Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale Dates

The Dollar per Gallon sales is the most popular and one of our favorite sales of the year because it’s the ideal opportunity to purchase tanks at Petco because you can find 1029 gallon tanks for just only $1 per gallon!

We’re keeping on top of all the dates that you’ll need to keep track of in order to participate in The Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale.

Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale

We’ve already forecast four right sales in the year of Petco dollars per gallon for 2024.

The sale is held during Petco Per Gallon you can get tanks up to 29 gallons at just $1 per gallon.


You can also get larger tanks (40 or 45 gallon tanks) 50% off, which will work out to massive savings for larger tanks as well.

Given how popular the dollar per gallon sales is and how often we keep the track of the dates when these sales occur in place so you’ll know.

What is the Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale?

The sale for dollar per gallon is one of the top sales of the year at Petco and offers 1029 tanks for $1.50 per gallon. larger tanks such as 75, 40 and 55 gallon tanks for half price.

As dollar per gallon prices are officially recognized by Petco Sales, you can anticipate to see all Petco outlets to be operating the sale simultaneously with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska who aren’t participating in the sales.

Although the sales usually occur simultaneously There have been occasions where sales overlapped and a few Petco stores didn’t offer the dollar per gallon. However, this isn’t a lot of the time.

When is Next Dollar Per Gallon Sale

Next Dollar Per Gallon sale which we forecast correctly is in September in 2024. The public can shop the sale starting on September 29 and running until the 16th of November.

This is in line with the trends in the Dollar per Gallon sale at Petco and, for the last two sales, you’ll be in a position to purchase the sale on the internet now!

Predicted Month Next Dollar Per Gallon Sale Date
September September 29 – November 16th

The Benefits of the Dollar Per Gallon Sale

Affordable aquarium setups:

The sale of the Dollar Per Gallon lets you create low-cost aquariums, no matter if you’re just starting out or a veteran enthusiast.

The lower prices permit you to put more money into your budget for other important things, like filters lights, lighting, decorations and even fish.

Encourages responsible pet ownership:

In order to make aquariums more affordable and accessible by making them more affordable and accessible, the Dollar Per Gallon Sale encourages responsible pet ownership.

It allows people to build an appropriate and relaxing environment that is suitable for fish encouraging their wellbeing and providing enjoyment for the pet’s owner.

Wide selection of fish and aquatic accessories:

In the course of this sale Petco offers discounts on tanks, but additionally a broad selection of aquatic equipment and fish.

This is a great opportunity to purchase everything you need to create a productive and thriving aquarium, from vibrant fish species to water filtration systems, conditioners, and other decorative components.

Who can shop dollar per gallon sales?

Anyone who has been signed up for Petco Pal Rewards can shop Petco Dollar Per Gallon!

It’s simple to sign up and takes just a few seconds to sign-up and once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive delicious rewards, a complimentary birthday present and shipping offers in exchange for signing up.

Is the sale available in all Petco stores?

Yes, the sale is offered in every Petco stores. You can get special offers along with discounts, at every Petco location. location near your location.

You can find pet toys, food grooming products, grooming equipment and other essentials for your pet you can avail this sale in any Petco location across the country.

Don’t Skip out on the chance to save money on your pet’s necessities at the time of the sale!

Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale Video Tutorial

How often are dollar per gallon sales?

Sales of Dollar per Gallon occur at least four times per year and are usually seasonal.

Sales sometimes overlap with other events and get moved by a month. This means that instead of occurring in December, a sale may occur in January. However, usually, sales happen only four times a year.

The company intends to organize these sales at intervals of every two to four months. Alternatively, you could check back frequently to learn about the schedule of the next sale.

when we know the details regarding how long the sales is we’ll be able to provide the information here. Bookmark this page and return frequently in the meantime.

How much are tanks during these sales?

During the sale, expect tanks to cost a dollar per gallon, up to 29 and 50% off any tanks that are higher.

In sales, tanks that are generally sold at half the price can turn out to be a fantastic deal, even for bigger tanks!

In the past, we have made changes to the sale regarding the items that we include or exclude, which may vary from one sale to another.

However, our customers usually anticipate that we will include around 10-29 tanks in the sale.


We will track other fantastic deals that are available during these sales, as well as any hardware that goes on sale in between them.

How long are dollar per gallon sales?

Typically, sales of dollar per gallon typically last for one month.

Although certain are shorter, while some are longer, you can anticipate these sales to last for about one month, so you’ll be able to buy the latest tank.

In the past, sales were slower, ranging from 4 to 6 weeks, but recently the sales have been running for one month.

If they can hold three or four times a year, that’s a time to gain in savings. Be quick, this is one of the top sales Petco is able to offer each year and the items sell out quickly!

Are there any states that aren’t included?

Hawaii and Alaska do not participate in the sales.

Petco holds these sales simultaneously in most of its stores across the country, except for Alaska and Hawaii where the dollar per gallon offer is not available.

Your turn Have you got any dollar-per-gallon tips or information about the next sale, or any other information that can aid others? Please give us your tips or haul in the comment section below!

How much does each gallon cost during the sale?

In this sale, known as the Petco Dollar per Gallon sale, the price of each gallon is usually based on the size of tank you select. The basic pricing structure that is used for this sale is like this:

10-gallon tanks: $10
20-gallon tanks: $20
29-gallon tanks: $29
40-gallon tanks: $40
55-gallon tanks: $55
75-gallon tanks: $75
90-gallon tanks: $90

Please note that these rates are estimated and may vary slightly depending on the specific details and location of the sale.

It’s always best to contact the local Petco Shop or on their web site to find the exact price during the dollar Per Gallon Sale.

Tips for Maximizing Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale

Plan ahead and research aquarium sizes:

Before the sale starts make a plan and decide on the size of your aquarium that best suits your requirements. 

Consider different sizes, take into consideration the available space, and decide on the kind of aquatic species you would like to keep.

Check for additional promotions and discounts:

In this Petco Dollar per Gallon sale, Petco may offer additional offers or discounts on equipment, accessories for aquariums and fish.

Make sure you look into these offers to get the most value for your money and boost your aquascape.

Properly set up and maintain the aquarium:

After you’ve bought your aquarium, it’s important to set it up properly and keep it maintained to ensure the safety of your aqua pets.

Follow the guidelines of Petco or talk to their expert staff to design a an environment that’s healthy for your aquatic pets.

FAQ – Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale

Do all Petco stores participate in the Dollar Per Gallon Sale?

The majority of Petco outlets participate in the Dollar Per Gallon Sales. However, the availability may differ by location. Check with the local Petco location to check your participation and availability.

Does the sale include aquarium stands?

The sale will not include aquarium stand. But, Petco often offers discounts on aquarium stand prices at the time of sale.

Can I purchase aquariums online during the sale?

Yes it is possible to can buy aquariums on the internet at the time of sale. However charges for shipping and handling may be charged for online purchases.

Can I return aquariums purchased during the sale?

The standard return policy for Petco is applicable to aquariums bought through the auction. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it within 60 days and receive either an entire refund or an exchange.

What if the aquarium I want is out of stock?

If the aquarium you’re looking for is out of inventory If the aquarium you want is not available, you can ask an Petco store manager to verify for availability in nearby stores. nearby stores. You can also go to on the Petco website to determine whether this aquarium is available online for purchase.

Does the sale include saltwater aquariums?

The Dollar Per Gallon sale offered by Petco usually only includes freshwater aquariums. However, the availability may differ by store.

Can I cancel my online order during the sale?

If you wish to cancel your online purchase during the sale You should call Petco Customer service. The standard cancellation policy applies.

Can I use a Petco gift card during the sale?

Yes you can apply the Petco gift card purchase at the time of sale.

When does the sale typically happen?

Petco hosts their Dollar Per Gallon Sale multiple times throughout the year. To stay up-to-date, it is recommended to check the Petco website and local advertisements for specific dates.

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