Kimble Hair Studio Prices and Services

Kimble Hair Studio Prices 2024

The Kimble Hair Studio Prices are also among the most reasonable in the industry

For many reasons, Kimble Hair Studio is a favorite salon of Hollywood celebrities. Its location at Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, is one reason why it has remained popular with its clients.

Kimble Hair Studio Prices

The excellent hairstyling services and friendly customer service are also reasons. Kim Kimble, the salon’s founder, and her team of professional hairstylists continue to live by the salon’s motto: Great hair equals confidence.

They are skilled in all hair types, from curly to straight and everything in between. These are the reasons why Kimble Hair Studio’s mid-range prices are so worth it.

Clients are advised to make an appointment before they arrive at the salon. This will include a consultation.

You can choose from various styles, including classic and modern haircuts, particular techniques such as cornrows and chignons, corrective color, hair restoration, and hair enhancements.

How about we additionally take a look at the Kimble Hair Studio Prices and discover how things charge up here.

Kimble Hair Studio Prices


Kimble Hair Studio Prices For Sew-Ins

Price Of Hair Varies Based On Length & Texture

Service Fee (Full) $650.00
Service Fee (Half) $400.00

Kimble Hair Studio Prices For Clip-Ins

Sold Per Set, Cut & Style (8 Pieces Per Set)

18″-26″ (Starting Price) $400.00
Service Fee (Cut & Style) $125.00

Kimble Hair Studio Prices For Clip-Ins Falls

Include Cut And Style

16″-28″ (Starting Price) $400.01
Service Fee (Cut & Style Secured Underneath & Apply) $150.00

Kimble Hair Studio Prices For Tape-Ins

20 Pieces Per Set

16″-26″ (Starting Price) $175.00
Service Fee (Per Piece) $10.00

Kimble Hair Studio Prices For Pony Tails

18″-28″ (Starting Price) $265.00
Service Fee (Blow Dry & Style) $85.00

Kimble Hair Studio Prices For Micro-Loop Extensions

Set Of 100 Per Count

16″-24″ (Starting Price) $250.00
Service Fee (One Piece) $5.00

Kimble Hair Studio Prices For Closures

Silk Base Closure (Small) $250.00
Silk Base Closure (Medium) $350.00
Silk Base Closure (Large) $450.00

Kimble Hair Studio Prices For In Stock Wigs

Full Lace Silk Top (Starting Price) $850.01
Natural Skin Top Lace Back (Starting Price) $750.00
Skin Top / Machine Wefted Back (Starting Price) $750.00
Hair Restoration Wig (Starting Price) $1,500.00
U Part (Starting Price) $500.01
Left Part (Starting Price) $500.01
Middle Part (Starting Price) $500.01
Right Part (Starting Price) $500.01
Customized Wigs (Starting Price) $150.00
Full Customized Wigs (Price Varies) $0.00

Kimble Hair Studio Prices For Extensions

Indian Wavy (10″-32″) (Starting Price) $170.00
Indian Curly (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Relaxed Textured Blend (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Jeri Curl (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Body Curl (10″-32″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Malaysian (12″-30″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Kinky Curl (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Relaxed Texture (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Kinky Straight (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Afro Curl (10″-30″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Body Wave (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Straight Relaxed Texture (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Deep Curl (10″-34″) $155.00
Brazilian Beach Wave (12″-34″) (Starting Price) $175.00

Kimble Hair Studio Unique Selling Point

Kimble Hair Studio takes great pride in its business. They will do their best to exceed the client’s expectations and give them what they deserve. The salon encourages clients to call ahead to set up a personal, private consultation with an expert. This gives clients a sense of significance.

The client comes first with a personal service that puts the client’s needs first. Kimble Hair Studio can provide a variety of services, including a haircut and a weave.

Kimble Hair Studio Services Offered

Kimble Hair Studio provides a variety of services to meet your styling needs. Kimble Hair Studio can create a style that is elegant, chic, romantic, or carefree. You will see the results. There are many styles to choose from.

There are many types of wet sets, from basic settings to spiral. Natural styling options include twists, turns, cornrows, Bantu knots, and locs.

Other services include hair color, which can be lowlights, highlights or corrective shades. There are many hairstyles available, from the basic to the more elegant and designer.

Kimble Hair Studio also offers hair restoration wigs. Braids and weaves are two examples of hair enhancements. Additional services include Event Styling and VIP Treatment Packages, Wedding Consultation, and Membership Package.

Kimble Hair Studio Locations

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Disclaimer : Kimble Hair Studio Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local Kimble Hair Studio center.

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