GQ Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations


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GQ Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations


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About GQ Barbershop

Dominic Peterson, who is from New York and has been a professional barber for more than 14 years, opened Gentleman’s Quarters Barbershop in 2018.

GQ Barbershop wants to give men the best grooming services possible, like precise and thorough haircuts done by experts.

GQ Barbershop goes above and beyond to make sure that all of our barbers have the latest training, tools, procedures, etc.

Since we think education is very important. When you walk into Gentleman’s Quarters Barbershop, you’ll be greeted with a smile and find yourself in a lively, but fancy, place.

 Services Offered By GQ Barbershop

  • ✅Beard Color w/ Trim
  • ✅Classic shave
  • ✅Royal Haircut & Beard Trim
  • ✅Gentleman’s Deluxe Haircut
  • ✅Executive Beard Trim – Cut – Wash
  • ✅GQ Signature Cut & Wash

GQ Barbershop Service Prices

Gentleman’s Deluxe Haircut –     $45 Popular service. The client’s hair looks great after our experts have cut and styled it. Shaving with a straight razor and a warm towel.

This service doesn’t include washing and massaging the scalp. This service is given by “GQ Signature Cut & Wash.”

The Royal Haircut & Beard Trim$75 In terms of popularity, The Royal comes after The Executive. The service and experience at The Royal Haircut & Beard Trim are both excellent.

No massages of the face, hair, or scalp. These upgrades are available with the Executive.

The Executive Beard Trim – Cut – Wash   $90 ‘Nuff said. You’ll feel important and refreshed when you leave. First, a barber will cut your hair the way you want it. After shampooing, the scalp will be massaged to loosen up the head and neck.

We’ll give a men’s facial using Jack Black Skin Care products after the beard has been trimmed or shaved. Towel. More warm towels. Aromatherapy.

Classic shave   $40 That’s barbering. Shave with a Straight Razor! Barbers were known for their skill with a surgical razor. Unchanged.

This service is a treat and makes a great gift for the holidays.

Beard trim w/ Straight Razor   $40 Face hair was shaved off and combed over in a neat way. We shaved the neck with a hot cloth and a straight razor.

Part of the process is getting rid of hair and dirt from the area around your ears and neck. If a straight razor isn’t used, the cost is $30.

GQ Signature Cut & Wash     $55 What we do best The traditional way to relax the muscles in the head and neck is to get a haircut, wash your hair, and massage your scalp.

We’ll use professional products to style the hair. The haircut is finished with a hot towel and a straight razor shave. Those who are new to GQ should book this service.

Beard Color w/ Trim    $45 Our traditional beard trim with color application to enhance the tone and depth for a full, well-defined beard.

GQ Barbershop Groomsmen Package

Marriage isn’t just a ceremony or rite. It’s hard work. It’s a thought. It’s an exciting time. Nothing would make us happier than to be a part of that amazing trip by giving the men who are going an amazing grooming experience and a memory they will always remember.

The Cut – Groomsmen Package

One of our barbers cuts hair in the style of a traditional barbershop. After a good haircut, you did a great job styling!

The Shave – Groomsmen Package

Classic shave with a straight razor! As part of the service, a heated cloth with essential oils on it is given to help people relax. When you’re done shaving, good materials will help you feel awake again.

The Drinks – Groomsmen Package

What goes better with a new haircut and shave than a good Scotch or Bourbon? We’ll buy you a drink.

 GQ Barbershop – Video Tutorial

GQ Barbershop Hours

If you want to know, When Does GQ Barbershop Open? OR When does GQ Barbershop stop being open? You’ve come to the right place to do the same thing.

Days Hours
Tuesday 10 AM – 7:30 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 7:30 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 7:30 PM
Friday 10 AM – 7:30 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 7:30 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM

GQ Barbershop Amenities and More

  • ❎ Not Wheelchair Accessible
  • 📱 Free Wi-Fi
  • 🛼 Good For Kids
  • ✅ Accepts Android Pay
  • ❎ Masks required,
  • ✅ Accepts Credit Cards
  • ✅ Accepts Apple Pay
  • 🏍 Street Parking
  • 🚻Gender-neutral restrooms
  • 🅿 Bike Parking

GQ Barbershop Near Me Location

GQ Barbershop Social Media Links


  • phone image (803) 504-0053
  • address image117 State Street

      West Columbia, SC 29169

FAQ About GQ Barbershop

FAQ About Legacy Barbershop

Who are the members of GQ?

Spend some time learning more. GQ is an a cappella and barbershop group from Baltimore, Maryland. The group is made up of Amanda Sandroni, Ali Hauger, Katie Gillis, and Katie Macdonald. They play many different kinds of music from many different decades.

What is GQ barbershop?

At GQ Barbershop, you can be sure that every haircut you get will be the best you’ve ever had. We’ve got you covered whether you want a complete makeover or just a trim. We do high-end haircuts for men, so if you’re interested, get in touch with us right away.

The campaign to help the families of GQ Barbershop owner Kendell Cook and barber Anthony White was led by Destination Carlisle. One week after the terrible thing that happened, the barbershop reopened.

What competitions does GQ compete in?

Since then, GQ has taken part in a number of a cappella events, such as the Harmony Sweepstakes, SingStrong, Sweet Adelines International’s Rising Star Contest, and the International Quartet Contest. In 2013, they won both the SingStrong and Harmony Sweepstakes contests.


Prices at GQ Barbershop may be different in different places because they depend on where they are. The prices above are just estimates, and they may not be accurate. Please call your local nearly GQ Barbershop to find out the latest prices.

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