How To Cancel Hand And Stone Membership – Hand And Stone Membership Cancellation

Cancel Hand and Stone membership

Hand And Stone offers quality equipment, world-class facilities, and excellent services. Still, suppose it does not pass your expectations, or you want to cancel its membership for any reason. In that case, you need to know how to Cancel Hand And Stone Membership.

Below is all the information you need to know to cancel Hand And Stone membership

cancel hand and stone membership

Hand and Stone is a massage business that offers spas of different types. It is an U.S-based firm that offers various massages such as heated massage, Swedish massage, foot massage, pair massage, hair removal, and benefits for facial care. You can sign up to receive an account if you wish to indulge in exclusive spa treatments. 

Suppose you’ve got the membership and want to cancel Hand and Stone massage membership because you don’t need the service anymore or cannot find the time for it, or due to any other reason. 

You can do so without hassle, but if you do not inform them of your cancellation, they will be charged for cancellation, as specified within the Hand and Stone cancellation policy. Therefore, you must adhere to the guidelines for service.

We will discuss ‘How do I cancel my Hand and Stone membership‘ following the Hand and Stone membership cancellation policy.

How To Cancel Hand And Stone Membership

You can cancel your Hand and Stone membership when you decide not to keep it. There are several methods to complete the Hand and Stone massage membership cancellation.

  1. Cancel Hand and Stone membership by yourself.
  2. Cancel Hand and Stone membership over the phone.
  3. Cancel Hand and Stone through email.

Cancel Hand and Stone membership by yourself

To cancel Hand and Stone membership on your own, follow the steps below:

  • First, you must contact the customer care help service to cancel the Hand and Stone membership.
  • A cancellation request can be sent via email.

Cancel your Hand and Stone membership by phone

You have to call the agent to request to cancel your Hand and Stone membership. Follow the process which is stated below.

cancel hand and stone membership

  1. Call the agent firsthand provided by the service as the cancellation number 1-866-889-7866.
  2. Then state your problem and ask them to cancel your Hand and Stone membership.
  3. Your details will be needed, so keep updated with all your detailed information and thus provide them whenever they ask you, such as your name in full, address, contact number, membership ID, etc.
  4. After that, inquire them to confirm your request to cancel the membership.

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Cancel your Hand and Stone membership by email

Email is also a crucial function in cancelling membership. It is possible to go through the steps below:

  • You must make an email address and include your request to cancel the Hand and Stone membership. Send your mail at the address canceled at of hand and stone
  • According to the Hand and Stone membership cancellation form, your responsibility is to give all information to the executive whenever you are asked.
  • Finally, you must request the confirmation email or contact number to confirm the cancellation.

How To Cancel Membership At Hand And Stone Through Online By DoNotPay App

There is no strict and fast standard for the procedure for follow-up. You must use an application called DoNotPay, which is far more user-friendly than other apps on the internet.

  • In the first Place, you must search your browser for the app DoNotPay. You can also download DoNotPay via the iOS application from the Apple Store for no cost.
  • Click on the ‘Find Hidden Money tab.
  • You must confirm with them the Service you wish to stop and then enter the name in the form of Hand and Stone’.
  • Once they have received all the information, the service will terminate your membership. The cancellation notice Will be sent to you via mail sent by the service.

Hand and Stone’s membership freezing policy

If you’re not sure whether or not to continue to renew the terms of your Hand and Stone membership, you have the option of freezing the account. It is possible to do this for a minimum of one month and up to a maximum of 3 months.

Be aware that you can stop your account from freezing twice per year!

Hand And Stone Membership Cancellation Policy

Hand and Stone cancellation of membership isn’t a difficult task, but you need to be informed in advance to cancel the appointment.

Suppose you don’t notify them about cancelling the Hand and Stone policy. In that case, you must incur charges before the date of cancellation according to the Hand and Stone massage appointment cancellation policy.

You must pay 50 percent of the price in a Hand and Stone cancellation fee to ensure that your membership is canceled according to Hand and Stone’s cancellation policy. Hand and Stone membership cancellation policy.

To cancel an appointment by Hand and stone, twenty-four hours’ notice must be given in the regulations and rules for the cancellation policies. The services offered by them are of the highest quality, and therefore they would like their customers to be aware of the guidelines they provide.

What Is The Hand And Stone Cancellation Fee?

Hand and Stone requires cancellation notice at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time.

Should you be unable to provide notice in a timely manner, you will be required to pay a cancellation charge equal to half of the total amount you paid for that specific appointment.

How Do I Pause My Hand And Stone Membership?

You are under no requirement to cancel your Hand and Stone subscription if you would like to keep using it for a few months and do not want to discontinue it entirely. You would be better off Pausing or freezing your Hand and Stone membership.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can freeze or stop your Hand and Stone membership for a minimum of One month and a maximum of three months.

You must get in touch with the company’s customer service department—either by phone call or email at their official address—if you want to put your Hand and Stone membership on hold. After processing your request, they will pause your subscription for the specified amount of months.
It’s also important to remember that you can only freeze your Hand and Stone membership twice a year.
This means that you can only pause this membership for a total of 6 months Within a year, and For a maximum of 3 consecutive months within that time.

Trouble Cancelling Hand And Stone Membership

The funds are not returned to users following cancelling the insurance policy. When the policy is canceled, the services provided to the customer also end. 

Cancellation of Hand and Stone massage membership, even though there is no strict and fast rule to cancel the membership, has the full power under the terms and conditions of its membership to end the services provided to members if they find violations of the rules.

So, from the previous article, you will be able to navigate the process of ‘ How to cancel Hand and Stone massage membership.’ If you require more assistance, call customer support.

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Final thoughts

For many years, Hand and Stone has offered massage and spa services on a regular basis to Clients who pay a monthly membership fee. However, not everyone is content with the assistance they are getting.

If that describes you, take the above actions to terminate your membership with Hand and Stone and begin receiving massages at a new spa in your area.

FAQ About Cancel Hand and Stone membership

Can you freeze your account at hand and stone?

Membership Freeze Option Memberships can be stored for a maximum of one month and up to a maximum of 3 months at the participating sites.

Memberships can be frozen only two times within a 12- month time frame for three months at a time. The membership must be unfrozen within a minimum of 30 days before it can be re-frozen.

Does hand and stone offer 401K?

PTO, and 401K Flexible schedules, discounts on goods and services. Full-time employees for more than an entire year, with no benefits whatsoever.

Can I cancel my membership online?

The cancellation process may vary. Some memberships can be canceled online, while others may require a phone call or in-person visit to a Hand and Stone location.

What is the notice period for cancellation?

Determine the notice period required for canceling your membership. Many memberships require a certain advance notice, So be sure to Check your agreement for specific details.

What happens to my unused sessions if I cancel?

Make the rules about unused credits or sessions clear. While certain memberships have set limits, others can let you use them even after you cancel.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

In the event that you decide you no longer want to utilize your membership, See whether you may transfer it to a friend or family member.

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