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Mcalister’s Deli Menu Prices 2024

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Mcalister's Deli Menu

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About Mcalister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli is a chain of fast-casual restaurants in the United States that is owned by Focus Brands.

It was started in 1989 by Dr. Don Newcomb, a dentist who had already retired. The store’s first location was in Oxford, Mississippi.

The company has more than 400 locations in the United States and is known for its Deli sandwiches, “giant spuds” (baked potatoes), soups, salads, and desserts.

They also sell catering items like sandwich trays and boxed lunches.

Also, it just recently started the TalkToMcAlisters survey. It allows customers to get better service by talking to an employee directly instead of waiting at the counter for a long time or calling the customer service number.

McAlister’s Deli Menu

The menu of McAlister’s Deli has a lot to offer because it offers customers an unusual selection of sandwich possibilities. The McAlister’s Breakfast Menu items are listed below.

McAlister’s Deli Menu

So don’t miss the opportunity to have a top-notch steak at the McAlister’s you already know and love. McAlister’s Deli also offers breakfast items for $2.49 to $13.45.

Club Sandwiches

  • Mcalisters Club
  • King Club
  • Grilled Chicken Club
  • Orange Cranberry Club
  • Black Angus Club
  • Macalister Club Warrap

Craveable Classic Sandwiches

  • Ham & Cheese Melt
  • Four Cheese Melt
  • Harvest Chicken Salad
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Big & Bold Sandwiches
  • Steak & White Cheddar Sandwich
  • French Dip
  • The New Yorker
  • The Italian
  • Memphian
  • Reuben
  • Rachel

Savary & Spicy Sandwiches

  • Jalapeno Turkey Crunch
  • Smoky Pepper Jack Turkey
  • Spicy Turkey Melt
  • Horseradish Roast Beef & Cheddar
  • Spicy Southwest Chicken
  • Sweet Chipotle Chicken

Giant Spuds

  • Loaded Steak Spud
  • Spud Max
  • Just spud
  • Black Angus Roast Beef Spud
  • Chipotle Chicken & Bacon
  • Veggie Spud


  • Ultimate Nachos
  • Nacho Basket

Fresh Salads

  • Steak & Gorgonzola Salad
  • Savannah Chopped Salad
  • Southwest Chicken & Avocado Salad
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Chef Salad
  • Garden Salad
  • Chef Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar

Kids Menu

  • Kids Cheese Toastie
  • Kids Ham Toastie
  • Kids Turkey Toastie
  • Kids Mac & Cheese
  • Kids Spud
  • Kids Pizza
  • Kids Garden Salad
  • Kids Chicken Broccoli Bowl

McAlister’s Deli Menu Prices

McAlister’s Deli is known for its salads, hot sandwiches, potatoes, club sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, and classic deli items.

There is a separate menu for drinks and desserts. You can expect to spend about $30 per person on average. There is a lot of peace and quiet in the restaurants, making them great places to go alone or with a big group.

McAlister’s Deli is also great for big groups because they serve sandwiches on trays and in-box lunches. Now, let’s look at the McAlister’s Deli menu prices.

Here is McAlister’s Deli’s menu and price list, which you can look over before placing your order:


Mcalister's Deli Menu

Nacho Basket $5.99
Ultimate Nachos $7.09
Country Potato, Broccoli and Cheddar, Southwest Vegetable, Chicken & Dumplin, or Chicken Tortilla Soup Cup $3.59
Country Potato, Broccoli and Cheddar or Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl $5.39
Country Potato, Broccoli and Cheddar, or Chicken Tortilla Soup Bread Bowl $6.38
Traditional or Veggie Chili Cup $3.59
Traditional or Veggie Chili Bowl $5.39
Traditional or Veggie Chili Bread Bowl $6

Entree Salads

Mcalister's Deli Menu

Italian Chopped Salad $7.69
Savannah Chopped Salad $8.19
Garden Salad $5.39
McAlister’s Chef™ Salad $7.59
Grilled Chicken Salad $7.79
Taco Salad $7.89
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $7.79
Southwest Cobb Salad $7.79
Caesar Salad $5.39
Harvest Chicken Salad $7.49
Tuna Salad $7.49
Garden Salad Small $2.99
Caesar Salad Small $2.99


Mcalister's Deli Menu

Justaspud® $5.49
Cheese Spud $6.19
Spud Ole’ $6.69
Spud Max™ $7.49
Bacon Spud $6.89
Veggie Spud $6.19
Grilled Chicken Spud $7.29
Black Angus Roast Beef Spud $8.29

Hot Sandwiches (Includes Pickle & Side)

Mcalister's Deli Menu

Southwest Turkey Melt $7.59
New Orleans Muffuletta $12.99
Half of a New Orleans Muffuletta $8.49
The New Yorker $9.99
French Dip $7.69
Reuben $8.99
California Turkey Reuben $7.69
The Big Nasty $9.09
Ham Melt $7.29
Roast Beef Melt $7.29
Memphian $8.09
Turkey Melt $7.29

Grilled Sandwiches (Includes Pickle & Side)

Mcalister's Deli Menu

Horseradish Roast Beef & Cheddar $7.59
Sweet Chipotle Chicken $7.19
Smokey Pepper Jack Turkey $7.09
Spicy Southwest Chicken Griller $7.29
Ham & Cheese Toastie $7.09
Four Cheese Griller $7.09

Club Sandwiches (Includes Pickle & Side)

Mcalister's Deli Menu

McAlister’s Club™ $7.49
Black Angus Club $8.29
Grilled Chicken Club $7.49
Cobb Club $7.69
Orange Cranberry Club $7.49
McAlister’s Club Wrap $7.49
Veggie Club $6.59
King Club $9.09

Classic Sandwiches

Mcalister's Deli Menu

The Italian $7.99
Harvest Chicken Salad $7.19
Tuna Salad $7.19
The Veggie $5.89
Grilled Chicken $7.19
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap $7.29

Deli Classics

Mcalister's Deli Menu

Deli Corned Beef $6.29
Deli Ham $6.29
Deli Pastrami $6.29
Deli Roast Beef $6.29
Deli Salami $6.29
Deli Turkey $6.29

Featured Items

Mcalister's Deli Menu

Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad $7.49
BBQ Nachos $7.99
BBQ Spud $6.99
BBQ Sandwich $7.49
The Turkey Hot Brown $8.49
Pecanberry Salad $7.99
Chicken Bacon Jalapeno Pasta $9.29
Four Cheese Chili $8.49
Chicken Cavatappi $8.79
Cavatappi $6.79


Mcalister's Deli Menu

Chips Bag $1.50
Fruit Cup $1.50
Mac & Cheese $1.50
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy $1.50
Potato Salad $1.50
Coleslaw $1.50
Applesauce $1.50
Pasta Salad $1.50

Choose Two

Mcalister's Deli Menu

Salad and Sandwich $7.39
Salad and Spud $7.39
Salad and Soup $7.39
Soup and Spud $7.39
Soup and Sandwich $7.39
Spud and Sandwich $7.39
Starter and Sandwich $7.39
Starter and Spud $7.39
Starter and Salad $7.39
Starter and Soup $7.39


Mcalister's Deli Menu

Sweet Tea $2.15
Sweet Tea 1 Gallon $6.25
Unsweet Tea $2.15
Unsweet Tea 1 Gallon $6.25
Coffee $1.50
Coke Large $2.20
Diet Coke Large $2.20
Sprite Large $2.20
Dr. Pepper Large $2.20
Diet Dr. Pepper Large $2.20
Barq’s Large $2.20
Lemonade Large $2.20
Lemonade 1 Gallon $6.00
Dasani H2O Water 0.5 Liter $2.10
Milk $1.29
Tea Tumbler $8.99
Tumbler Refill $0.99
1/2 Sweet & 1/2 Unsweet Tea $2.15
1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Tea $2.15
Kids Drink $1.69
Tea – Peach or Wildberry $2.59
Lemonade – Strawberry or Wildberry $2.59


Mcalister's Deli Menu

Chocolate Lovin’ Spooncake $4.00
New York Cheesecake $4.00
Colossal Carrot Cake $4.00
Brownies $2.00
Magic Bar $2.25
Peanut Butter Crispy $2.25
Marshmallow Square $2.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.25
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $1.25
Sugar Cookie $1.25
White Mac Cookie $1.25

Just for Kids (Includes Chips or Applesauce)

Mcalister's Deli Menu

Turkey and Cheese $3.59
Mac & Cheese $3.59
Kid’s Garden Salad $3.59
Toasted Cheese $3.59
PB & J $3.59
Kid’s Nacho Basket $3.59
Ham and Cheese $3.59
Cheese Pita Pizza $3.59
Kid’s Spud $3.59

Mcalister’s Deli Menu

Mcalister’s Deli is a popular American restaurant chain that offers a variety of delicious sandwiches, salads, spuds, soups, and desserts. The restaurant is known for its fresh and high-quality ingredients, which are locally sourced and carefully selected to ensure the best flavors in every dish.

The Mcalister’s Deli Menu caters to every taste bud, offering a wide range of options perfect for a quick bite, hearty meal, or healthy option. The menu is carefully crafted to provide every customer a unique and flavorful experience.

Signature Sandwiches:

The Mcalister’s Deli Menu offers a variety of signature sandwiches, including the classic Reuben, which is made with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing on marbled rye bread.

Other signature sandwiches include the Turkey Cranberry, made with turkey, cranberry sauce, and cream cheese, and the Black Angus Club, made with Black Angus roast beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard.

Gourmet Spuds:

The gourmet spuds at Mcalister’s Deli are a hearty and delicious meal option. They are made with baked potatoes that are stuffed with a variety of toppings, including bacon, cheese, broccoli, chili, and more.

Some popular spud options include the Bacon Spud, which is stuffed with bacon, cheese, butter, and sour cream, and the Veggie Spud, which is stuffed with broccoli, cheese, butter, and sour cream.

Fresh Salads:

Mcalister’s Deli Menu also offers a variety of fresh salads that are perfect for a healthy and flavorful meal. The salads are made with a variety of ingredients, including fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, and proteins.

Some popular salad options include the Garden Salad, made with fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and croutons, and the Southwest Cobb Salad, made with grilled chicken, avocado, corn, and black beans.

Savory Soups:

The soups at Mcalister’s Deli are a perfect way to warm up on a cold day. The restaurant offers a variety of savory soups, including Tomato Bisque, Broccoli Cheese, and Chicken Tortilla. These soups are made with fresh ingredients and are full of flavor.

Sweet Treats:

Mcalister’s Deli Menu also offers a variety of sweet treats that are perfect for a delicious finale to your meal. Some popular options include the Chocolate Brownie, New York Cheesecake, and Giant Sugar Cookie.

In addition to these delicious menu items, Mcalister’s Deli also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options for customers with dietary restrictions. The restaurant also provides dine-in, takeout, and delivery services, making it a convenient and accessible dining option.

The Mcalister’s Deli Menu is a perfect culinary adventure for food lovers. With its unique ingredients, mouth-watering flavors, and variety of options, this restaurant will satisfy every craving.

Mcalister’s Deli Menu pdf

👉CHECK HERE Mcalister’s Deli Menu PDF:

Mcalister’s Deli Hours

Suppose you have a question in your mind about that. “What time does the Mcalister’s Deli   open?” Or “How long does the Mcalister’s Deli close?“, You’ve come to the right place. The solution to all your questions will be found here.

Day Opening hours Closing hours
Monday 07: 00 am 10: 30 pm
Tuesday 07: 00 am 10: 30 pm
Wednesday 07: 00 am 10: 30 pm
Thursday 07: 00 am 10: 30 pm
Friday 07: 00 am 10: 30 pm
Saturday 07: 00 am 10: 30 pm
Sunday 07: 00 am 10: 30 pm

Mcalister’s Deli Near Me Location:

McAlister’s Nutritional Information:

Nutritional Information

Visit the aforementioned page to get the nutritional breakdown of the items on McAlister’s menu.

McAlister’s Franchise Details

There are more than 400 McAlister’s restaurants in 28 different states. There are stores for the brand in Virginia, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, and other states.

So, this is how much it will cost to open a McAlister’s restaurant.

Name of Fee Low
Initial Franchise Fee From $15,000 to $35,000
Rent $3,500
Site Work ans Parking Lot $350,000
Building and Pad $1,150,000
Leasehold Improvements $175,000
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment From $95,000 to $311,000
Signage From $15,000 to $88,000
Computer System From $20,000 to $50,000
Initial Inventory From $7,000 to $18,000
Insurance From $3,500 to $15,000
Training From $5,000 to $25,000
Pre-paid Expenses From $2,500 to $5,000
Grand Opening Advertising From $5,000 to $25,000
Additional Funds (3 months) From $5,000 to $50,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL From $354,000 to $2,119,500

Mcalister’s Deli Important Links:

Official Website
Gift Cards

McAlister’s Deli Contact Information:

McAlister’s Deli Corporate Address 5620 Glenridge Drive, NE Atlanta, GA 30342
McAlister’s Deli Corporate Phone Number 888-330-4313

McAlister’s Deli Social Profiles:

Facebook Page
Instagram Account
Twitter Handle

Final Words

So, that’s it for the McAlister’s Deli menu and prices.

We also talked about a lot of other things about this restaurant, like how to get in touch with them, their social media profiles, important links, and much more.

If you’ve been there before or plan to go now that you know what’s on the McAlister’s Deli menu and how much it costs, don’t forget to leave a review in the section below. Happy Eating…!!!

Mcalister’s Deli Menu-FAQ

Mcalister's Deli Menu

✔ What is the best sandwich at McAlister’s?

The McAlister’s Club sandwich is the most popular thing at this restaurant. It has turkey, ham, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, and sharp cheddar.

✔ Who owns McAlister’s Deli?

Focus Brands, part of the Atlanta-based Roark Capital Group, own McAlister’s Deli.

✔ What is on McAlister’s deli menu?

McAlister’s Deli is a chain of quick-service restaurants in the United States.

Their menu has soups, main course salads, sandwiches, appetizers, spuds, deli classics, sides, desserts, drinks, and much more.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the McAlister’s Deli menu prices and a lot more.

✔ What kind of meat does McAlister use?

We’re adding grain-fed beef from the U.S. to the menu. It will be marinated and seared to make it taste great.

You can get it as a sandwich, a potato, or a salad. Don’t miss this chance to eat a good steak at the McAlister’s you already know and like.

✔ Do you order ahead at McAlister’s?

Don’t miss this chance to eat a good steak at the McAlisters you already know and love. If you order ahead, we’ll take care of the rest.

✔ Does McAlister’s Deli offer vegetarian options?

Yes, McAlister’s Deli offers a variety of vegetarian options, including Veggie Spud, Garden Salad, and Harvest Chicken Salad.

✔ Does McAlister’s Deli have gluten-free options?

Yes, McAlister’s Deli offers gluten-free options for sandwiches, salads, and spuds. However, please note that the restaurant does not have a gluten-free kitchen and cross-contamination may occur.

✔ Can I order online from McAlister’s Deli?

Yes, McAlister’s Deli offers online ordering for pick-up and delivery services.

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👉 For more information visit their official Website

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