5 Best Nail Salon in Phoenix

Best Nail Salon in Phoenix

Below is a list of the top and Best Nail Salons in Phoenix. To help you find the best Nail Salons near you in Phoenix, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Let’s face it; you visit a manicure salon to treat yourself. When it comes to enjoying a relaxing day, choosing the perfect nail salon may make a difference. You want the most excellent professionals, the proper attention, and some premium enhancements.

The nail salons listed below offer everything mentioned above and much more. Visit one of these neighbourhood nail shops to indulge yourself, then relax in the massage chair while reading a magazine.

Best Nail Salon in Phoenix

Phoenix’s Best Nail Salons:

Phoenix’s top-rated nail salons are:

  • Best Nails and Spa – treatments loved by Phoenix community
  • Desert Nail Spa PV – 20 years of exemplary client satisfaction
  • Paradise Nails Spa 1 – experience from the past merged with the present styles
  • KENZIE’S NAILS AND SPA – courteous and approachable salon staff
  • Your Nails and Spa – built by renowned nail technicians

👉Best Nails and Spa

best nail in phoenix

Best Nails and Spa offers top nail care services to Phoenix locals. They promised to only use the best things because of the affection they were receiving from the public. Additionally, they follow strict sanitation, sterilisation, and hygiene rules.

Pedicure liners, files, and buffers are just a few of the used tools that are promptly thrown away. If the instruments mentioned above cannot be sterilised, they are either discarded or given to the client.

Customers are welcome to bring their nail supplies. Even though the consumers got the tools, they are sanitised before use.

Their workforce is always seeking new information and education. Most of their learning is done in classes focusing on recent trends, health and safety, and product releases.

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  • Nail Enhancement, Spa Pedicure Services, and Natural Nail Treatment.



  • Stephanie is by far my favourite person I’ve ever met in the nail profession, and I’ve been coming here for years. Her manicures are always the absolute best. She is methodical. She is competent. I cc her to everyone I know. If you want a lovely gel manicure or even your toes done. YOUR PERSON IS SHE! — Trinity Dunn.

👉Desert Nail Spa PV

best nail in phoenix

Desert Nail Spa PV’s first location was in Tempe in 1998. They have evolved into a renowned international nail spa in the last 20 years. The salon frequently develops new procedures.

Customers are lavished with excellent treatment by certified, competent nail attendants. They have always discovered ways to adapt to the times. Installing exhaust systems is one of them to keep clients from breathing in dangerous dust and pollutants.

A universal phone charger can also be mounted on each massage pedicure chair. These align with their goal to set the bar for excellent customer service.

Dip nails, gel nails, and even their unique DNS pedicure are available at the nail shop.


  • DNS Manicure, DNS Pedicure


  • Address: 10625 N Tatum Blvd d142, Phoenix, AZ 85028
  • Phone: (480) 307-9765
  • Website: www.desertnailspa.com


  • I love this location! When I arrived in Phoenix, it took me a long to discover my favourite nail shop! I looked everywhere before realising DNS. I was impressed when I initially arrived! Any manicurist is lovely, but I now visit Stacy regularly! She does everything in such detail! She always gives me a dip manicure and a pedicure with standard polish. — Ally Haas.

👉Paradise Nails Spa 1

best nail in phoenix

The customer experience at Paradise Nails Spa 1 is continuously being improved.

They just revealed plans to strengthen MY NAILS SALON even further. By bringing their past expertise and talents, they are prepared to confront the future with more excellent amenities and a customer-focused attitude.

Over time, people have come to view the manicure salon as a place to relax and converse while getting their nails done. They want to maintain an atmosphere of leisure and comfort. Any dull-looking nails can be revived using dip, liquid gel, acrylic, and shellac nails.

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Children are welcome in the nail spa and can experiment with their choice of colour polish.


  • Acrylic Nails, Pink & White Powder, Liquid Gel Nails, Children Manicure & Pedicure, Manicure & Pedicure, Dipping Powder, Shellac Nails, Add-ons



  • “I have visited nail salons all across the city of Phoenix. I’ve been coming here for two years, and this place is the best. They go above and beyond every single time and deliver the BEST work. I always receive accolades after finishing work here. The personnel is excellent, they always know what I need, and the pricing is unbelievable! By Qyahg Sweeney.


best nail in phoenix

KENZIE’S NAILS AND SPA is delighted to say that it has played a part in assisting clients in achieving the most significant degree of beauty. They have very polite personnel on hand to help customers.

These staff members are also skill- and knowledge-equipped through regular seminars. The salon’s cleanliness procedure is known to all of the staff members. This indicates that single-use tools should be discarded as quickly as feasible. At the same time, other equipments need steam treatment.

Customers are ecstatic about their outstanding nail services, including traditional and gel manicures. A routine manicure uses a tried-and-true method to polish the cuticles and nails. At the same time, a gel manicure enhances the nails with gels and accelerates drying through UV light.


  • Nail Enhancements, Manicure, Spa Pedicures, Add on


  • Address: 5021 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018
  • Phone: (602) 957-3992
  • Website: www.kenzienails.com


  • “Top salon I haven’t been to in a very long time. The personnel is helpful and won’t push you to use additional services. The surroundings are tidy and don’t smell like acrylic (they have systems to collect the dust and smell). This salon is peaceful and has a lovely design. I’ll be coming back! Marya Mab.

👉Your Nails and Spa

best nail in phoenix

One of Arizona’s most well-known nail techs founded Your Nails and Spa. They could correctly manage and maintain the salon and spa because they had more than ten years of professional experience.

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They became a popular nail salon because of this. The opening of their second branch, also located in Arizona, is evidence of this. Knowledgeable specialists adequately understand each client’s instructions. Additionally, they can relate to customers who are acting angry.

They could interact with everyone better thanks to their extensive nail business experience.

They also allow customers to choose their preferred drinks to enhance customer satisfaction. These are all free and function as a complimentary to the services obtained.


  • Manicure, Pedicure, French Manicure & Pedicure, Powder Fill, Liquid Gel



  • “I’ve been visiting this fantastic place for more than five years, and it never lets me down! The BEST I’ve ever been to is Nina… always ensures I am delighted with my service. With thorough attention to her client’s comfort and happiness, Jennifer has produced a clean, peaceful atmosphere! Tracy Christensen.

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the  5 Best Nail Salon in Phoenix with its services you get.

Check out the given all details which helps you to know about the 5 Best Nail Salon in Phoenix.

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