Nordstrom Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

The word “Nordstrom sale” is an earful. It’s especially when we’re discussing their largest sale times throughout the calendar year.

Our helpful Nordstrom Sale Calendar includes every sale that is coming up and current sales that are happening at Nordstrom currently. 

Nordstrom Sale Calendar

This way, you can look up this helpful guide when you plan your next trip to Nordstrom or researching what the date of next sales is scheduled to take place.

Nordstrom offers sales through the year, however the most significant ones are usually half-year Sale and the much-anticipated Nordstrom anniversary Sale


Also, you can find fantastic discounts on clearance and seasonal items throughout the year, making sure to check current offers and sale dates to ensure you can save the most.

When is Nordstrom Sale 2024

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024 will commence at the end of July 13th, 2024 open to everyone Nordstrom cardholders.

It will conclude on the 6th of August 2024. The sale will be open for the general public on July 17, Monday and close on August 6 2024.

The sale’s early access is open to everyone Nordstrom cardholders and customers can make an wishlist of things they’d like at the time of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview, beginning July 3.

To clarify the recommended action, you should write the sale dates on your calendar and actively check the Nordstrom website for more information about the sale.

Nordstrom Sale Dates

Sale Predicted Sale Date
Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale December/January/May
Nordstrom After Christmas Winter Sale January
Nordstrom Memorial Day Sale May 28th
Nordstrom Half Yearly Spring Sale May/June
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale November/December
Nordstrom Summer Sale August
Nordstrom Labor Dale Sale September 3rd
Nordstrom Black Friday Sale November
Nordstrom Cyber Monday Sale November

When is the next nordstrom half-yearly sale

Based on the results of the search According to the search results, the next Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is scheduled to begin around December 20, 2024 as per Groupon.

However, specific dates haven’t been announced at this time. However, the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale typically takes place twice per year during spring, one time in the fall and another in the fall.

The most awaited sales is Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which will begin on the 17th of July in 2024, for all customers.

It is open to Nordstrom cardholders beginning July 11, 2024. It is suggested to visit at the Nordstrom website and sign up to their mailing list to be informed of forthcoming sales and special events.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Sale Dates: July/August

It is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the largest annual shopping events. 

The highly anticipated sale offers discounts on shoes, clothing accessories, as well as furniture from the top brands. 

The sale typically lasts for two weeks during July/August and includes huge discounts on a range of products.

Shoppers will cut hundreds off on summer clothes to the latest cookware. The sale is a fantastic occasion to buy wardrobe staples and refresh your home for the coming season.

Nordstrom also provides this sale earlier to cardholders prior to it being accessible to the public. This sale is known as”the Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access Sale.

Nordstrom Memorial Day Sale

Sale Dates: May 27
Are you in search of something original for all those Memorial Day Weekend festivities?

Take a look at Nordstrom! Starting May 28, you can enjoy an additional 40% off merchandise on sale, which includes bags clothing, shoes, clothes beauty products, and much more.

This is a great time to buy holiday presents or give yourself something extra. There’s something for all your loved ones – or maybe something specially for you.

Take advantage of the sales for the holidays and get a few gifts before the holidays.

You’ll be grateful not to need to panic about buying gifts for the holidays at the last minute, and your friends and family will be thrilled to receive something original and thoughtful.

Nordstrom Black Friday Sale

Sale Dates: November 23
Are you searching for extraordinary Black Friday deals at Nordstrom? The Date to be aware of will be November 25, It is important to put the date on your calendar as you’ll get a discount on many of your most-loved items.

In everything, you’ll be capable of finding great deals. This is the Perfect time to get your hands On the items you’ve been searching for.

Let all your friends about the sale so they can take advantage of the amazing savings.

Don’t miss out on these chances. It is imperative to act quickly as this sale is only accessible for a limited time.

You Can expect to receive amazing discounts up to 50% off a wide range of products which will let you locate the product you’ve Been searching for.

Nordstrom Cyber Monday Sale

Sale Dates: November 26th
You’re looking for an original present to buy for Cyber Monday? Get ready for some fantastic savings at Nordstrom which includes 60% off all items online and in store!


There is a chance to save lots of money on clothing accessories, home products as well as other Products.

Make sure you get the items you require in the shortest time you can. Everything from shirts and dresses to bags and shoes will be offered for sale. Additionally, there will be specials on home and bedding. Don’t miss these fantastic items.

You can enjoy 20Percent off sales items as Well as free delivery on purchases at Nordstrom from November 26 through November 27, the day before Cyber Monday.

While this discount isn’t as great than Black Friday or Half Yearly Sales, it’s an excellent chance to save money while taking advantage of the occasional free shipping deals.

Nordstrom After Christmas Sale

Sale Dates: Dec. 26-Jan. 24
The Nordstrom After Christmas Sale is one of the largest deals of the season. You could save as much as 50% off of the most popular brands and designer merchandise.

This is the best occasion to buy presents for your loved ones or indulge yourself with something unique.

With so many amazing deals and discounts You can find the perfect gift for everyone you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to pamper yourself Why not take advantage of the discounts and buy something you’ve wanted for quite a long time?

You might be able to purchase that new book you’ve always wanted to read, or that brand new clothes you’ve been eyeing at.

You could also purchase a brand new piece of jewelry or new gadget. There could be some amazing savings on all of your favorites!

Nordstrom Labor Day Sale

Sale Date: September 3rd
What’s the most affordable deal you can find during this Labor Day weekend? Nordstrom has an event!

Beginning September 3, you can get a Discount on clothes, shoes as well as accessories to suit the entire family.

You may be looking for something new for work or something unique to wear out on the town you’ll find it during Nordstrom’s sale. Nordstrom Labor Day sale.

This year’s sale included an additional 40% off of sale products, which makes it the perfect time to grab items you’ve had your eyes for a while.

Nordstrom Rack sale dates 2024

Nordstrom Rack typically holds Clear the Rack events approximately every four years approximately once every quarter.

Typically, Nordstrom holds these events during the transition from one season to another, such as when spring transitions to winter or summer transitions to autumn.

This most recent Clear the Rack event happened May 25-29 2024. The next one is scheduled to be held on July 20, 2024. It is expected to take place between July 20 and August 6, 2024.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is expected to run between July 13 and the 6th of August in 2024. It will offer the first access to Nordstrom cardholders beginning July 11 2024.

Groupon expects the next Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale to take place around the end of December in 2024.

We highly recommend subscribing to Nordstrom Rack emails and regularly checking their website for announcements regarding upcoming Clear the Rack events.

To take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Half-Yearly Sale, Customers are able to add the date to their calendars and then visit the Nordstrom website for more details.

Nordstrom Friends and Family 2024

There is no information specific regarding 2024’s Nordstrom Friends and Family Sale 2024 found in the results of the search.

But, Nordstrom typically holds two major sales each year The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as well as the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

  • This Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is expected to run between July 17 and the 6th of August, 2024 with early access available to Nordstrom card holders beginning on July 11 2024. The sale will offer discounts on fall-related merchandise and will be accessible to the general public a few days after that, 123456.
  • It is the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is expected to occur twice per year, typically during the months of spring and autumn which offers discounts on a range of things, including clothes and shoes as well as accessories.

We highly recommend joining Nordstrom emails and regularly checking their website for news on upcoming sales and events, including their Friends and Family Sale.

FAQ – Nordstrom Sale Calendar

When does the Nordstrom Sale Calendar occur?

The Nordstrom Sale Calendar consists of various major sales events which take place during Different times of the year. The most well-known of them can be the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which usually takes place in July.

How long does the Nordstrom Sale last?

The length that the Nordstrom Sale varies depending on the particular occasion. For instance, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, for instance, typically lasts for about a week.

Is the Nordstrom Sale online or in-store?

It is possible to shop the Nordstrom Sale is both online and in-store, which allows customers to select the preferred method of shopping. Nordstrom offers seamless shopping on their mobile and website in addition to the physical stores.

How can I access the Nordstrom Sale?

To gain access to this Nordstrom Sale, you can go to this Nordstrom web site, or get their mobile application. You can also visit any of their physical stores to experience their shopping experience in the store.

Are Nordstrom credit cardholders given priority access?

Typically, Nordstrom customers with credit cards are granted early entrance to the Nordstrom Sale. This means that they get the chance to shop at the sale prior to it opening to the general public.

Can I return or exchange items purchased during the Nordstrom Sale?

Absolutely, Nordstrom provides a comprehensive return or exchange program. You can return or exchange items bought during the Nordstrom Sale within the specified period of time, as long as they meet the criteria for return.

Are luxury brands included in the Nordstrom Sale?

Yes, premium brands are usually present at this Nordstrom Sale. This gives you the chance to purchase designer products of the highest quality at less than their initial cost.

Can I use Nordstrom gift cards during the sale?

Absolutely! Nordstrom gift cards are able to be used for transactions during this sale. Nordstrom Sale, allowing you to benefit from the sales while paying off your balance on gift cards.

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