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american deli menu

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About American Deli

Well, as we’ve already discussed, that American Deli restaurant is known for its chicken wings. So, the restaurant’s menu has a lot of food that tastes like chicken wings.

Also, the American Deli menu has a few different kinds of beef dishes that go well with chicken wings. Most of the items on the menu are food, like chicken wings, chicken burgers, fish and shrimp meals, drinks, salads, and so on.

In the next part of this article, I’ll talk about the American Deli’s full food menu and prices so you can get a good idea of what they serve and how much it costs.

American Deli Menu

✔ American Deli Wings:

American Deli Menu

Fresh wings that have never been frozen, fried until crispy, and then hand-tossed in one of our famous American Deli sauces.

✔ American Deli Philly:

American Deli Menu

On a lightly toasted soft hoagie roll, you can choose between freshly grilled beef or chicken topped with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and melted cheese.

✔ American Deli Fried Rice:

american deli menu

Perfectly seasoned fluffy rice is stir-fried with corn, string beans, carrots, peas, mushrooms, onions, and beef, chicken, or shrimp.

✔ American Deli Burger:

American Deli Menu

An 8-ounce seasoned beef patty with cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions, tangy pickles, ketchup, mayo, and mustard on a toasted sesame bun.

✔ American Deli Chicken Tenders:

american deli menu

100% white meat chicken tenders that have been seasoned and fried until crispy and golden brown. They are served with honey mustard sauce.

✔ American Deli Fish:

american deli menu

Hand-breaded fish fillets are fried at home until they are perfectly crispy and served with tartar sauce.

✔ American Deli Shrimp:

american deli menu

Buttery shrimp that have been lightly breaded and fried to a golden crisp. Served with cocktail sauce.

✔ American Deli Reuben:

american deli menu

Grilled corn beef with melted cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing between two slices of toasted marbled rye bread.

✔ American Deli Gyro:

american deli menu

Grilled beef gyro meat wrapped in a warm, soft pita with fresh greens, tomatoes, sliced onions, cucumber, and tzatziki sauce.

✔ American Deli Sub:

american deli menu

Your choice of sliced deli meat and cheese on a freshly toasted soft hoagie roll with fresh greens, tomatoes, sliced onions, mild banana peppers, tangy pickles, mayo, and mustard.

✔ American Deli Salad:

american deli menu

Fresh mixed greens topped with tomatoes, sliced onions, mild banana peppers, crunchy cucumbers, green peppers, cheese, and your choice of crispy fried or grilled chicken or our signature chef salad with ham and turkey.

American Deli’s Exclusive Chicken Wings & Chicken Tender Lunch/Dinner Menu

We think you’re going in the right direction if you want to go to American Deli restaurants just for the chicken wings.

Chicken lovers can get famous chicken tenders and chicken wings at American Deli. You can try a good range of chicken-based lunch and dinner options.

american deli menu

Check out the special chicken lunch and dinner menu at American Deli for your ultimate treat.

American Deli – Chicken Wings & Just Wings

Only Wings $7.85 590-870 cal.
Satisfying Wings $11.03 990-1320 cal.
Crunchy Wings $16.55 1480-1870 cal.
Hot Wings $26.49 1970-2640 cal.

100% Chicken Tenders

Sepcial & Exclsuive ChickenTenders $8.95 590-780 cal.
Crunchy Chicken Tenders Meal $11.03 1360-1810 cal.

Popular American Deli Items Menu With Prices

Wings 6pc 10pc 15pc 20pc
Wings Meal (Fries + Drink) $ 9.75 $ 10.75 $ 18.90 $ 23.75
Wings ONLY $ 9.75 $ 10.75 $ 15.75 $ 20.75
Items Beef Chicken Shrimp Vegetable
Fried Rice + Wing (5pc) Combo $ 14.47 $ 14.47 $ 14.96 $ 12.97
Fried Rice $ 8.99 $ 8.99 $ 9.49 $ 7.49
Philly + Wing (5 Pieces) Combo $ 9.99
Burger Meal (Fries + Drink) $ 9.99
Medium Fries $ 2.85
Philly Only – With Beef $ 8.49
Philly Only – With Chicken $ 8.49
Salad Only Small Large
Chef $ 7.98 $ 8.98
Fried Chicken $ 7.98 $ 8.98
Garden $ 6.98 $ 7.98
Grilled Chicken $ 7.98 $ 8.98

American Deli Menu Prices 2024

American Deli is a chain of fast-food restaurants in the United States that serves a wide range of tasty foods like hot wings, subs, Philly cheesesteaks, and gyros.

The goal of this restaurant is to serve fresh, tasty food that makes you want to come back for more in a calm and friendly setting. This business tries to bring people together by making tasty food. The people at American Deli think that good times deserve good food.

This has become the restaurant’s main dish as its popularity has grown. Their menu has a lot of different choices for everyone.

In the table below, you can find the most up-to-date prices for the American Deli menu.

Wings Only & Family Packs

Food Size & Price
Family Pack 30 Pieces – $31.99
40 Pieces – $42.99
50 Pieces – $53.99
75 Pieces – $70.99
100 Pieces – $104.99
Piece Wings 10 Pieces – $10.99
20 Pieces – $23.99


Wings Combo 10 Pieces – $16.49
15 Pieces – $23.29
20 Pieces – $26.49
Boneless Wings Combo 10 Pieces – $16.49
15 Pieces – $23.99
20 Pieces – $25.59

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders 4 Pieces – $8.99
Combo with Fries & Drink $10.99


Gyro Only $7.89
Gyro & Wings $12.69
Gyro Combo $10.59

Deli Combo

Sub & Wings $13.99
Salad & Wings $13.99


Beef $7.69
Combo with Fries & Drink $10.59
Fried Chicken $7.69
Burger & 5 pc Wings with Drink $13.19
Turkey Burger $7.69


Beef $8.49
Shrimp $9.69
Chicken $8.49
Philly & Wings $14.49
Philly Combo $10.99


Ham $7.29
Turkey $7.29
Sub Combo $9.69


2pc Whiting and 4 pc Shrimp $13.19
Tilapia Combo 2 Pieces – $12.99
Whiting Combo 2 Pieces – $12.99
2pc Fish and 5pc Wings $14.49
2pc Tilapia and 4 pc Shrimp $13.19


Shrimp only 8 Pieces – $9.49
4 pc Shrimp & 5 pc wing $12.29
Shrimp Combo 8 Pieces – $11.99

Fried Rice

Vegetable $7.99
Shrimp $9.69
Beef or Chicken $9.29
House $11.39

Side Orders

French Fries $3.99
Okra $3.99
Sweet Potato $3.99
Extra Dressing $0.99
Onion Rings $3.99
Extra Sauce $0.99


Garden $5.79
Chicken $7.89
Chef $7.89

All Green Salads

Special Chef $8.27 300-980 cal.
Grilled Chicken $8.27 300-980 cal.
Fresh Garden $6.89 300-980 cal.
Chicken Roasted $8.27 300-980 cal.

Wings with Salads 

Exclusive Chef $14.47 790-2010 cal.
Chicken Fully Fried $14.47 790-2010 cal.
Green Garden $13.09 790-2010 cal.
Chicken fully Fried $14.47 790-2010 cal.

Collection fo Wings & Subs 

Limited Sub ONLY $8.27 670-700 cal.
Crunchy Wings (5pc) Combo $14.47 1160-1720 cal.
Meal (Fries + Drink) $10.33 1440-1730 cal.

Limited Reuben from American Deli 

Special Reuben $8.98 680 cal.
Meal (Fries + Drink) $11.03 1460-1720 cal.
Wings (5pc) Combo $15.17 1170-1440 cal.

Exclusive Sides Collection

Fries $3.43 1550 cal.
Value Pack of Large Fries $4.81 2320 cal.

Drinks All the Day

Soul Soothing Fanta Medium  (20 oz.): $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.16
ExoticCoke Medium  (20 oz.): $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.17
Complimentary Diet Coke Medium  (20 oz.): $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.18
Punch of Fruits Medium   $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.19
Tea Medium  $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.20
Freshly Made Lemonade Medium Drink : $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.21
Cold Fanta Medium  (20 oz.): $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.22
 Punch of Peach Medium  (20 oz.): $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.23
Xtra Pibbs Packs Medium  $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.24
Exotic Pack of  Sprite Medium   $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.25
Tea in Sweet Flavour Medium Drink : $2.60; Large Drink (30 oz.): $3.26

How To Order From American Deli Online?

Order your favorite foods from American Deli right away! You can find out everything about American Deli by going to their website.

But if you want a better time, try the American Deli app for Android or IOS. Now you can easily order food from the app. You can also use some other ways to place an online order.

There are options like Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, and Seamless, which are some of the best delivery services. Order your favorite food from American Deli by taking advantage of the best deals. You can place the order online through any of the platforms.

Finding The Latest American Deli Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Type Doordash’s website address into the search box. Click on the locations to find the closest American Deli location.

american deli menu

2. Type the closest American Deli location into the search box and click “Start Order” to place an order online.

american deli menu

american deli menu

3. Once the food items are in your cart, go to the checkout. Pay online or order cash on delivery.

american deli menu

American Deli Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information

Chain restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese put nutrition facts on their websites so customers can easily find them. So, if you click the link above, you can find out how many calories are in each item on the American Deli menu.

American Deli Franchising Details

american deli menu

American Deli has about 100 locations throughout the United States, in places like Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama.

You can also open an American Deli restaurant, which will cost you this much.

Initial Investment $ 177,200 – $ 484,950
Initial Franchise Fee $ 35,000

American Deli Hours

Suppose you have a question in your mind about that. “What time does the American Deli open?” Or “How long does the American Deli close?“, You’ve come to the right place. The solution to all your questions will be found here.

Breakfast at the American Deli starts at 10:30 and goes until 11:30 in the morning. The lunch hours at the American Deli are from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The American Deli is open for dinner from 7 p.m. to 9:45 or 10:45 p.m.
Day Opening hours Closing hours
Monday         10.30 AM  9.30 PM
Tuesday    10.30 AM  9.30 PM
Wednesday    10.30 AM  9.30 PM
Thursday    10.30 AM  9.30 PM
Friday    10.30 AM  9.30 PM
Saturday    10.30 AM  9.30 PM
Sunday    10.30 AM  9.30 PM

American Deli Near Me Location:

Important Links

Here is a list of links to important information about American Deli restaurants, such as where they are, what they serve, how to work there, and much more.

Official Website
Order Online

American Deli Contact Information

Here are the phone numbers and addresses for American Deli in case you want to call or go there.

American Deli Corporate Office 2716 Northeast Expy NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30345, US
American Deli Phone Number +1 404-254-3444
American Deli Email Address
American Deli Contact Form Fill Here

You can follow the American Deli restaurant on the social media sites below, which post all new information.

Social Media Handles:

✔ Facebook:

✔ Instagram:


American Deli is only for people who don’t eat vegetarian food and love chicken dinner and other foods with chicken in them.

This is definitely not the place for vegetarians or people who love seafood. American Deli has a lot of experience serving a wide range of chicken dishes.

Also, the restaurant keeps a good atmosphere for serving food, so you can go there with your family.

American Deli Menu FAQ

American Deli Menu

✔ What is an American deli?

American Deli is a casual dining restaurant in the United States that serves fast food and seafood.

Ken Reimer and Tom Dahl opened the restaurant in 1989. In Atlanta, Georgia, the first American Deli was opened.

✔ Can you order American Deli online?

Yes, you can order your favorite food from the comfort of your own home through their website.

✔ How much does American Deli pay (In the United States)?

Pay ranges from about $9.06 per hour for the cook to $11.24 per hour for the crew.

we talk about the average salary, it ranges from about $17,324 per year for the cook to $18,000 per year for the cashier.

✔ Can you bring family to American Deli?

And because the prices on the American Deli menu are low, you can come here with a big group of people without spending a lot of money.

So, let’s immediately check out the latest prices on the American Deli menu.

✔ How many locations does American Deli have?

We will talk about American Deli, a well-known restaurant in the United States. This is a chain restaurant with more than 100 locations across the country.

They serve sandwiches, burgers, fries, and other classic dishes you would find at an old-fashioned deli.

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👉 For more information visit their official Website

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