Walmart Team Lead Pay

Walmart Team Lead Pay in 2024

Walmart Team Lead Pay:- Hello, Guest In this Article, I’ll tell You everything you need to know about how much Walmart Team Lead get paid.

Walmart Pays a team lead in the US an average of $51,903 to $126,700, depending on experience, location, skills, And other factors.

Walmart Team Lead Pay

Different websites that track salaries say that Walmart team salaries in the US range from $51,903 to $126,700, with an average salary of $69,160. As of July 2022, the following are the base salaries for Walmart team leads:

Payscale ZipRecruiter Indeed Glassdoor
$51,903 $53,690 $58,548 $126,700 $54,961

What influences a salary?

The education, Experience, And location of a Walmart Team Lead are all factors that affect their pay. In this Post, we’ll examine these factors’ effects on salary in more detail.

Years of experience

Usually, The More Experience you have, The More you get paid. In general, You Can expect to make more money as a Walmart Team lead the longer you work there.

According To the Bureau of Labor Statistics And the National Compensation Survey, your experience can affect how much you get paid as a team lead at Walmart.

Level of experience Salary
Entry-level (less than 1 year) $44,700
Early career (1 to 4 years) $52,503
Mid career (5 to 9 years) $64,255
Experienced (10 to 19 years) $81,706
Late career (20+ years) $106,460

Walmart Team Lead Locations

How Much you can make as a Walmart team lead also depends On where you live. Most of the time, Living And working in a big city means a higher salary and a higher cost of living.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here is a list of some big cities and how much the average Walmart team lead makes in those cities.

City Average Salary
New York City, NY $85,332
Denver, CO $81,209
Boston, MA $80,521
Milwaukee, WI $80,361
Seattle, WA $78,694
Phoenix, AZ $65,505
Indianapolis, IN $64,862
New Orleans, LA $64,248
St. Louis, MO $63,166
Salt Lake City, UT $62,464

How Does this Compare To Similar jobs?

Here’s how the pay for a Walmart team leader compares to similar jobs.

Related Jobs Average Salary
Department Manager $50,919
Assistant Store Manager $34,734
Store Manager $40,887
Shift Manager $27,509
Operations Manager $64,185
District Manager $66,547
Regional Manager $74,956
Customer Service Manager $52,449
Sales Manager $69,391

How To Increase Your Walmart Team Lead Salary

Let’s Look at how you might earn more money Now that you have a Clearer understanding of How much you might earn at Walmart as a team lead.

1. Strengthen your skills

Getting and Getting better at skills that are in demand could make you more competitive for promotions And jobs that pay more. Among these skills are:

  • Inventory management: Know how to keep track of stock levels and restock when necessary.
  • Salesfloor Management: Be able to lead a group to keep the salesfloor clean and well-organized.
  • Take care of customer complaints and solve problems in a timely and professional way.
  • Schedule Management: Set up and manage team members’ work schedules
  • Performance management: Do reviews of team members’ work and give them feedback.

2. Seek regular feedback

You should demonstrate to your boss that you’re constantly working to improve your performance if you desire a pay boost.

Obtaining input frequently, whether through official reviews or more informal talks, is one approach to do this.

Your Manager is more likely To offer you a raise if you demonstrate that you’re constantly working to improve.

3. Go back to school

Even if you are unable To leave your work And return to school full-time, there are numerous evening And online programs that can assist you in gaining the skills necessary for a higher-paying job.

Asking About tuition aid is an excellent idea because many Employers are ready to contribute to the cost of their employees’ continued education.

FAQs – Walmart Team Lead Pay

Do team leads get paid more Walmart?

How Much does an American Team Leader at Walmart make? In the United States, The average hourly wage for a Walmart Team Leader is $20.97, Which is 46% More than the average wage for all jobs.

What is the highest paid team lead at Walmart?

How does a Team Leader’s compensation evolve over time? Depending on where and for whom a Team Leader works, their career path affects their pay.

The Starting pay is $44,560 per year, And the highest paid Employees receive $108,636 annually.

Is a team lead a manager at Walmart?

To Lead these New teams, We’re giving our salaried and hourly workers New, future-focused jobs in our Supercenters: store lead (previously co-manager), coach (previously assistant manager), And team lead (formerly department manager).

How many hours does a team lead work at Walmart?

Walmart’s Team lead position is a full-time position requiring 40 hours of Labor each week. But, There may also be some work done at night or On the weekends. The majority of the labor is done during the day.

What is under team lead at Walmart?

Assists management in overseeing associates in their assigned area of responsibility by giving associates tasks, communicating goals and feedback, training associates on processes and procedures, and giving associates direction and guidance on member service approaches and techniques to make sure that members are satisfied.

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