimes, it can seem that straight hair isn’t defined and has no swagger. If this is the case Try to spruce up your hairstyle with a fading blast.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Alternately, you can give your hair an textured cut for more the volume and motion. Make sure to add the look with a little bit of a product that is texturizing.

5. Burst Fade Short Hair

When it comes to bursting faded hair, it isn’t the only person to benefit from it. White males can also get it done. Make sure you have a skilled barber on ready and with the appropriate attitude.

Burst Fade Haircuts

6. Burst Fade Long Hair + Braids

A low-cut with a burst fade is an excellent alternative if you have long hair and wish to alter your hairstyle but not sacrifice the length.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Because it involves cutting the hair along the sides and the top is the main focus of the style. Why not braid it in a sophisticated fashion, similar to these stylish braids worn by men?

7. Mid Burst Fade Short Quiff

For a mid-burst taper fade any cut with a tipped top can work perfectly. We recommend pairing the look with a short quiff.

Burst Fade Haircuts

The style is stylish and elegant, which means the look can be worn everywhere you’d like. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain and the styling process takes only two minutes.

8. Buzz Cut Burst Fades

While a burst fade can be very short on its own however, it can be paired with an angular cut like hairstyles that buzz fade and provide a lot of Contrast.

To give your hairstyle an exciting twist, highlight the look of your burst fade by adding a design.

Burst Fade Haircuts

You’ll have regular visits to your barber for your haircut to stay looking gorgeous. But, it’s totally worth it.

9. High Burst Fade Brushed Back

If you Decide to go for the mullet burst fade which is very popular in recent times, you can rest sure that it’ll fit any style, since it is easily changed to a different style.

Burst Fade Haircuts

For example, if you pull the hair back and it creates an elegant and polished look that is suitable for beautiful formal events.

10. Coiffed Burst Fade

The haircut that men should certainly try is the one that has a coiffed style. It is a simple but beautiful fades hairstyles.

The main feature of this Style is the arch, which is coiffed from the front to the back.

Burst Fade Haircuts

The burst fade that is coiffed is a universal haircut because it can be used for any hair texture. If you’re looking to go for a swagger ensure that your hair is in medium length.

11. Burst Fade Short Pomp

named after the mistress of Queen of France Louis XV and popularized by Elvis Presley, the The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley The pompadour haircut works perfectly with a burst of fade.

Burst Fade Haircuts

The pomp’s volume blends into the hair in the rear of the head, creating one of the most fashionable hairstyles to fade.

12. Cropped Burst Fade

It is the Afro fade is among the most popular black hairstyles for males. It is a great way to not just show the beauty of hair that is textured but as well to create a stunning style for men who have short hair.

Burst Fade Haircuts

13. Undercut Burst Fade Straight Hair

There are no limitations for burst fades with respect to hair texture. Curly and straight burst fade haircuts appear striking and stylish.

Burst Fade Haircuts

If you have straight hair, then might prefer layers of hair on top to emphasize the texture of your hair. Don’t forget to use an item that helps to texturize your hair.

14. Low Burst Fade Spiky Brush Up

While you might think the style to be a bit abrupt and uneven, after closer inspection, you will see that it’s actually well-balanced.

Burst Fade Haircuts

An lower fade can give your cut top a stylish and attractive twist, making it suitable for all scenarios and moods.

15. Curls + Taper

Are you looking for the most effective method to manage your curls? It’s good to know that that your search is over.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Add a curly top to your look by slicing a taper along the sides and the back to create a outlines and create a contrast. Because the lower portion of your head appears so sleek, you can design the top whatever way you are capable of.

16. Low Burst Fade Design

Because a taper burst fade takes away a lot of hair off the edges, keeping them tidy and clean The addition of a fancy hair design is always appreciated.

The style you decide to look like depends on your imagination as well as the expertise that your hairdresser has.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Are you looking for something that is reserved? Have the barber shave your hair in a Straight line to the side. If you want something more elaborate take a look at the most sought-after hairstyle concepts.

17. Short Fade With Sponges

If you’re in Search of Shorter hair If you’re looking for a short fade haircut, you’re in the right Spot.

To achieve this look it is recommended that the sides of the head need to be cut off to give a elegant look.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Its top does not appear Spiky, however it gives the appearance of total softness due to a lot of sponges.

18. High Top

The high top burst style is quite similar to the traditional model of high-top fade.

Burst Fade Haircuts

However, there is an obvious difference in barbers who use the high top burst haircuts usually give it a more defined and a sharp appearance. It also gives a contemporary look to this hairstyle.

19. Bald Burst Fade

If you’re naturally thick hair and desire to show off your thick locks you are unable to come up with an alternative to an accelerated hair fade.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Because it removes many hairs off the side, you’ll find that your hair doesn’t appear messy or heavy when you make an explosive look.


20. Burst Fade Comb Over

Even though it is true that the Usher cut is striking and intense, it is able to adjust easily fit the formal setting. A slam fade comb over fade is elegant and refined, but offers a cool, edgy style.

Burst Fade Haircuts

21. Burst Taper Fade

There are a variety of Usher hairstyles, with the hairstyle known as a burst taper fade being among the most refined and elegant. 

Burst Fade Haircuts

The main difference between it and the standard style is that part of the hair that runs along sides are not shaved to the skin, but cut to a very short length instead.

22. Burst Fade Faux Hawk

If a smoky, burst-fading mohawk cut is too much excessive for you, go for the less formal version, which is a burst fade fake hairstyle.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Although it’s still striking and stylish but there is a difference between sides and the back and the top isn’t as striking.

23. South of France Burst Fade Mohawk

Of course, you cannot be wrong with the classic Usher hairstyle, which is also known under the names “South of France or “burst fade mohawk”.

Burst Fade Haircuts

 It’s stylish and striking, and can be a great fit for any face and is a perfect match for every outfit.

24. Curly Mohawk With A Shaved Part

For many males, their hairstyle fade is the sole fun aspect. Therefore, it’s recommended to include another feature that will draw attention.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Consider, for instance shaving the part of the frohawk that makes it to be more defined.

25. Burst Fade With A V Shape

The Effect of this is Something that is something that should not be overlooked. In a classic fade that has a the high-top, apply the V-shaped shape at the back of the neck to create an stunning blast cut.

Burst Fade Haircuts

How To Get A Burst Fade Haircut?

The first thing to know is how to cut a fade using clippers if you wish to master the burst fade haircut in depth. Make sure you have guards in place of a mirror, the comb too.

Make Sure you follow these easy guidelines to create the perfect hairstyle. Fade hair cut :

  • To reach the length you want, use clippers with a guard size of #3 on top hair.
  • To reach the length you desire, cut your hair in the sides by using clippers that have guard sizes.
  • Cut hair around the ears using an ear-lobe trimmer that is not protected.
  • Utilize a closed level and guard sizes 1 or 2 to imitate the earring rings similar to what it was done in the prior step.
  • Then, at the point where steps 1 as well 2, slowly decrease the hair with Guard 3. The circle formed by 2 should be 1 1/2 inches wide. 2 should be 1 1/2 inches in diameter.
  • To flatten your hair, you can use an hair comb.
  • Utilizing guard size 2, repeat Step 5.
  • Combine the size 1 of the guard with the guard size 2, while leaving the guard size 1 unlocked.
  • By mixing all the components together and trimming edges as required The final product is polished.

Burst Fade Haircut – Video Tutorial

How much does a burst fade haircut cost?

The Cost of a fade haircut varies based on many factors, including the location, experience of the stylist, as well as the barbershop or salon.

Generally speaking, a fade haircut could cost anything between $20 and fifty dollars or greater.

In the larger cities, or in upscale salons, the Price of an accelerated fade can be more expensive due to higher cost of overheads and skilled stylists.

However, in smaller towns, or in less expensive salons, the price could be less.

Hairstyles like the Burst Fade Haircut is a versatile hairstyle that can be adapted to suit your individual hairstyle.

Other elements that impact the cost of a haircut with a burst are any additional services like shampooing or conditioning, or styling. Some barbershops and salons offer packages that offer multiple services at an affordable price.

To ensure you are comfortable with the cost and avoid any unexpected expenses, it is advisable to obtain an estimate before impulsively getting a fade haircut.

Are burst fades suitable for all face shapes?

Burst fades are an ideal haircut for all facial Shapes, however it might not suit all.

The burst fade is a hairstyle that involves tapering the hair towards the crown of the head and both sides, resulting in a blast or explosion-like effect. This is a style that is popular with men of all ages however, it might not look great for all.

For instance, if you have a face that is round then a burst fade might not be the right choice as it could highlight how round your face is.

However If you have a square or oval-shaped face, a fading burst will help highlight your face’s features and create an edgier look.

It’s essential to pick a hairstyle you are comfortable and confident in. If you’re unsure if you should choose a burst-style for your face Consult an experienced hair stylist who will guide you to make the best decision.

Can women get burst fades?

Absolutely! Women also can get burst fades when they like the look and would like to try something different. Although the burst fade style is typically associated with men’s hairstyles it also looks great on women.

In actual fact there are numerous variants that the fade can take which can be adapted to women’s personal preference and style.

For instance, women could choose a gentler and Subtle burst fade, or choose a more striking and trendy look by opting for the high-burst fade.

For any haircut, you need to select a hairstylist that is familiar in the style and who can make a Style that is compatible with your facial shape and hair style. If you’re a male or woman the burst fade could be a fashionable and versatile haircut.

Do I need to use hair products to maintain a burst fade haircut?

It’s not mandatory to apply hair products to keep your hair in a faded burst but they can be helpful to keep your hair appearing neat.

Utilizing hair Products such as gel, pomade, or wax may also provide texture and volume your hair.

However, if you want an unnatural look it is possible to skip products for your hair and maintain your hair’s natural look by washing it regularly and conditioning.

It is important to keep in mind that the frequency of product usage depends on both the desired hairstyle and the type of product chosen.

You must select the hair Product that is appropriate to your hair’s style and won’t cause damage to your hair.

Can I get a burst fade haircut with long hair?

While a burst fade is typically a shorter haircut, it is still possible to achieve a burst style with longer hair. But, what length you have could alter the look for the final appearance of your burst.

If you’ve got long hair and would like a burst fade, you’ll need collaborate with your stylist to figure out the best method for blending the fade that is shorter with longer hair.

Based upon the size of the hair, your stylist may require a variety of methods, like the use of layers or texturing, to create a smooth shift from your fade more long-length hair.

It’s also important to note that a faded burst on longer hair may not look exactly like a typical fade for shorter hair.

In reality, it could be more like an “faded” look with a gradual taper starting from to the top into the sides, and finally back.

Will a burst fade haircut work for curly hair?

Yes it is true that a haircut with a burst can be a great option with curly hair. But, it’s crucial to be aware that curly hair could alter the appearance of the fade.

If you are looking to create a flashy fade in Curly hair, it is important to consult someone who has experience dealing with curls of all types.

They can aid in creating an appearance that matches the texture and natural look of your hair and is compatible with the curls you have.

In addition, it is crucial to maintain your curly hair’s health by applying products specially designed for curls such as leave-in conditioners, creams for curl definition, or anti-frizz creams.

These products will help keep your curls healthy and well-defined while helping you style and maintain your fade.

Final Thoughts

In the final, burst fade haircuts are the most popular option for males who prefer a sleek and elegant appearance.

The flexibility of fade haircuts and their customizable nature allows them to be adapted to individual preferences and designs. Be sure to find a professional who can design the perfect combination for you, and maintain it through frequent visits.

It shouldn’t be a problem finding an burst fade hair cut for menthat will suit you, no matter if you are looking for the subdued look that a lower fade offers the attractive look of a mid-fade or the striking look of high fade.

There are a myriad of hairstyles for fades for men that you can pick from, from striking contrasts to sleek cuts.

By combining a fade hairstyle with a customized look, you can create your own unique style that reflects the character you want to portray.

FAQ – Burst Fade Haircut For Men

Is a burst fade suitable for formal occasions?

Styling a burst fade haircut in a suitable manner can make it an appropriate choice for formal events like weddings or business meetings.

Is a burst fade easy to maintain?

Yes, a flash fade is a breeze to maintain as it blends seamlessly with other hair, meaning there’s no need for frequent hair-care sessions.

What products should I use to style a burst fade?

You can make use of a range of hair products to style an explosive fade, including pomade gel, wax or hairspray based on the style you’re looking for.

Can I get a burst fade if I have long hair?

It is possible to experience the burst fade effect in the case of long hair However, remember the more long your hair gets more noticeable it will appear.

How is a burst fade different from a regular fade?

A burst fade is distinct from a regular fade in that it is characterized by an arc or semicircular design around the ear. On the other hand, regular fades are characterized by a gradual transition from longer to shorter hair and can be executed on any part of the head.

Are there ways to make a quick fade when I have thin hair?

Yes a fade that’s flashy can be adjusted to suit hair that is thin

Is a burst fade a mullet?

The burst fade alone does not qualify as a mullet hairstyle, but someone may choose to wear it along with a mullet. Mullets have shorter backs and shorter tops however, you can select the most modern version by pairing it with an asymmetrical fade. You may request the barber to keep the sides of your hair short and curled, if that’s the style you prefer.

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