Lowes Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide 2024

Lowes Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

Lowes Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide In the event that you go to Lowe’s when the right time comes around there are amazing deals on everything from flooring to mulch.

This will save you money, and you can put the Savings to pay for whatever project you’re planning to tackle next.

Lowes Sale Calendar

Our team has designed this Lowe’s sales calendar that is easy to use to help you track the upcoming sales to are aware of the best times to purchase.

Lowe’s one of my preferred stores for tools for home improvement, is offering numerous sales all through the year.

If you shop in Lowes during these big sales can provide you with items at a lower cost than on other days.

From much to flooring you can find some serious deals on everything in the sale at Lowe’s, however the process of tracking them can be difficult as they differ by time.

Because we love home improvements, we’re always searching for the most affordable discounts and coupons to include in our database of sales at Lowe’s to help customers save money.

Take an in-depth look to discover the top products to buy during the most popular sales

What is Lowes Sale Calendar?

This Lowes sale calendar is the calendar of sales events held by the home improvement store, Lowes.

It provides the dates and kinds of sales customers can anticipate all through the year.

Lowes offers a range of discounts, sales, Promotions and deals on a variety of items, including appliances, tools furniture, home Decor, and much more.

By keeping track of this Lowes sale calendar users will be able to organize their shopping and avail reduced prices, and maximize savings on home renovation projects.

Lowe’s Sale Dates

Sale Predicted Sale Date
5 for $10 Mulch Sale March and September
Presidents’ Day Sale February 20
Refrigerator Sales April and May
Memorial Day Sale May 29
Appliance Sales September and October
Father’s Day Sale June 18
4th of July Sale July 4
Labor Day Sale September 5
Black Friday Sale November 25
Holiday Season Sales November and December

Lowe’s 5 for $10 Mulch Sale

Sale Dates: March and September

Do you love gardening? Then the 5 for 10 mulch deals in Lowe’s is the ideal moment to stock up on mulch. These sales typically start around the beginning of autumn or the spring season.

It is possible to get this deal in the store or go online to have bundles of mulch shipped to your door.

Even top brands such as Scotts are part of the $5 in the $10 sales of mulch. The items available may differ depending on the available inventory.

It is important to monitor the sales so that you will be the first one to go to Lowe’s and grab the mulch bags you’ll need as supplies may be scarce.

Lowe’s Refrigerator Sales

Sale Dates:April and May

The latest refrigerator models are usually delivered to retail stores prior to summer, i.e, around July. To allow for the new models the cost of the older models is cut down.

This is the ideal moment to buy new refrigerators to allow you to enjoy homemade slushies and popsicles during the summer holidays that are coming up.

The sales usually occur between April and May each year. Be certain to check back at the time of your visit to discover what deals are currently in by following our guide.

Lowe’s Presidents’ Day Sale

Sale Dates: February 20
If you’re looking to give a fresh design to your home decor You should put this President’s Day sale in your calendar.

This is the time when you can discover a variety of products such as Bathroom essentials, home decor as well as other home improvement items with a 20% discount at Lowes Make sure you keep an eye on the site at the time to see major home improvement scores.

Lowe’s Memorial Day Sale

Sale Dates: May 29
The Memorial Day Sale is one of the most sought-after sales offered at Lowe’s during the summertime.

It starts on a Friday prior to Memorial Day and stays throughout the entire summer. There are many amazing deals as well as discounts on garden and lawn accessories such as grills, tools, outdoor cooking, etc.

The cost of furniture for patios are also reduced. If you’ve recently bought an all-new house that has an amazing patio and lawn and you’re looking to make it appear more appealing.

you can take advantage of the Memorial Day Sale at Lowe’s is the ideal time to get the latest decor for your outdoor space.

Lowe’s 4th of July Sale

Sale Dates: July 4
The Fourth of July can’t be celebrated without a barbecue or enjoying an evening of fireworks together with loved ones.

If you’re in the market to Purchase a new outdoor grill and grill, you can’t go wrong with the Fourth of July Sale at Lowe’s is the ideal moment to buy it.

There’s also 50% off other important appliances, patio furniture as well as outdoor kitchen equipment.

If you’re in looking for a new grill, make sure to look into the sale on July 4th that is held annually at Lowes.

Does Lowe’s have Black Friday Sale?

If you’ve not shopped at this year’s Lowes Black Friday sale, you’re not considered an expert buyer.

It’s the sale at Lowe’s Black Friday sale starts at 6 am on the day following Thanksgiving and will offer some the best bargains of the year.

You can get massive discounts and markdowns on every appliance, paint furniture tools for patios flooring and home decor.

You can also purchase top quality products such as Dyson vacuums, as well as the latest smart home technologies at less cost.

It’s always a good idea to look at the deals at lowe’s Black Friday, because it’s extremely enjoyable and some of the deals each year worth a look.

Most of the top offers are displayed on the main page and you don’t have to put down your dinner You can look through the deals on your couch as you watch football.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Grills?

Lowe’s typically offers discounts on grills and other outdoor cooking tools in the late spring and early summer seasons.

For instance for example, during the Memorial Day, Father’s Day along with the Fourth of July sale periods are the best times to buy low-cost Grills and grills Lowe’s.

You may also see grills for sale in the summer months between mid-summer and autumn.

For instance, Lowe’s previously ran sales to be competitive with Amazon Prime Day during July during which grills and outdoor cooking appliances were discounted.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Patio Furniture?

Like grills and patio furniture, Lowe’s discounted patio furniture is available during the spring and summer months of late.

For huge savings For great savings, shop Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day sales.

You can also try your luck in your Black Friday and Holiday season sales, when everything is marked down!

What Day Of The Week Does Lowe’s Markdown Clearance?

Clearance items from Lowe are permanent reduced products, because of minor damage or an item that has been discontinued, or because the store is looking to get rid of the items.

The clearance section is an excellent opportunity to save money at Lowe’s! Most of the time, Lowe’s marks down clearance items on Thursday so this is the ideal time to visit the clearance section.

The clearance section is open throughout the year at Lowe’s So you are able to save money no matter what time of the year it is.

If you’re looking to find out more about this, you may be interested in learning more on the time when Lowe’s stocks up, Lowe’s teacher discount and the Lowe’s contractors discount.

Can I stack coupons at Lowe’s?

The coupon policy of Lowe’s permits customers to combine a manufacturer’s coupon and one Lowe’s coupon for eligible items.

If you own an Lowe’s coupon as well as manufacturer’s coupon for the identical item, you can apply both coupons for discounts on that product.

However there are certain limitations and exclusions as well as not every coupon can be used for stacking.

In addition, the coupon issued by the manufacturer must meet a set of requirements that include having an expiration date that is current as well as a barcode that can be scannable.

It’s a good idea to verify the coupon policies and restrictions prior to attempting using coupons to combine at Lowe’s.

There is a wealth of details about the coupon policy of Lowe’s on their website. Or you can call their customer service department for assistance.


Lowe’s offers a variety of sale throughout the entire year. For instance, nearly every holiday has its own sales at Lowe’s which is where huge discounts are available.

Additionally, Lowe’s offers seasonal discounts to allow space for new inventory including big refrigerators and appliances.

Certain products might be offered at a discounted price when they’ve been removed, damaged or the product was returned to customers.

In addition, a look at for clearance items is an excellent method to save money at Lowe’s!

FAQ – Lowes Sale Calendar

What are the major sale events at Lowe’s?

Apart from Black Friday, Lowe’s also has major sales happening in the months of Memorial Day, Labor Day as well as the 4th of July.

When is the best time to buy appliances at Lowes?

The most ideal time to purchase appliance at Lowes is usually when they have the Black Friday sale in November as well as their Memorial Day and Labor Day sales.

Can I return sale items purchased during a Lowes sale?

Yes, you are able to return the items purchased at the Lowes sale, provided that they’re returned by the time frame.

Can I use coupons or promo codes during Lowes sales?

In the majority of cases, Lowes allows the use of promo codes and coupons in their promotions and sales.

Does Lowes have a back-to-school sale?

Lowes does not typically hold an annual sale for the back of school however they do have discount storage options for dormitories and home offices.

Does Lowes offer free delivery during their sales events?

Absolutely, Lowes offers free standard shipping on all qualifying orders of $45 or more during their sales events.

What is Lowes’ policy on returning sale items?

The returns procedure for items sold on sale at Lowe’s is identical to that for regular-priced products. Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to exchange or return the item, provided they have a receipt.

What kind of tools are typically on sale during Lowes’ Memorial Day sale?

In the course of Lowes’ Memorial Day sale there are usually discounts on hand tools, as well as accessories.

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