Diesel barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations 2024

Diesel barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations

Diesel barbershop Prices & Its Services

If you’re searching for Diesel Barbershop. But if you aren’t sure about Diesel Barbershop’s Prices, hours, and Location, then I have given details here in this post.

We prefer you save your precious energy and time. To simplify your search, Our team has compiled complete and step-by-step information about Diesel American  Barbershop, including prices, Hours, reviews, and Locations.

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Diesel barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations

So, without further due, let’s dive into our Main topic.

Diesel barbershop Services Offered

  • ✅ Beard
  • ✅ Wax
  • ✅ Coloring
  • ✅ Shaves
  • ✅ Hair Cut

Diesel barbershop Services Prices With Different Barbers/Stylists

PEDRO – Manager/Barber/Stylist

Diesel Barbershop Featured Services

Diesel Plus-30m-35m
Full Service-50m-75m
Mega Beard Trim-20m

Diesel Barbershop Signature Services

Diesel Plus=30m-35m
Full Service=50m-75m
Diesel Plus w/ Razor Skin Fade=45m-55m
Diesel Plus w/ Skin Fade or Flat Top=45m-50m
Full Service w/ Razor Skin Fade-75m=80m
Full Service w/ Skin Fade or Flat top=65m-75m

Diesel Barbershop Beard Services

Basic Beard Trim=10m-20m
Beard Trim w/ Line Up=15m-25m
Mega Beard Trim=20m
Mega Beard Trim w/ Line Up=20m-25m
Line up w/ Trimmers or Electric Shaver=5m-20m

Diesel Barbershop Shave Services

Face Partial Shave=30m-40m
Face Shave=30m-45m
Head Shave=45m-60m
Mr. Clean=75m

Diesel Barbershop Wax Job Services

Wax Job Detailed Full Brow=15m-20m
Wax Job Full Brow=15m
Wax Job Nose=15m
Wax Job Partial (Center of Brows)=10m-15m
Wax Job Ear=15m
Wax Bundle=30m-40m

Diesel Barbershop Add On

Clean Up=15m-20m

Diesel Barbershop Hair Color

Fade The Gray=20m-45m

Hippie Services- Shoulder Length or Below

Hippie Cut – Shoulder Length or Below=45m

All services need to be scheduled ahead of time, but walk-ins are also welcome.

Diesel barbershop Waxing Services Prices

  • Partial Wax. $10
  • Full Wax + $10
  • Detailed Wax
  • $10Wax Bundle +$10
  • Ear Wax + $10
  • Nose Wax + $12

About Diesel barbershop

After looking for something better for years, I realized that Diesel barbershop would have to build my perfect “barbershop” from scratch.

The Diesel barbershop is a modern take on the traditional corner barbershop that serves the needs of men and boys in today’s society.

Welcome to Diesel Barbershop, a place that has been around for more than 20 years and has seen feathered hair, mullets, goatees, and fake hawks.

Diesel Barbershop looks and feels like a mix of a barbershop, salon, retro record store, auto repair shop, tattoo parlor, and old arcade. Think of it as a “man cave” where you can get a great haircut and a great haircut experience overall. We’re glad to have you as a customer and hope to see you again soon.

Diesel barbershop – Video Tutorial

Diesel barbershop Hours

If you are wondering for What time Does Diesel barbershop opens? OR What time does Diesel barbershop close? You’ve come to the right place to do the same thing.

Most of the time, the Diesel barbershop opens at 9:00 AM. The same time, 8:00 PM, is used Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the time is 7:00 PM.

Days Hours
Monday 10:00 AM TO 8:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM TO 8:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM TO 8:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM TO 8:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM TO 8:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 PM TO 7:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

Diesel barbershop Other Location Hours

If You Find other Diesel barbershop Locations Hours  :-  Click Here

Diesel barbershop Promise to Clients

Diesel barbershop Promise to Clients

To give each of our customers the best experience possible when it comes to men’s grooming in each of our shops. Diesel is committed to hiring and training a staff that can meet all of your needs for men’s grooming while using the best hair and beard products.

Diesel barbershop Near Me

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