Walmart Returns Hours [All You Need To Know] 2024

Walmart Returns Hours [All You Need To Know]

Walmart Return Hours: What Time Do Returns Close? Open? Take To Refund?

What time does Walmart close its returns? Many Walmart customers frequently ask this question, and with good reason. Many folks who work from 9 to 5 jobs desire to return to Walmart after working most of the day.

It’s crucial to be aware of Walmart’s return policies. You can return an item to a Walmart store during business hours if you find it damaged, significant, or just not what you wanted after buying it.

Walmart Returns Hours

Returns are one of Walmart’s customer-friendly selling points. The firm, which has around 5,000 stores across the country, is well-known for its forgiving and liberal return policy. For most of its products, Walmart maintains a typical 90-day return policy. For electronics, the return period is 30 days.

For instance, Walmart’s air mattress return policy mandates that customers return air mattresses to Walmart within 90 days of purchase for a refund or exchange in their original packaging. When returning items to a Walmart store, you should do so. It prompts the following inquiry:

What are the return hours at Walmart?

Quick Response: Most Walmart locations have return hours of 7 am to 10 pm or 11 night. In other words, returns cannot be handled unless delivered to the customer service counter at a Walmart store during regular business hours.

The precise Walmart customer service hours for returns differ depending on the shop location. For the hour of your particular Walmart location, call ahead or check the website.

For instance, as long as your neighborhood Walmart store is open, you can return a TV you bought there and find out it’s broken or doesn’t function as expected. If your store is open on Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm, you can only return the TV during those times. The store will be closed, and you won’t have access to the Walmart money services center if you arrive after 8 o’clock.

Here is further information on the Walmart TV return policy.

Everything you need to know about Walmart return hours, including how to locate the Walmart return desk hours in your location, is covered in this article. Let’s get going!

Return Hours At Walmart Details

Walmart often operates during regular store hours for returns. Most Walmart locations are open from 7 am to 11 pm on average.

As long as your neighborhood Walmart shop is open, you will be within the Walmart return desk hours. If you arrive at your neighborhood store at 10:45 pm and it shuts at 11, you’re OK to go.

Use Walmart’s store locator to locate the precise regular store hours at your nearby Walmart to take the uncertainty out of return time hours. Alternately, call customer care to learn the accurate Walmart customer service hours for returns in your area.

For instance, I discovered through Walmart’s store locator that one of my favorite Walmart locations in Chicago, Neighborhood Market #5646 at Cermak Road, is open seven days a week from seven in the morning until ten in the evening. I can return something any day of the week during the open hours.

You can make your returns at the customer service counter any time if you’re fortunate enough to discover that your local Walmart store is open around the clock, as before COVID.

The only employees with return handling training are those in customer service. During Walmart’s return store hours, all returned items in their original packaging must be brought to the customer service counter near the front of the shop in order to receive a refund or exchange.

You can also return things to Walmart that has been opened or without a receipt. Before being approved, returns must go through a Walmart verification process. The store’s management has the final say on whether to accept or refuse a return.

What Time Does Walmart Returns Close?

The moment that Walmart locations stop accepting returns depends on their particular operating schedule. As long as the stores are open, returns are accepted at all Walmart locations. Returns are stopped when a store is about to close or has already closed.

The typical operating hours of most stores are typically from 7 am to 10 pm or 11 pm, though this can vary from store to store. To find out the precise hours of operation at your neighborhood Walmart or the store where you want to make the return, use Walmart’s store locator.

For instance, what time does my favorite nearby Walmart store close for returns? I can see on the Walmart Store Locator that the Cermak Road location of my local Chicago Neighborhood Market Walmart is open from 7 am to 10 pm. That indicates that my store’s Walmart returns close at around 10 pm. In your location, it can be different, so make sure.

Consider calling your neighborhood Walmart returns desk if checking online is pain or if your home doesn’t have free unrestricted internet access.

What Time Does Walmart Returns Open?

In most Walmart locations, return centers open at 7 am. In general, Walmart reopens as soon as the stores do. Additionally, Walmart returns are available throughout this time since most Walmart locations are open from 7 am to 10 pm or 11 night, Monday through Sunday.

For instance, whenever I check the hours of my local Chicago Neighborhood Market Walmart shop, it always informs me that it will be closed till 7 am. It’s best to arrive at Walmart after 7 am if you’re making an in-store return. If you do this, you won’t have to wait outside until the Walmart returns department opens.

If you made a cash transaction and need your money back rather than an exchange or store credit, you may need to know when Walmart MoneyCenter opens. The Walmart MoneyCenter is typically open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday through Saturday and from 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays.

In addition to cash back, the Walmart MoneyCenter offers various other services, such as selling money orders, check cashing, money transfers, making keys, getting copies, buying and selling stamps, and other financial services, including bills paying.

Can I Return Items at Walmart After Customer Service Desk Hours?

Unfortunately, after return hours, Walmart does not accept returns. Not all Walmart customer service centers offer 24-hour service. If you cannot return an item during their service desk hours, a few strategies will help you.

Five business days after you get the product from Walmart, you can mail in the qualifying products and get your money back using the same payment method. Walmart will cover the shipping costs.

As long as you have the shipping cost receipt handy, this is typically accomplished by paying you back. It is advised against utilizing this method to return expensive items or high-quality goods.

However, if this is not possible, many shops will allow you to leave the thing at the cash register if the customer service counter is closed. It’s also a good idea to see whether Walmart has extra hours on specific days because you might be able to return them then.

How Long Does Walmart Take to Refund Card?

Whether the return is made in-store or online, Walmart refunds can take anywhere from five days to two or three weeks. The return period is also influenced by the mode of payment used to purchase the goods.

An in-store return is handled and started right away after the return is approved. The customer service professional would support the refund verification for goods under $25 if your initial payment method were cash. If you return anything worth more than $25, the representative will give you a Walmart gift card or shopping card.

If you paid with a debit or credit card, Walmart would reimburse you for the purchase within five days using the same card. Depending on how quickly your bank or credit card company processes the refund, it may take some time for the credit to appear in your account.

The most extended processing period is for mail-in returns from online stores. An online recovery may take up to two or three weeks to process. After your online return is accepted, Walmart takes up to five days to refund your credit card or debit card with an intelligent chip.

If you want Walmart to refund your card faster, you should return items in person. The quickest way to get your money back when making a return at Walmart is by using a credit or debit card.

How To Speed Up The Walmart Return Process?

  • Return Within 90 Days: Customer care must confirm that the product can be returned per the standard return policy. To expedite the refund verification procedure, it must be returned within 90 days of the original purchase date and in its original packing. The approved items are then dispatched to fulfillment centers or warehouses to be inspected for flaws.


  • Return the Item Earlier in the Week: If you return an item on a Friday, the refund process can take longer. Refunds take five working days to process because Friday is the last business day before the weekend. Therefore, the days of Saturday and Sunday are not considered while processing your reimbursement.


  • Same Form of Payment: If your mode of payment differs from the original one, it will take longer to complete your refund. Although your neighborhood shop might provide you with a Walmart gift card, it’s not necessarily beneficial. They could reject your request for a refund if you used a different payment method.


  • Failure of the verification process: might potentially result in billing issues. Walmart may contest the refund if the date on your credit card statement differs from the date of the purchase. They go through a lengthy refund verification process. They will look into it if they think you are returning something that was either stolen or unpaid. If they suspect fraud, the verification process could take up to six months.


  • High volume: The volume of returns may potentially cause a delay. Every week, millions of people shop at Walmart. They offer a wide range of high-quality products, but not all of them are up to everyone’s requirements. When there are more returns, and around the holidays, the process at Walmart may take longer.

What are the factors for how long Walmart takes to refund your credit card for returns?

  • In-store vs. online returns: Cash returns are quickly returned whether they are made in-person or online. Online returns sent by mail may take up to three weeks to be processed, compared to approved debit/credit card in-store returns, which are processed within five days.


  • Walmart returns policy:Does the return qualify for an exchange, a refund, or store credit under Walmart’s return policy? Exchanges are made immediately, and a Walmart gift card is promptly loaded with store credit.


  • Billing disputes: Is your return under dispute? It could occur when disputing a Walmart billing error on your card, particularly when you assert charges for things you didn’t purchase. Walmart may take up to six months if at all, to refund your card for disputed returns.

Will Walmart Refund a Different Credit Card?

Walmart won’t transfer the cost of the purchase to another credit card. A valid refund from Walmart can only be applied to the original credit card used to make the purchase.

For instance, you used a credit card to pay for the item. Walmart will use the same credit card used to purchase to repay you for it. Additionally, you cannot transfer a credit card refund to your checking account.

However, Walmart will re-credit your checking account with the cost of the item if you pay with a debit card. Refunds for cash back on debit cards occasionally qualify.

What if you forget to carry the original credit card used to make the Walmart purchase?

You can choose between an exchange and shop credit at Walmart. Refund money equivalent to the cost of the item will be placed onto a Walmart gift card. You can pay with this in-person or online for qualifying purchases. It can also be used for various services at the Auto Care Center.

Nevertheless, other retailers might deviate from the guidelines and permit a refund to a card other than the one used to make the purchase, but Walmart’s return policy is inflexible.

Does Walmart Do Cash Refunds?

In some cases, Walmart will give a cash return.

Up to $25 in cash will be refunded at a Walmart location. However, they will only offer you a Walmart gift card for more expensive things.

Additionally, they won’t give you a cash refund if your original form of payment wasn’t cash. It serves as a safeguard against fraud and enables credit checks by the retailer. They’ll assess if the returned item was purchased legally and within the window allowed by Walmart for returns.

How to Get a Refund Without The Receipt

Since it provides documentation proving you purchased the item from Walmart, the purchase receipt is essential to receiving a refund. However, you still have a chance to claim a refund even if you lose or misplace the receipt. A valid ID card that matches the one you used to make the purchase is all that is required.

The customer service desk staff will check your ID information against their database. If a match is discovered, the refund will be processed. You must present identification that exactly matches the data on the credit card you used to make the purchase.

The Best Time to Get a Refund From Walmart

Avoid peak hours when folks are typically in the store if you want to avoid waiting in huge lines. We advise avoiding peak shopping hours because Walmart receives millions of visitors daily and because customer demand can occasionally be excessive.

To avoid the crowds, go during off-peak times, yet, avoid going right before closure. You will likely be asked to return the following day if there is a short line during closing. You won’t have to worry about waiting in line for a long time if you choose to get the refund online.

How Long Is Walmart Return Policy?

The typical return period at Walmart is 90 days for most items and 30 days for electronics. Any defective, oversized, or undesired goods from Walmart may be returned in person or online within 90 days after the original purchase date. For instance, the Walmart mattress return policy gives air mattresses a 90-day return window.

You can only start a return for electronics 30 days after the date of purchase. For instance, Walmart permits returns for TVs within 30 days of purchase.

Only items marked “Sold and Shipped by Walmart” are available for returns or exchanges at Walmart after being purchased online through Otherwise, items sold and shipped by independent Walmart Marketplace sellers are not covered by Walmart’s return policy.

All returned items must be brought to the Walmart customer service desk during store return hours.

Is it necessary to drop off the product at the customer service desk for a return?
Usually, you’ll have to deliver the returned item to the customer care counter during return hours.

However, occasionally you may also be able to drop off the returned item at the register, depending on the store’s location and hours.

Does Walmart Accept Returns Without Packaging

In most cases, Walmart will accept returns even if the packing is soiled, damaged, or even broken. Only the receipt or documentation proving your purchase and that you got the item from them will do.

However, some things like DVDs, mattresses, and video games can’t be returned without their original packing.

The product bar codes are an excellent feature that makes returns at Walmart simple. All of Walmart’s products have distinctive barcode stickers. Therefore, a quick check can show all the necessary product details and establish whether Walmart genuinely sells it or not. They can now accept return requests even in the absence of packaging or receipts.

What Happens if You Miss The Return Window?

The store manager has the final say on whether or not to accept a return after you pass the 90-day mark. They can grant your request to extend the deadline if you are a dependable customer.

You can always try returning the item to another Walmart location if your initial request is denied. However, this is not a particular procedure, so it might not always be practical.

What is the Walmart Return Policy to Different Stores?

Unless a product was manufactured and sold exclusively for a particular store, Walmart accepts returns between stores. This means that as long as the item wasn’t originally part of that store’s inventory, you can buy it at one Walmart and return it to another.

For instance, a TV bought at a Walmart store in New York may be returned to a Chicago-area retailer. Any Walmart shop will accept returns of online purchases made on

However, products created and offered for a particular Walmart shop cannot be exchanged at a different Walmart site. For instance, a personalized cake made for a customer and sold by a neighborhood shop in Chicago can only be returned to that shop.

Takeaway: You can return most in-person and online purchases at any Walmart location.

Does Walmart Make Refunds for Stolen or Missing Items?

Items lost or stolen in transit are neither refunded nor replaced by Walmart. Once the goods are loaded onto a delivery truck, the shipping business is in charge of them. You must claim with the courier if your products are stolen or disappear during delivery.

When merchandise is returned to Walmart stores in its original packaging and is broken, faulty, or undesired, Walmart only issues reimbursements during store return hours. You might be eligible for a refund, an exchange, or store credit depending on whether your return is unopened, opened, or undamaged.

What is the Walmart Return Policy for Broken Items?

If you didn’t cause the damage, you could return broken or damaged goods to Walmart. You have 90 days from the date of purchase to return an item to Walmart if you discover that it is flawed, harmed, broken, or fails to function as it should. You only have 30 days to return an electronic item to Walmart for an exchange or refund.

Because Walmart’s return policy does not cover any purposeful or unintentional damages caused by the consumer, your return would be refused if you were to cause the damage.

During Walmart return hours, all returned items must be in their original packaging, including any accessories.

Although it helps to have the receipt, Walmart also accepts returns of unopened boxes and non-receipted merchandise. If your return is accepted once Walmart has verified it, you can choose between receiving a refund, an exchange, or store credit.

What Items Need To Be Returned To Walmart Within 14 Days?

Within 14 days of delivery or purchase, Walmart must receive the Straight Talk phone. For phones, a receipt and the cancellation of their warranty are required.

What Items Need To Be Returned To Walmart Within 30 Days?

The following items must be returned to Walmart or within 30 days.

  • Air conditioners
  • Cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Computers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Drones
  • Electric bicycles
  • Game consoles
  • Hoverboards
  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Ps4
  • Tablets
  • TVs

What Items Need To Be Returned To Walmart Within 90 Days?

The following products need to be returned to Walmart or within 30 days:

  • Appliances – Stove, freezer, refrigerator, microwave
  • Apple Watch
  • Bikes
  • Books
  • Blu-ray – unopened or damaged
  • Car batteries
  • Clearance items
  • Clothes
  • Cosmetics – hair dye
  • Diapers – unopened
  • DVD – unopened or damaged
  • Food – return only nonperishable food
  • Furniture
  • Headphones
  • Ink cartridges – original packaging
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup – in its original packaging
  • Paint – even open paint cans
  • Perfume
  • Refrigerators – large and small refrigerators
  • Shoes – even worn
  • Video games – unopened or defective
  • Toys
  • Trading cards
  • Underwear
  • Vacuums

What Items Cannot Be Returned To Walmart?

You cannot return the following goods to Walmart,, or the auto service center:

Walmart gift cards aren’t returnable for cash unless your state requires it; the baby formula is perishable if it needs to be refrigerated.
See our article on selling gift cards for money online if you decide not to keep the Walmart gift card.

Can You Return Food Bought with EBT at Walmart?

Yes, you may exchange or refund non-perishable food items purchased with an EBT card at a Walmart location within 30 days of the original purchase. The SNAP program mandates that those who receive it be treated similarly to other customers and given access to the same retailer return policy as everyone else.

The same 30-day Walmart return policy applies to WIC and SNAP EBT cardholders for non-perishable food goods. Walmart retains the right to restrict or reject any exchanges or refunds.

A procedure of third-party verification is applied to all returns. Under no circumstances are cash back reimbursements for SNAP purchases permitted.

If your perishable food is ruined, damaged, or subpar, you may be eligible for a refund under Walmart’s Fresh Guarantee. Always bring your receipt for a speedier refund procedure.

Return Hours At Walmart Summary

Most Walmart locations typically have return hours between 7 am and 11-night. So long as your neighborhood Walmart is open, you can revisit them anytime. Unless an item is produced and sold exclusively for a particular store, Walmart also accepts returns between stores.

Whether you return something to Walmart online or in person will affect how quickly your card is refunded. Making returns in-store is preferable since they process more quickly.

During Walmart return hours, just wrap your item in its original packaging and bring it to the customer care counter.

Customer demand for some upscale goods is high; therefore, you may always consider advertising these items on Walmart Marketplace if you miss the return window and Walmart refuses to accept the return.

Conclusion: Walmart Returns Hours 

Most of Walmart’s returns are handled at the customer service counters in each location. To reduce stress as much as possible, it is recommended to make returns while these desks are open and during non-peak hours.

Returns can be accommodated outside of the customer service desk in Walmart locations. However, this should only be done on rare occasions because it can be pretty inconvenient.

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