Razor Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations

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Razor Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations

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About Razor Barbershop

The traditional barbershop was made to be a place where regulars and new customers could meet and feel at home. They never meant to seem like they were full of themselves.

Razors Barbershop & Shave Co. set out to make a place that would honor the history of barbershops in May of 2004. Razors opened a second store in the East Cambridge area at the beginning of 2021. This was made possible by the loyalty of its customers.

Also, Razors Barbershop in Somerville has a full-service cafe because they work with Capito Coffee, a nearby coffee roaster.

Razors Barbershop stores offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in a clean, cozy, and busy environment. All of our barbers are from the area and grew up here.

So Razors Barbershop doesn’t think of itself as a “high-end” business. We have the right licenses and are very creative, skilled, and knowledgeable in the field of tonsorial art.

We can meet your needs whether you want to bring back an old time or update the latest fashion. Everyone at Razors Barbershop loves the art of traditional barbering and respects its long and interesting history.
The average barber shop does more than just cut hair. The SHAVE was important, and there’s a reason why ours has won so many awards.

Even though this service is very popular, many barbershops no longer offer it, and even when they do, the shave is often rushed and not done well.

 Services Offered By Razor Barbershop


Razor Barbershop Service Prices



Same as our Classic Shave… Except for your head! We don’t have a five-blade razor, but we can shave your head cleanly with a straight razor.



This service is unique. It’s heaven for beards. We’ll cut it, wash it, and use our HOT OIL TREATMENT to make it soft and smooth, so it won’t itch. A straight razor is used to trim the edges. Towels made of steam were used.



After you choose a style, we’ll give you a warm lather and shave the hair around your ears and neck.



Our main service is done in a traditional way, the way it should be done. With hot towels and hot lather, a straight-razor shave goes perfectly.



Basically, if you can grow it, we can mow it. Simple cutting and cleaning up around the edges.

Razor Barbershop Coffee Bar



Since more than six months ago, the Razors in Somerville has had a fully functional coffee bar, and so far, the response has been very positive.

We will close the coffee shop for a while so that we can make the needed repairs. Razors will keep running as usual, and we’re looking forward to showing off our new and improved coffee bar and telling you about our changes soon.

In the meantime, Razors will keep working as they should. We can’t wait to make the Razors better for all of our fans.

Razor Barbershop – Video Review

Razor Barbershop Hours

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Days Hours
Monday 8AM – 7PM
Tuesday 8AM – 7PM
Wednesday 8AM – 7PM
Thursday 8AM – 7PM
Friday 8AM – 7PM
Saturday 9AM – 4PM
Sunday Closed

Razor Barbershop Near Me Location

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  • phone image(617) 625-4444
  • address image308 Highland Avenue
    Somerville, MA 02144

FAQ About Razor Barbershop

FAQ About Razor Barbershop

Where is razors barbershop&shave co?

Have a look at this video: Before You Go: Razors Barbershop & Shave Co., 308 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144, USA (617) 625-4444 info@razorsbarbershop.com\

Why choose Razorz barbershop?

We are a walk-in business where customers can sit in any chair and have one of our professional barbers give them the best haircut possible.

We are different from any other barbershop in Dallas because we have learned a lot about barbering. Razorz Barbershop is in Richardson, Texas, at the place where Buckingham Street and Plano Road meet.

What days are Razor Barbershop open?

Razor Barbershop is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday.

What is the history of Razorz hair salon?

Razorz started in the fall of 2010 and is owned and run by people in the area. Customers of all ages are welcome at the salon, whether they want a classic cut or the newest style.

Most of our customers have heard about us through word of mouth and have come to like the traditional elegance of our barbershop.


The Razor Barbershop Prices may vary from one location to another its depend on its geographical area. The prices listed above are simply estimates and may not be up to date. To obtain the up-to-date pricing, kindly contact your nearly Razor Barbershop location.

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