8 Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

Below is a list of the top and Best Nail Salons in Baltimore. To help you find the best Nail Salons near you in Baltimore, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

You should look for the top nail salon in Baltimore if you live there and need a new manicure and pedicure.

best nail salon in baltimore

Baltimore’s Best Nail Salons

The top-rated Nail Salons in Baltimore, MD are:

  • After Hour Nails and Spa – welcomes clients to its unique definition of nail beauty with its diverse range of services
  • Topcoat Nail Salon – only makes use of fully organic and non-toxic for their nail services
  • Harbor Nails – uniquely vibrant and relaxed nail-specialized salon and spa
  • Enchanted Nails and Spa – wants customers to feel beautiful, confident, and capable
  • PamperMe – provides cutting-edge manicure and pedicure services
  • Athena Nails & Spa
  • Olivia
  • City Nails & Spa

After Hour Nails and Spa

Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

With its wide range of services, After Hour Nails and Spa welcomes customers to its specific definition of nail beauty.

They are eager to provide the best nail services imaginable. The team at their salon is knowledgeable and committed to giving customers the best experience possible.

They also have their customers’ best nail polishes, methods, and supplies. Their team makes sure they can meet all of their clients’ needs. They also offer skilled, reliable, and diligent nail technicians.

They offer a wide variety of expert nail services. These consist of bespoke acrylic nails, foot massages, and gel manicures.

Additionally, they provide acrylic nail design, maintenance, and curating services.

Products/ Services:

  • nail salon, gel manicure, foot massage, acrylic nails



  • This nail salon is fantastic! The techs are incredibly welcoming every time and make me feel at home. They take their time and ensure that your nails turn out just how you want them to. I see Kieu because she is fantastic.– Cierra Thurmond

Topcoat Nail Salon

Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

Topcoat Nail Salon only uses 100 percent non-toxic and organic materials for its nail services. Its staff takes great pride in providing all of its clients with an organic-first experience.

They have nail specialists who ensure their customers have the most attractive nails. They also want to provide their customers with much more than just nails.

They guarantee excellent customer service from the moment customers reach their doors. They also ensure that their customers will be their wellness paradise.

The salon offers ten non-toxic nail procedures and supplies. Additionally, they provide hand massages, organic nail polish, and CBD relaxing products.

Additionally, they provide Gel-X Extensions, Ombre colors, and dipping powder.

Products/ Services:

  • nail design, coating


  • Address: 700 E Pratt St UNIT 130, Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Website: mytopcoat.com


  • “I had a wonderful day at this nail salon. The employees gave fantastic customer service, and the service was outstanding. I had a pedicure a little over four weeks ago, and my nail polish is still intact. They move swiftly and precisely.– Grace Mburu

Harbor Nails

Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

A nail-specific salon and spa, Harbor Nails is distinctively alive and laid-back. The feeling is contemporary and opulent in the nail salon.

They place a high value on pampering and relaxing their clients as they undergo beauty treatments. Their primary goal is to create a welcoming yet professional environment.

Their technicians are available to assist customers at any time. Their staff also has a strong sense of passion and comes from various backgrounds.

They offer a full range of spa amenities and massage services. Additionally, they offer cuticle cutting, manicures, and pedicures.

They also provide massages, waxing, and eyelash extensions.

Products/ Services:

  • nail manicure



  • “I adore everything about this place. It’s quick, welcoming, and takes fantastic care of your nails and any other services you may need.”– Tinesha Betts

Enchanted Nails and Spa

Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

Customers at Enchanted Nails and Spa should feel attractive, self-assured, and competent. The group is convinced of the potential of a manicure with an excellent feel.

They delight in making their clients’ steps come to life with the newest design ideas. They are also Baltimore’s top nail and beauty salon.

Their salon and spa is a locally run business. They are honored to serve as their clients’ go-to salon and spa business.

They provide a wide range of body and nail care services. Additionally, these include nail care, waxing, and tanning. Additionally, they provide sunless tanning, full-body waxing, and acrylic nails.

Products/ Services:

  • salon, nail manicure



  • “Chin is incredible. He provides the most excellent selections because he knows what complements my skin tone, and I am terrible at choosing nail polish colors.
  • He always makes me laugh, and my nails always look great. The cost is quite affordable. I eagerly anticipate each appointment and won’t ever go elsewhere.– Meghan Reeves


Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

PamperMe offers modern pedicures and manicures. They have over 20 years of experience in manicure services and nail technology.

Their offerings are tailored to suit each client’s distinct preferences. Additionally, they are excited to upgrade pedicures and manicures.

Their skilled nail technicians are prepared to maximize each design as well. Additionally, they offer fantastic service packages at reasonable prices.

They offer various manicure and pedicure services, each with its distinctive flair. Classic manicures, gel manicures, and healthy dipping manicures are among these.

Additionally, they have gel polish, nail polish remover, and a UV light topcoat.

Products/ Services:

  • nail specialist



  • Fantastic experience! I was immediately struck by how spotless it was when I entered. Thanks to the owner’s care and friendliness, I received assistance right quickly.”– Erin Snider

Athena Nails & Spa

Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

The most excellent nail care is offered to Athena Nails & Spa customers, a lively and entertaining nail salon.

Their collective aim is to provide peace so you can unwind and feel secure knowing they have your best interests at heart.

To uphold their high level of professionalism, they always stock conventional polishes and the most recent gel color ranges.

Additionally, they include waxing, applying fake eyelashes, massages, and facials.

They take great satisfaction in providing top-notch services, exceptional customer support, and a distinctly tranquil environment.


  • Manicure, pedicure, spa manicure and pedicure, polish replacement, nail art, repair, and shortening, plus deluxe, shellac, waxing, facials, and massages



  • I just received my first complete set of acrylic nails, and I adore them!! Everyone was incredibly kind, did a great job, and offered many great suggestions for fantastic restaurants nearby! I’ll be back for my next manicure on 11/10!


Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

Baltimore’s Olivia is a cutting-edge, natural nail salon. They specialize in gel nail paint, pacific gel manicures, and pedicures.

They always make use of the best green products. Customers of Olivia are eligible for free certificates. Their nail experts are talented and provide excellent nail care.

Its mission is to deliver the most exceptional nail care customer service. They are dedicated to giving you top-notch nail care at reasonable costs.

Their knowledgeable staff will choose the best course of action for you and provide the high-caliber service you anticipate from a reputable salon.


  • Polish Change Feet, French, Callus, Paraffin Treatment, and Hot Stone Treatment. Basic, Pacific Chemical Free, Pacific Pedicure, Everest Pedicure, Polish Change Hands, Olivia Herbal Escape, Organic Pedicure.



  • Clean and lovely salon. My friend and I were able to make a last-minute reservation with them. We received gel manicures and pedicures.
  • I’ve frequently had gel manicures at various places. For me, they typically last under two weeks, but this one held up for three weeks with no chipping! I was deeply moved. I’m eager to return.

City Nails & Spa

Best Nail Salon in Baltimore

City Nails & Spa is a welcoming nail shop that offers top-notch services in a welcoming setting. Their certified nail technicians specialize in manicures with unique designs.

They have a significant collection of Gelish, O.P.I., CND Shellac, Cuccio, LBD, and other nail polish brands. All of their services are provided expertly and in a friendly environment.

Additionally, they offer massage, facials, and waxing services. Weddings, birthday celebrations, and bachelorette parties are perfect events to hold in City Nails & Spa’s exquisite setting.

They are always concerned for the well-being and contentment of their customers. They offer top-notch nail care at reasonable pricing.


  • Manicure, Deluxe Pedicure, Hot Chocolate, Peppermint and Milk and Honey Pedicure, Active, Custom, Signature, Classic Pedicure, Royal City Spa, Gelish Color, Shellac Color & Waxing



  • I received a complete set with excellent shaping at a very affordable price in a lovely and pleasant salon. All of the staff members were friendly and relaxed. Even though I did break a nail the following day, she offered to fix it for free that same evening. Superior customer care.

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