Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Sale Dates

As the year starts now is the time to begin building your backyard and spring and summer just in the near future. With this backyard work comes the mulch.

Mulch is an essential part of a well-managed yard it can provide an aesthetic appeal and assist in nourishing the plants and soil.

Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Sale

However, the expense for mulch can quickly increase and some homeowners can spend more than $200 for materials for mulch alone.

It’s good news that Home Depot and Lowes offer regular sales on mulch such as their popular 5 for 10 promotion that allows you to get a huge discount on this vital landscaping item.

If you’re new to the idea of mulching or want to cut costs on your yard projects, pay close attention to these dates for sale.

The sale of 5 for $10 particularly is an amazing bargain that can allow you to save as much as 40% off the total cost of your mulch.

This is why we’ve spent the time to look up and locate the dates of the sale for 2023 from Home Depot and Lowes so that you can determine your landscaping plans and budget accordingly.

When you’re looking to purchase mulch when you are shopping for mulch, there are several factors to think about.

Is the mulch available in different colors?

Yes the mulch is accessible in a range of colors that can be matched to different tastes and landscaping requirements. 

The colors vary from natural hues to colorful and uncommon alternatives. Mulch colors that are commonly used include un-dyed or natural brown, black, red gold, yellow cedar, chocolate green, cypress and sometimes blue. 

Natural or un-dyed, mulch can be compared to the hue of wood, generally brown or the tan.

 Black mulch has a stylish and modern look, while red mulch is a lively and striking accent to your garden beds. 

Brown mulch is an extremely popular option that replicates the natural hue of wood, giving an elegant and traditional appearance. 

Gold or yellow mulch can add the appearance of warmth and luminosity to landscaping. The mulch of cedar has a reddish-brown shade and generally has pleasant aroma. 

Chocolate mulch is on the other hand is an edgier shade of brown that resembles rich soil. The cypress mulch is lighter in color and has golden tones. 

The green mulch is often used in playgrounds and areas that require a safe surface. In addition, blue mulch although less well-known, can be used for landscape design or to create a theme and can be used to add a unique touch.

Mulch 5 for $10 Sale Dates

Below, we’ll provide the dates for the sale of mulch in 2023 from Home Depot and Lowes, and although these may vary between years, however we’re expecting the sales will begin in April, 2023.

No matter if you’re a veteran landscaping professional or a new mulch purchaser These sales are an excellent way to save cash and ensure your garden is looking its best to look its best for the season ahead.

Store Sale Dates
Lowes April 9th
Home Depot April 9th

When Is Mulch on Sale 5 for $10?

Are you waiting with anticipation for the 5 for 10 sale in Lowes and Home Depot? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve searched the web and identified the likely dates of sales for the season 2023.

So that you can determine the landscaping project you want to undertake and budget in line with the budget.

Without further delay I’ll share with you are the dates we’re anticipating for five for $10 sale of mulch to take place in Lowes and Home Depot in 2023:


  • If you’re an experienced consumer looking to freshen up your backyard, you’ll delighted to learn that Lowes is likely to host their annual mulch sale by 2023. 
  • Although the exact date will vary from the previous auctions, we anticipate the sale to start during the time of Easter (April 9th). 
  • To give you an idea last year’s sale started on April 7, which fell in the beginning of April but was held prior to Easter.Apart from the Easter sales Lowes usually has the popular five for 10 promotion on mulch throughout other important weekends of the holidays.
  •  Keep your eyes peeled in advance of Memorial Day (May 29th, 2023) and July 4th and Labor Day to take advantage of these other sales.
  • It is important to note it is possible that the five-for 10 sale could be restricted to certain kinds of mulch and there could be a limit to how many bags you can purchase. number of bags that you can purchase at a reduced price. 
  • To get the most value the landscaping money you have, be sure to check the local Lowes for specifics and any updates regarding the sale.

Home Depot:

  • In 2022 Home Depot’s Vigoro mulch sale was on until March 17th. This was in conjunction the Easter weekend.
  • Based on this date, we predict that Home Depot will hold a sale in 2023 around Easter that is on April 9th.
  • If you missed the sale at Easter but you’re not worried There’s a second chance to save money during May, with the EarthGro sale on mulch.
  • The Sale usually takes Place in May, around the 1st of May at Home Depot and Home Depot, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.
  • Alongside the sales Home Depot usually offers discounts on mulch during major holidays during the entire year. Be sure to look out for discounts during July 4th and Labor Day in 2023.
  • The July 4th sales typically includes Vigoro mulch at a discounted price of approximately $0.60 per bag which brings the price to $2.98 each bag.
  • Although the specifics of the sale can differ, Home Depot often offers 5 bags of mulch at $10.
  • Remember that this sale may be limited to specific kinds of mulch and there could be a limit to the number of bags you can buy at a discounted price.
  • If you’re an experienced landscaping professional or just beginning with your landscaping, utilizing the sale on mulch from Home Depot can be a good option to save money while beautifying your garden.

Be sure to inquire at your local store for any changes or updates to the sale, and conduct your own research to determine what kind of mulch is suitable for your particular requirements.

When Is The Lowes 5 for $10 Mulch Sale?

Based on the past auctions, we expect the Lowe’s mulch sale to begin shortly before Easter in 2023. This will be on the 9th of April.

The sale in 2018 started on April 7 the day before Easter weekend. Keep in mind that dates for sales can differ depending on the area, so it’s best to check with the neighborhood Lowe’s store.

Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Sale

Alongside in addition to the Easter Sale, Lowe’s typically offers a five-for-ten sale on Memorial Day weekend, which will be on May 29th, 2023 and on Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays.

These sales can be an excellent occasion to stock up on the mulch and other gardening tools at a reduced cost.

Lowe’s has a fantastic deal via their web site and in-store, if you’re looking to cut down on your mulch now.

Mulch is being sold for $3.98 for a bag (regularly $4.28) and you can get it just $2 per bag in the event of luck.

Keep an eye on this sale and other deals throughout the year to make big savings on the landscaping you need.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Mulch?

When it is time to buy some compost for the garden You can anticipate getting the best bargains and discounts during certain times during the season.

A few of the best time to purchase mulch is during the spring season especially during Easter.

This is usually the time when Home Depot and Lowe’s run specials on mulch, like the $5 bag for 5 deal offered at Home Depot.

Additionally, a lot of gardens centers and nurseries might offer discounted mulch during this time of year.
Another excellent time to buy mulch is during Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July.

Many stores offer discounts and discount on the mulch they sell during these weekends that can be a great time to purchase landscaping materials to use during the summer.

Additionally to that, both Home Depot and Lowe’s typically offer spring sales, including Lowe’s SpringFest and the Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday.

This type of sale can offer amazing discount on garden and landscaping supplies, such as mulch.

It’s important to remember that the dates and specifics of these sales could differ each year therefore it’s always wise to look for promotions and discounts prior to purchasing.

Additionally, it’s essential to evaluate prices and estimate the cost per cubic foot to get the best bargain for mulch.

If you do a bit of study and looking around online, you can discover the best moment and location to purchase mulch to meet your landscaping requirements.

When is Home Depot mulch sale 5 for $10

The availability of promotions and sales and promotions, like those at the Home Depot mulch sale you mentioned, can vary and change in time. 

To obtain the most up-to date information on the current sales and promotion for Home Depot, I recommend visiting their official website, examining their ads, or calling the neighborhood Home Depot store directly. 

They’ll be able to provide you with the most current details about any current or forthcoming sale on mulch and other items.

Mulch Sale Near Me

If you’re in search of the nearest mulch Sale the Fastest and most efficient method of finding the nearest store is to utilize the “Find a Store” feature on the websites of big retailers such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.
The Fastest way to locate Lowes near you is to Utilize the “Find a Store” option of the Lowes site.

For Home Depot you’ll want to make use of to use the ” Find a Store” feature on the Home Depot website.

Utilizing this tool, you can input your city, State or zip code and you will be able to find Closest stores to you.

Final Thoughts

As the Seasons change and the warmer weather is approaching is the time to start planning how you can improve your outdoor area.

If you’re using mulch for your garden and flower beds or other areas on your property, this is the ideal moment to make use of discounts and promotions to purchase the essential landscaping material.
If you’re looking for the classic black look or the warm brown or the pop of red there are many options for mulch.

With major retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s offering discounts and discounts all year long it’s easy to locate your best price and high-quality for your requirements.

If you’re shopping on the internet or in a store, taking advantage of the mulch sales is the best option get a bargain and ensure that your outdoor space is prepared for summer.

So why not get yours now and have a gorgeous and well-maintained garden all year all year long?

FAQ – Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Sale Dates

Can I choose different types of mulch for the sale?

In general the sale is typically based on a particular kind of mulch. However it is recommended to ask the retailer if they permit mixing different kinds of mulch within this sale offer.

What is the regular price of the mulch?

The price for the mulch can vary based on the kind and the quality, but generally it is between $3 and five dollars per bag.

How long is the 5 for $10 sale going on?

The length of this 5 for 10 sale can be different. It’s best to contact the particular garden or store center in which the sale is happening to find the exact date.

Can I use this mulch for both flowers and vegetables?

Yes, customers can typically use the mulch sold during the promotion to grow both flowers and vegetables. It is important to Choose the Correct type of mulch according to the particular requirements for your plant.

Does mulch attract insects or pests?

Mulch does not necessarily attract pests or insects. However, certain kinds of mulches, like straw or wood chips might provide an ideal habitat for certain insects. Regular maintenance of your garden and the right pest control strategies can assist in preventing any issues.

Where can I find the Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Sale?

You can get it in the Mulch On Sale, 5 For 10 Sale at participating retailers or at garden centers. It’s best to contact your local retailers to determine whether they are offering this offer.

Can I use any coupons or discounts with the Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Sale?

The coupons and discounts included during the Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 promotion may vary based on the retailer’s policies. Certain stores will allow combing coupons or discounts, whereas others may place restrictions on. Make sure to inquire with the store about the specific coupons and discounts policy.

Is the Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Sale available year-round?

It is possible that the availability for Mulch sale 5/10 for 10 sale could differ. Certain retailers offer this sale only during the season and others might have it available all year round. Get in touch with the retailer for details regarding the timeframe for the promotion.

Can I pre-order the Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Sale?

The availability of pre-orders on Mulch on Sale 5 for $10 Mulch Sale 5 for $10 Sale $5 for 10 Sale will depend upon the store. Some retailers will allow pre-orders however, others might not. Make sure to check with the retailer to find out whether ordering online is an alternative.

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