Home Depot Price Match: How To Get It (Plus Bonus Tips)

The Home Depot Price Match Policy appears to be straightforward. When you dig into the Details, it can get confusing.

It may even vary by Home Depot store. Let’s look into this and try to make sense of the price matching policy.

Home Depot Price Match

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What is the Home Depot Price Match Policy?

The following are the details of their price matching policy in-store:

  • Home Depot’s website states: “If you find an identical item in stock at a lower price from another retailer we will match that price and even beat it by 10%.”
  • Bring the printout, ad or photo to the register to validate.
  • Do not rush, as Home Depot may need to confirm the lower price with the competitor.

What is the Home Depot Price Match Policy Online?

What you need to Know about Online Purchases:

You can get a price match online if you find the same item cheaper elsewhere.

Remember that they will factor in the shipping cost when determining the price match. If you are matching an Amazon price, it must be sold and shipped from Amazon.

You will not be able get a Home Depot price match if there is no stock on the website or if it shows that the product is unable ship. Home Depot will only match prices online if the item is available on the competitor’s website and ready to be shipped.

The downside of Home Depot’s Online Price Match Policy:

Remember that the Home Depot price match online does not include the 10% extra.

How to Price Match Online at Home Depot

There are two ways to get the price match. You can call Home Depot on 1-800-430-3376, or you can visit their website.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

Home Depot will match Amazon’s price for online purchases, provided the item being matched is sold by Amazon.

Remember that the decision to accept the Amazon price match is at the discretion of your local store manager.

I’d definitely give it a go as long as the item is being sold by Amazon. There are many great managers that will match the price (as they should).

If you find a store with a price match you like, continue to shop there.

What items are excluded from Home Depot Price Match?

  • Special order/Customized Products
  • Volume/wholesale discount pricing
  • Discounts or third-party sites for items
  • Auction sites and bidders
  • Open-box
  • Reconditioned
  • Refurbished Items
  • Discounted items previously purchased
  • Services & Labor Pricing by Competitors
  • Taxes on sales are excluded
  • Rebates
  • Offers for Free
  • Offers and bundles that are only available once
  • Advertisements that are misprinted
  • Prices from membership-based retailers (Costco and Sam’s Club).
  • Price Matching on Financing Terms

Can I use coupons or promotions with a price match at Home Depot?

You can certainly use Home Depot coupons and promotions to match a competitor’s price.

Home Depot’s Policy on price matching allows you to apply coupons and promotions to lower the price if you find the same product at a competitor store.

You can then take advantage of the Price match as well as any additional discounts to get the best deal.

Can You Combine a Coupon with a Price Match?

You can use a Home Depot Coupon. No, You CANNOT get a price-match on the purchase.
It is not Possible. Unfortunately, you are not able to.

I Confirmed this with the manager of a Home Depot Store.

What About Price Matching on Black Friday?

Home Depot is one of the few stores that will price match Black Friday.

Home Depot will match any Black Friday deal you find at Lowe’s. They’ll even beat it by 10%.

Here is Where the magic happens.

This is the best time to purchase tools and hardware on Black Friday.

Does Home Depot price match with other retailers?

Home Depot will match prices with other retailers. Home Depot has a price matching Policy that allows them to match a competitor’s or approved online retailer’s lower price for an identical item in stock.

Customers can ensure that they get the best price for their purchases. To ensure that you are eligible and have the proof needed, it’s important to read the details and requirements for the price matching policy.

Home Depot Price Match Video Tutorial

What is the Home Depot Lowest Price Guaranteed?

They will beat any price by 10%.

Home Depot offers a price match and a 10% discount on an identical item.

If you shop online, your item’s price plus shipping must be less than Home Depot (and it also has to be able ship) in order to qualify for the 10% price match guarantee.

Home Depot will match the price of any in-store purchase if you bring the advertisement or photo to the register.

What Brands are Excluded from Home Depot Price Match Policy?

Home Depot’s price match policy does not apply to all products. You can save time by knowing what items are excluded. These excluded items are:

  • Special order items, such as custom-made products like windows, doors, and Keys
  • Discounts on volume or wholesale
  • Discounted or third-party items purchased from online marketplaces like Amazon
  • Reconditioned and refurbished open-box items
  • Tax-exempt Items
  • Offers of freebies, bundles, and special promotions
  • Costco, Sam’s club and BJ’s are membership-only wholesalers.
  • Pricing of competitors due to typographical or misprinted error
  • Sites like eBay offer pricing based on the bids of competitors.

Home Depot also offers less price adjustments for installation fees. Installations handled by third party contractors that fulfill or deliver orders are especially difficult to adjust.

Price adjustments are not allowed for items like carpets and blinds, whose prices are determined by measurements.

Home Depot employees will not offer a price reduction due to an error made by a retailer or typographical mistakes.

Does Home Depot Price Match Costco?

No, Home Depot doesn’t price match Costco. Costco sells bulk quantities of items to members only.

Home Depot will not match Costco, Sam’s Club, or other retailers that require membership.

Does Home Depot Honor a Sale Price After Purchase?

Will Home Depot reimburse me if their price drops?

Home Depot honors the price of sale after Purchase. Home Depot Offers price protection for 30 days after the date of purchase.

You can get a Refund if you have already purchased something, and then it goes on sale. Just return the receipt. You will get the difference in Price between the original purchase and the current sale.

You can therefore save some money if you find a better offer within the next 30 days.

Bonus Home Depot Shopping Tips

You bought an item and it went on sale later. Home Depot Price Protection 30 Days is a pretty simple program that offers you 30 days of price protection.

If the item you purchased went on sale within 30 days, you simply bring in the receipt to the store and they will refund you the difference.

Some stores will accept competitor coupons. Some stores will accept a Lowes Coupon.

Avoid wasting time talking to clerks. It’s better to talk with a manager about the policy. It will save you t

How Long is the Home Depot’s Price Protection?

Home Depot offers a 30-day price guarantee. You have 30 days to prove that the item you purchased is being sold at a cheaper price.

The countdown starts on the date of purchase or delivery.

You will need the original receipt to prove that you purchased the item for a lower price than the current price. Home Depot won’t accept price adjustments after 30 days.

Will Home Depot Price Adjust Without a Receipt?

Home Depot does not adjust the price without a receipt. Customers must show proof of purchase to prove they paid the higher price. This can be a receipt from a local store or an invoice online.

Home Depot employees can reprint your receipt if it is lost within 30 days if you paid by credit card or debit card. They cannot retrieve your receipt if you paid with cash, personal checks or pay pal

Home Depot will keep your receipts for up to 365 days if you use a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card or Commercial Account. and You can request a reprint of the receipt.

You must present the receipt to prove the original purchase price. You will not be able to request a price adjustment without the receipt.

Does Home Depot Accept Competitor Coupons?

Home Depot does not accept competitor coupons.

It may differ from store to store depending on how lenient the manager is. You may be lucky enough to find a Home Depot location that accepts coupons from competitors, such as Lowe’s online coupons for 10 percent off.

Try it out at your local shop and see if you can get the deal. You have nothing to lose if they refuse. Instead, you can walk to a competitor store like Home Depot and purchase the item.

FAQ – Home Depot Price Match

Which competitors does Home Depot price match?

Home Depot will match prices with select local retailers and online retailers. Home Depot’s official website or an associate can provide you with a list.

Does Home Depot price match online prices?

Home Depot will match the price of certain online retailers. Contact customer service for details or check their policy.

Can I use coupons in addition to the price match?

Home Depot does not generally allow additional coupons or discount in conjunction with price matching. You can check their policy to see if there are any exceptions.

Does Home Depot Price Match their own prices?

Home Depot does not match its prices. However, if an item’s price drops within 14 days of purchase, the customer can get a price adjustment.

Does Home Depot offer any exceptions to their Price Match Policy?

Home Depot does not match prices on special orders, volume discounts or bid pricing.

Does Home Depot price match on labor or installation costs?

Home Depot’s policy on price matching may only apply to the actual product price and not include labor or installation charges. You can either review the policy or contact their customer service for clarification.

What documentation do I need to provide for a price match request?

You will need to show proof of the current price of your competitor, for example, an advertisement, a URL of their website, or a picture of the price label.

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