How Much Does a Patent Cost? 2024

How Much Does a Patent Cost?

How Much Does a Patent Cost?

How Much Does a Patent Cost: As an inventor Or business owner, one of the Most important things You can do for your business is To protect your intellectual property.

How Much Does a Patent Cost

One way To do this is to get a patent, which lets you keep your invention To yourself for a certain amount of time.

But how much does a patent cost, and what factors affect its price? In this article, we’ll talk about the different costs of getting a patent And give you some ideas on how to cut them.

How Much Does a Patent Cost?

The real cost of obtaining a patent is quite low compared to other expenses.

If you want to “do it yourself,” the cost to secure a patent might be as little as $900; however, hiring a patent attorney would typically cost you between $6,000 And $12,000.

Depending on the complexity of the invention and the kind of patent needed, the total cost of patenting an idea will vary.


National Average Cost $8,800
Minimum Cost $900
Maximum Cost $16,900
Average Range $6,000 to $12,000

Average Cost To Patent An Idea

Depending on how easy or difficult your invention is to make, the average cost to patent an idea ranges from $5,000 to $16,000.

A paper clip is a very simple design, and it normally costs $5,000 To $7,000 to patent it.

In contrast, software or satellite technologies are quite sophisticated inventions, and it typically costs $14,000 to $16,000 or more to patent them.


Type of Invention Examples Attorney Fees & Filing
Extremely Simple Paper clip, diapers, electric switch $5,000 – $7,000
Relatively Simple Umbrella, board game, toothbrush, flashlight $6,000 – $8,000
Minimally Complex Camera, power tool $8,000 – $10,000
Moderately Complex Riding lawn mower, cell phone, RFID devices $10,000 – $12,000
Relatively Complex Shock-absorbing prosthetic device $12,000 – $14,000
Highly Complex Satellite technologies, MRI scanner $14,000 – $16,000
Software Business methods and programs, automated systems $16,000+

What it Costs To Submit a Patent Application

How Much Does a Patent Cost

It costs $300 to submit a patent application, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

But, if you are a tiny entity, the cost is $150, and the micro entity fee (for an individual) is only $75.

Whether you choose to “do-it-yourself” or hire a patent attorney to assist you will largely determine how much these charges will cost. Naturally, there are different steps in each circumstance, which makes sense.

If you decide to enlist legal assistance, the process is outlined below in detail:


Item Average Cost
Patent Search $800 – $3,000
Provisional Patent Application Filing $1,000 – $3,500
Utility Patent Application $5,000 – $9,000
Utility Patent USPTO Filing + Search + Examination $1,000
Illustrations for Utility Patent Application $400
Total $8,200 – $16,900

Patent Attorney Cost

You should budget between $3,000 and $5,000 in addition To the USPTO fees when hiring a lawyer to draught a new patent application.

Most seasoned attorneys bill between $200 And $400 per hour.

For example, patent lawyers often go through specific legal training and have a technical degree, unlike a family lawyer who does Not.

In fact, a patent Attorney Who specialises in High-tech disciplines like biotechnology frequently Holds a Ph.D.

A team of experts, including illustrators, technologists, And paraprofessionals, May be Under the direction of a Patent lawyer when handling difficult Matters. The Total cost of a patent Under these circumstances may be rather high.

The rate usually includes when paying a lawyer’s fee for a patent:

  • An expert patent search of the USPTO database will assist you in figuring out whether or not a patent with a comparable claim already exists and what that means for your idea.
  • writing the actual patent application itself. When a lawyer draughts your application, this will help to guarantee that all relevant material is included and that formatting requirements are satisfied.
  • any discussions with the USPTO. Most patent applications entail intricate methods and procedures that may need to be clarified by your patent lawyer.
  • Your attorney will also fight to protect your invention if your application is originally denied. This may increase the overall cost, depending on the number of denials and whether an appeal is necessary.

Cost of Patent Search

You should anticipate to spend anywhere between $800 and $3,000+ on expert attorney patent searches before your application is prepared and submitted to the USPTO.

You can do this search on your own if you want to save money, but make sure you follow all of the essential procedures.

When it comes time to write your application, the same is true. To do this, do some research To gain a deeper comprehension of the procedure.

Choose a patent that is comparable to yours next and use it as a model.

Make care to include your illustrations, features, statements, and claims, using the template as a guide. Bring everything you have to your attorney after you’re finished.

Although though you’ll still have to pay for his or her time, the overall cost will be substantially lower.


Item Average Cost
USPTO Search Fees $150 – $650
USPTO Examination Fees $150 – $600
Self Search Free
Professional Attorney Search $800 – $3,000

Patent Costs By Type

How Much Does a Patent Cost

The price will also vary Depending on the kind of patent you file for. For instance, a utility patent may cost up to $15,000, whereas a provisional patent may cost up to $3,000. The appropriate use for each kind of patent depends On the situation.


Type Average Cost
Provisional Patent $1,500 – $3,500
Utility Patent $5,000 – $15,000
Design Patent $2,000 – $3,500
Plant Patent $4,500 – $8,000
International Patent $100,000+
  • When you wish to safeguard a tangible object or product, a utility patent is the best option. This is the most pricey kind of patent, ranging from $5,000 to more than $15,000.
  • When you wish to safeguard the aesthetics or design of a product based on how it looks and works, a design patent is the ideal option. Expect to spend around $3,000 in this instance.
  • When you are still working on your innovation, you should apply for a provisional patent because it is the least expensive option. When you work on your nonprovisional patent application and make progress, this will grant you patent pending status. This type of patent costs an average of $2,000.
  • A plant patent is unusual in that it safeguards creators of novel plant varieties that are reproduced under particular guidelines. Expect to pay between $4,000 and $8,000 for this kind of patent, depending on your idea and the processes required.

Plant Patent Cost

For freshly created plant kinds, you can anticipate paying between $4,000 and $8,000 for a plant patent.

Be sure you know what qualifies and what doesn’t because these patents do not cover germs and some plants.

The aforementioned cost includes patent attorney costs, the filing charge (which ranges from $50 to $200), the examination price (which ranges from $150 to $650), and the search fee (which ranges from $100 to $420).

Although though fewer than 1,200 applications for this kind of patent are submitted annually, it is a suitable sort of patent if you are a horticulturist who has made a novel discovery.

International Patent Costs

As would be Expected, worldwide patent protection is the Most expensive option.

In actuality, the cost Of this kind of patent can reach $100,000 or higher. According To the Patent Cooperation Treaty, this kind Of patent is filed (PCT).

Provisional Patent Cost

When you need To safeguard your rights but are not yet prepared to invest in a patent, a provisional patent is essential.

Overall, you can anticipate spending between $1,500 and $3,500, with USPTO filing fees costing between $70 and $300 and legal fees costing between $1,000 and $3,500 or more.

For a provisional patent, you must have adequate evidence To demonstrate your invention’s thoroughness and the extent of the work done to make it functional.

Utility Patent Cost

A non-provisional patent, often known as a basic utility patent, can be filed for between $5,000 and $15,000.

Without accounting for legal expenses, the total cost would be over $1,000 after paying $330 in filing fees to the USPTO, $540 for the patent search, and $220 for the examination.

You have one year to submit a utility patent application after submitting a provisional patent application.

Attorney Fees: If you collaborate with a lawyer to get a utility patent, budget anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. It is strongly advised that you seek legal counsel, particularly if your innovation is fairly complex.

Although the majority of the expense of a utility patent is in the lawyer’s fees, this is a crucial stage for the longevity of your invention; you’ll want to make sure that everything is done in a precise and legally binding manner.

Maintenance Fees: You’ll also be expected To pay maintenance fees after three years, Which are now $980. But, your patent and entity structure Will determine how much you spend.

For instance, maintenance charges can range from $400 to $7,500.

  • $980 after 3 1/2 years
  • $2,480 after 7 1/2 years
  • $4,110 after 11 years

Design Patent Cost

An invention’s look is protected by a design patent, especially when it comes to manufactured goods, trendy items, and the shape of gadgets, notably medical devices.

A design patent will typically cost between $2,000 and $3,500, which includes the examination fee and other legal costs.

In addition to search fees that range from $40 to $160 and an average examination fee of $150, the USPTO charges filing fees for design patents that range from $500 to $200.

In this situation, a patent attorney typically charges between $1,000 and $3,000.

Your invention can be eligible for both a design and a utility patent, depending on what it is.

Discussing your idea with your attorney is crucial since a design patent may be restrictive, but a utility patent is more expansive and offers greater overall protection.

Pros and Cons of Patents

How Much Does a Patent Cost

Patents are a type of intellectual property protection that give inventors and business owners the right To keep their inventions To themselves for a predetermined amount of time.

Patents can have a lot of Good things about them, but they also have a lot of bad things about them. Here are some good and bad things about patents:


Exclusive rights: A patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to make, use, and sell their invention, which can be a valuable asset in the market.

Monopoly power: With a patent, the inventor can stop others from using or selling their idea, which gives them an edge in their field.

Licensing opportunities: Patents can be licenced to other businesses or people, giving the inventor a way to make money and making their invention more widely known.

Protection from infringement: Patents give the inventor legal protection if someone else tries to use or sell their idea without their permission.

Increase in value: A patent can make a company more valuable, making it more appealing to investors or people who might want to buy it.


Costly: To get a patent, you may have to pay a lot of money for filing fees and legal help.

Time-consuming: The process of getting a patent can be long and time-consuming, and it can take years to finish.

Disclosure requirements: To get a patent, the inventor must tell the public about their invention, which can make it easier for others to copy or improve upon it.

Limited time frame: Patents only last for a certain amount of time, usually 20 years from the date of filing. After that, the invention belongs to everyone and is no longer protected by a patent.

Difficulty in enforcement: It can be hard and expensive to enforce a patent because it may require legal action against infringers and possible legal disputes.

FAQs About Patent

What is the cheapest way to get a patent?

The simplest way to gain “Patent in Pending” status is to make a provisional application for a patent.

All you need is a thorough description of your idea, an informal sketch and a brief description of the process you used to come to the idea.

Why is a patent so expensive?

The utility patent price is not a result of the patent office, but rather from the expense of hiring an attorney to write the application.

Utility patents typically will cost you thousands. Simple inventions could cost as little as a few thousand dollars, while more sophisticated inventions can be priced at tens of hundreds of thousands.

Is it worth it to patent an idea?

Patents are the only method to block others from copying your idea. Since it’s the only legal option Patents are crucial when it comes to preventing other people from copying your ideas.

Many inventors do not have the resources or capital to manufacture and market their inventions themselves.

What is the most profitable patent?

Its Valve can be considered to be to be the most valuable patent ever granted. Morse’s valve is considered to be the most valuable patent ever issued in the history of science.

It is the most valuable patent due to the fact that it has been utilized by over 1 million individuals. It was the Morse valve’s patent granted in a matter of hours, despite doubts about its origins.

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