Jolie Hair Salon Prices & Services

Welcoming you To Jolie Hair Salon, where elegance and beauty meet. The salon is a sanctuary for those who want professional hair care and cutting-edge hair styling in a luxurious setting.

With a staff of knowledgeable and skilled hair stylists we take pride in providing superior services that meet your individual preferences and style.

Jolie Hair Salon

From fashionable cuts to vibrant hair coloring, we are determined to transform your hair into an enthralling masterpiece.

Enter our luxurious salon and let our welcoming personnel to give you individualized attention as well as the most current hairstyles.

In Jolie Hair Salon, get ready to be awe-inspiring of elegance and beauty.

What is a Jolie Hair Salon?

Jolie Hair Salon is a top hair salon that offers more than just coloring and haircuts. It’s a sanctuary for those looking for expert styling and relaxation as well as a hint of luxury.

Their highly skilled staff of colorists, stylists, and hair experts are dedicated to providing a customized service that is customized to the specific needs of each client and needs.

Jolie Hair Salon Services

Jolie Hair Salon


Haircut Type Women Men Children (7 and under) Deva Cut
Level 1 $50 $40 $35 $110
Level 2 $60 $45 $40 $110
Level 3 $70 $60 $50 $110
Level 4 $85 $65 $55 $125
Level 5 $100+ $65+ $55+ $125+


Service Level 1-2 Level 3 Level 4-5
Wash and Blowout* $40 $50 $50 & up
Wash and Blowout* with curls or flatiron add $25*
Updo* $90 $110 $125 & up
Partial Updo with Curls* $85 $95 $110 & up
Bridal Style* includes placement of headpiece** $125 $145 $155 & up
Child Updo (age 7 & under) $60 $70 $85 & up
Curls or Flatiron Only* $40 $50 $50 & up
Braid Only (Level 1-2) $40 $45 $45 & up

Texturizing & Hair Relaxing

Service Price Range
Japanese Straightening System $600 and up
Straightening with Boards $250 and up
Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment $350 and up
Keratin Express Treatment $150 and up
Brazilian Blowout $250 and up
Permanent Wave $125 and up

Hair A La Carte Add-On Services

Treatment Price
Kerastase Deep Conditioning Treatment $30
Swimmer’s Hair or Hard Water Conditioning Treatment $30
Therapeutic Scalp Massage $10
Add Scalp Massage to Conditioning Treatment $5
Scalp Renew $30

Makeup Services

Service Price
Makeup Application (Eyes Only) $30
Makeup Application $55
Makeup Touchup $15
60 Minute Instructional Application $75
Bridal Trial Makeup Application $60
Bridal Makeup Application $75
Mini-Me Makeup Application (Ages 10 & Under) $20
Strip Lashes $20
Temporary Individual Lashes (Full) $35
Temporary Individual Lashes (Partial) $20
Lash Extensions $300 & up
Lash Extensions Refill $100 & up
Lash Perming $125
Lash Tinting $40
Brow Tinting $30
Henna Brow $70
Brow Tweeze $25
Brow Wax $20
Brow Threading $25

Lashes Services

Service Price
Strip Lashes $20
Human Hair Strip Lashes $30
Temporary Individual Lashes (Full) $35
Temporary Individual Lashes (Partial) $20
Lash Extensions $300 & up
Lash Extensions Refill $100 & up
Lash Tinting $40
Lash Perming $125

How to book online appointment in Jolie Hair Salon?

To make an appointment online with Jolie Hair Salon, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official site to learn more about Jolie Hair Salon.
  • Find look for the “Book appointment” as well as the “Online Book” choice on the home page of the website.
  • Click the appropriate button to connect to an online system for booking.
  • Choose the service you would like to book, like a haircuts, coloring, or styling.
  • Select a time and date that is convenient for you from the slots available.
    Please provide your contact information that include your complete Name, Address, telephone number email address, and number.
  • Make sure you confirm your appointment information and go over any specific directions or needs.
  • Go towards the pay section where applicable, and then complete the reservation procedure.
  • You might receive an email or text message with your appointment information.
  • You should arrive in Jolie Hair Salon on the date as well as time. Then, relax with your professional hair service.

Jolie Salon and Spa

Jolie Salon and Spa is a popular establishment that offers a range of beauty and wellness services.

Usually, Salons offer services like haircuts, hairstyling and hair coloring and hair treatments. They may also offer services like manicures, pedicures, and makeup application.

Spas, on the other hand, focus on providing relaxation and rejuvenation treatments. They provide services like massages and facials, treatments, aromatherapy and many other experiences that are therapeutic.

Jolie Salon and Spa may offer a variety of Services to cater to different customer needs and Preferences.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Specific prices, services and availability may differ according to the salon or spa you’re talking about.

If you have specific Concerns or want more information on the particular spa or salon contact me and I’ll try my best to help you!

Jolie Hair Salon Hours

Day Time
Monday 9AM – 5PM
Tuesday 9AM – 8PM
Wednesday 9AM – 8PM
Thursday 9AM – 8PM
Friday 9AM – 7PM
Saturday 8AM – 5PM
Sunday  11AM – 5PM

Jolie Hair Salon Near Me

Jolie Hair Salon offers exceptional hair treatments that are specifically tailored to the preferences and needs of its customers.

With a staff of trained and skilled stylists, the salon offers top-quality haircuts, hairstyling and coloring and other treatment options.

The Salon’s dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with an inviting and relaxing environment, guarantees that each experience at Jolie Hair Salon is a enjoyable experience.

Rely on Jolie Hair Salon for all your hair-care needs and take advantage of the expert expertise which guarantees amazing results.

For more information about other Nails & Hair salon prices please visit our website

FAQ – Jolie Hair Salon

Is Jolie Hair Salon suitable for all hair types?

Yes, absolutely! We at Jolie Hair Salon, we offer services to customers of different hair types and textures. If you have curly, straight, wavy or even coily hair Our stylists are trained to tailor your hair type to create stunning hairstyles that complement the beauty of your hair.

What products does Jolie Hair Salon use?

We at Jolie Hair Salon, we have a commitment to using top-quality products for hair care. We collaborate with trusted brands that focus on the quality and strength of your hair. Our stylists can recommend the best products to suit your hair type and aid you in maintaining the results from your appointment.

Does Jolie Hair Salon provide hair extensions?

Yes, we provide hair extensions in the Jolie Hair Salon. No matter if you’re seeking length or volume or both the extensions we offer are of the best quality and seamlessly blend into your hair’s natural. Our stylists can guide you in selecting the most suitable extensions, and offer professional installation.

What is the cancellation policy at Jolie Hair Salon?

We know that unexpected situations may occur, which require us to either cancel or change your appointment. We kindly request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for cancellations or changes. This allows us to accommodate other clients who may be on our waiting list.

Does Jolie Hair Salon offer hair treatments for damaged hair?

Yes, we offer various hair care products specifically created to restore and nourish Damaged hair. Our expert stylists will analyze the health of your hair, and suggest appropriate treatments to restore its quality, shine and control.

Does Jolie Hair Salon provide haircare tips and recommendations?

Absolutely! Our stylists will be Pleased to Provide customized hair care suggestions, tips on products and advice on styling to ensure you have beautiful and healthy hair.

How can I book an appointment at Jolie Hair Salon?

Scheduling an appointment is easy and fast. We can be reached anytime during office hours, or schedule an appointment online via our simple website. We recommend making reservations in advance to ensure the time slot you prefer.

What hair treatments does Jolie Hair Salon provide?

We provide a variety of hair care treatments, such as Keratin treatment, deep conditioning Scalp treatments, and repair treatments. These treatments are intended to rejuvenate and Restore your hair leaving it shiny and refreshed.

Does Jolie Hair Salon have a loyalty program?

We are happy for our customers who are loyal to us. To Demonstrate our appreciation we offer a loyalty programme that is in place. If you sign up to our program you accrue points on each visit. You can redeem Points to receive discounts or even free services. Contact our customer support for specifics on how to enroll.

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