Reflections Salon and Spa Prices, Hours & Location ❤️ 2024

Reflections Salon and Spa Prices, Hours & Location ❤️

Reflections Salon and Spa

Reflections salons and spas are known for cheap and reliable services. You will find all the details about the Reflections salon and spa, including prices, location, and hours.

“Everyone has the right to look beautiful”, So here in this article, I will give the details of Reflections salon and spa prices.

At the Reflections salon and spa, guests are always welcome and encouraged. Reflections salon and spa want everyone to experience their salon and believes testing it out is the best way.

reflections salon and spa

For this, you don’t need to make a gap in your pocket because Reflections salon and spa Prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer.

Reflections salons and spas take great satisfaction in offering a comfortable, enjoyable, and cooperative experience. While they are here and after they leave, we want our customers (as well as our talent) to feel valued.

How about we also look at the Reflections salon and spa Prices and discover how things charge up here?

Reflections Salon and Spa Prices & its Services

Every visit to Reflections is intended to be unwinding, pleasurable, and memorable.



Skin Care

Body Care


Nail Treatments

Foot Care


Permanent Make-up

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Salon Hair Services

Let Reflections design a cut that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Depending on the degree of success and the need for the technician’s time, prices may change.

Women’s Design Cut & Style starting at $32
Women’s Bang Trim starting at $7
Men’s Design Cut & Style starting at $17
Men’s Beard & Nape Trim starting at $5
Children’s Cut starting at $17
Baby’s First Haircut complimentary to our regular clients

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Salon Hair Styling

By blow-drying, curling, or straightening your hair, we’ll add eye-catching finishing touches to your new look.

Shampoo & Style starting at $25
Special Occasion Updo’s starting at $45
Bridal Hair starting at $55
Flat Iron starting at $15
Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy *ask your stylist for more details
Reduces up to 95%of frizz and curl by
penetrating the cuticle with keratin.

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Salon Hair Color

We can produce the hair colour that best suits you, whether you want a radical makeover or something subtler.

We supply both single and double. Process a solid colour for those looking for a significant change, or accent/partial highlights for those looking to add depth to their current colour.

Color/Style starting at $80
Colour/Cut starting at $90
Glaze/Style starting at $53
Glaze/Cut starting at $63
Full Highlight/Style starting at $101
Full Highlight/Cut starting at $111
Full Highlight/Glaze/Style starting at $129
Full Highlight/Glaze/Cut starting at $139
Partial Highlight/Style starting at $89
Partial Highlight/Cut starting at $99
Partial Highlight/Glaze/Style starting at $117
Partial Highlight/Glaze/Cut starting at $127
Colour and Foil/Style starting at $111
Colour and Foil/Cut starting at $121
Ombre or Balayage/Glaze/Style starting at $152
Ombre or Balayage/Glaze/Cut starting at $162
Men’s Camo Color $28
Corrective Color starts at $75 per hr.
*extra long hair priced upon consultation
Brow Color $15

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Salon Texture Services

Reflections want to add texture to your hair.

At Reflections, we use layers to add texture, allowing you to preserve your hair’s length while also adding volume and shape. For people who want to give their unusually thick hair a neater appearance, we also provide hair thinning, which is a fantastic choice.

Full Perm (11-30 rods) starting at $75
Partial Perm (11-30 rods) starting at $55
Keratin (includes 2oz) starting at $250
Keratin Blowout starting at $125
Additional Product starting at $50

Reflections Spa Prices & its Services

With the aid of the power of elemental nature, enter a tranquil setting and experience tranquillity.

It will assist you in achieving radiant attractiveness and skin that looks balanced and healthy.

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Spa Massage Price

At our day spa, you can get Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, and Aroma Therapy massages, among others.

Reflections Essentials Massage (30 min.) starting at $40
A 30-minute Traditional Swedish Massage
Reflections Signature Massage (60 min.) starting at $65
A 60-minute Traditional Swedish Massage
Reflections Exclusive Massage (90 min.) starting at $90
A 90 min. Traditional Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage (30 min.) starting at $45
This therapy utilizes deep pressure point
release and firm Swedish techniques reducing
adhesions in the deep muscle tissue.
Deep Tissue Massage (60 min.) starting at $70
Therapeutic Stone Massage (60 min.) starting at $90
Exhale and relax as your therapist administers
an advanced tri-phased stone massage. This
therapy far exceeds traditional stone massages.
Chair Massage $1 per minute
10-minute minimum

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Spa Makeup Services

Our gifted makeup artists are renowned for their meticulousness and capacity to accentuate one’s inherent beauty. traditional wedding

We promise our makeup, from everyday looks to a dramatic appearance for a night out.

You’ll emerge from the studio feeling and looking gorgeous.

Makeup Applications start at $45

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Spa Hand & Foot Care

Remember to nurture your hands and feet as well! Enjoy a manicure or pedicure for yourself.

Natural nails and Shellac manicures are our areas of expertise.

Nail Services Price

Prices may change based on the degree of success and the time commitment required of the technician.

Reflections Essential Manicure starting at $20
Spa Manicure Upgrade starting at $10
Buff and Polish starting at $10
Polish Change (Natural Nails) starting at $10
Shellac Full Set starting at $35
with Shellac $15 add-on
starting at $50

Pedicure Services Price

Prices may change based on the degree of success and the demand for the technician’s time.

Reflections Essential Pedicure starting at $37
Spa Pedicure Upgrade starting at $10
Polish Change (In Pedicure Chair) starting at $10
with Shellac $15 add-on
starting at $50

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Spa Skincare Price

Give your skin a clean, exfoliating, and nourishing facial as a treat.

You’ll go home with hydrated skin that is clear and youthful-looking.

Professional Skin Consultation Complimentary
Reflections Express Facial (30 min.) starting at $40
Designed for clients “on the go” or as an introduction to
our skin care treatments. In this facial, our aesthetician
will cleanse and analyze your skin for proper selection
of product.
Reflections Signature Facial (60 min.) starting at $65
Using state-of-the-art equipment, let our qualified
aestheticians analyze your skin to formulate a
personalized facial treatment and an-at-home regimen
that is right for you.
Reflections Age Smart Facial (60 min.) $75
Reclaim and restore your skin’s youthful radiant vitality
by dramatically reducing the signs of ageing with
Dermalogica proven effective formulations used in
conjunction with our state-of-the-art equipment.
Acne Facial (60 min.) $75
Acne-prone skin requires special care and attention.
This facial deeply exfoliates and unclogs pores,
retarding bacteria growth that causes infection.
Facial Upgrade (30 min.) starting at $10
Ampules or Mask upgrades

reflections salon and spa

Reflections Spa Waxing Price

Browse $15
Upper Lip $10
Chin $15
Full Face $45
Underarms $20
Arms $45
Lower Legs $55+
 Full Legs $75+
Bikini $40+
Brazilian $55+
Back $55+
Chest $30+
(Full Face does not include brows)

Reflections Salon and Spa Video

Reflections Salon and Spa Hours

If you have a question in your mind.“what time does Reflections salon and spa open?  OR  what time does Reflections salon and spa close ?“, You’ve come to the right place. The solution to all your questions will be found here.

Day Hours
Monday 8:00am-9:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am-9:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am-9:00pm
Thursday 8:00am-9:00pm
Friday 8:00am-3:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-3:00pm

Note: The Reflections salon and spa Hoursmay vary by its location.

Reflections Salon and Spa Location

Reflections salon and spa About Frequently Ask Questions 

👉What days are Reflections Salon & Spa open?

Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.–9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m.–3 p.m. And Sunday is a holiday.

👉How long do you have to book a senior stylist?

We advise making reservations for our senior stylists at least two weeks in advance, or three weeks if you have particular days or hours that you require. Although there are times when we may accommodate you sooner, a two-to-three-week window should be safe. Our latest style.

👉Can you leave a stylist’s gratuity?

You should definitely give your hairdresser a tip for their wonderful work. If you can tip in cash, it would be highly appreciated; if not, you may use a credit card.

👉Reflection Salon & Spa Information?

In Cambridge, Reflection Salon & Spa provides top-notch beauty and spa services. In a laid-back and welcoming environment, we offer a comprehensive range of haircut services, including waxing, threading, nail, and cosmetic treatments.

This article gives complete information about Reflection salon and spa Prices, hours and Locations. Check out all kinds of services and their prices.

Visit its official website for more details.

For more information about other spa & salon prices please visit our website

Disclaimer: Reflection salon and spa Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm the current pricing, please contact your local Reflection salon and spa.

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