David Hair Salon Prices & Services 2024

David Hair Salon Prices & Services

Welcoming you the David Hair Salon, where elegant and style combine to create a new look.

Our team is made up of highly experienced and knowledgeable hair stylists. We aim to provide outstanding services that are customized to your personal requirements.

David Hair Salon

If you’re in search of the latest haircut, stunning color of your hair or a striking hairstyle for a special event.

The salon at David Hair Salon is the ideal place to get the style you want.

In this piece we’ll take you deeper deep into the realm of David Hair Salon, exploring our dedication to excellence, superior services, and a truly unforgettable salon experience.

Join us for this adventure and learn the reasons why David Hair Salon can be the ideal destination for all your hair-care requirements.

What is a David Hair Salon?

Within the realm of beauty and hairstyling, David Hair Salon is an established name that is recognized for the exceptional quality of its services and know-how.

David Hair Salon

The Salon provides a wide variety of high-quality haircare products and Styling solutions to enhance the look of your hair, and increase your confidence.

With a staff of highly trained stylists and a dedication to client complete satisfaction David Hair Salon has gained a reputable reputation with its customers.

In David Hair Salon, you will find a lavish and welcoming atmosphere that adds an overall sense of.

The salon has a contemporary design, with elegantly lit mirrors and comfy seating areas that create a comfortable atmosphere for customers to relax while enjoying top-quality services.

David Hair Salon Prices & Services


David Hair Salon
Service Price Range
Blowout $45 – $90
Blowout with Extensions $65 – $115
Haircut $75 – $200
Haircut Textured / Curly $125 – $250
Clipper Cuts $105
Express Dusting with Blowout $60 – $105
Blowout Package – Ten Pack $450
Blowout Package – Five Pack $225
Blowout Package with Davide – Ten Pack $800
Blowout Package with Davide – Five Pack $400
Blowout w/Extensions Package – Ten Pack $800
Blowout w/Extensions Package – Five Pack $400


David Hair Salon
Service Price Range
Bowlyage $25
Root Shadow $35
Single Process $75 – $130
Glaze / Base Break / Camo $90 – $100
Highlight / Balayage Half $140 – $255
Highlight / Balayage Full $185 – $330
Foilyage $235 – $370
Single Process + Half Highlight $235 – $350
Double Process Root Touch Up $250 – $300


Service Price Range
WellaPlex $35
Oribe Exfoliating Scalp Treatment $45
Metal Detox $35
L’OREAL Powermix $40
Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Treatment $15
Cezanne (anti-frizz) Express Smoothing Treatment $185 – $200
Cezanne (anti-frizz) Classic Smoothing Treatment $365 – $450


David Hair Salon
Service Price
Custom Application $150
Express Eyes $75
Makeup + Blowout Package $185

David Hair Salon Wedding Services

The Trial:

Join forces with the most renowned wedding stylists from Davide Hair Studio for your Bridal Hair Test.

Your stylist and you will design two wedding styles, each customised to complement the style of your wedding dress.

Pick the bridal hairstyle that best reflects you and your idea you want to achieve to your day.

Professional makeup artists will provide bridal hairstyles specifically designed to complement the dress, veil and overall wedding theme.

  • Bridal Hair Trial Dry styling… $100.00 +
  • Shampoo blowout/styling… $150.00 +
  • Bridal Makeup Trial… $150 +


The day will begin with a visit to Davide Hair Studio. You can unwind in a relaxing atmosphere designed to celebrate your special day as you meet with the bridal industry’s top makeup and stylists.

They’ll make sure you get the best of the time and effort you put into collaborating on your wedding look.

  • Bridal Hair Wedding Day… $350 (1.5 hours)
  • Bridesmaid’s Hair… $125+
  • Groom… $125
    includes haircut and styling
  • Groomsman… $75
    includes wash, clean up and styling
  • Full Bridal Makeup… $200
  • Bridesmaid’s Makeup… $125

Booking and Appointment Process

Making an appointment with David Hair Salon is quick and simple. Follow these steps to reserve your appointment:

  • Visit our official website at www.davidhairsalon.com.
  • Select”Book Now” or the “Book Now” or “Appointment” button.
  • Fill in the necessary information with your personal information like your name, telephone number, and preferred time and date of your appointment.

Select the service(s) you would like to utilize from the choices available.

  • Pick your preferred stylist or let it be open to suggestions.
  • Recheck your booking information to make sure they are correct.
  • Make sure you confirm your appointment.
  • There will be a confirmation text either by email or text message that contains all the important details regarding the appointment.
  • It’s that easy! Make an appointment now and prepare to enjoy the best hair care from David Hair Salon.

How much is Hair Extension in David’s Salon

At David’s Salon, the price of hair extensions can differ dependent on a number of factors which include what type of extension.

That are used along with the length and the thickness of your hair, the style you want and the quantity of hair that is required to make the extensions. 

Here’s a general price range for extensions to hair:

  • Tape-In Extensions: $200 – $500
  • Clip-In Extensions: $100 – $300
  • Micro-Link Extensions: $300 – $800
  • Fusion Extensions: $500 – $1,200

It is important to note that the prices are estimates and can differ based on specific factors and the policies of your salon.

 It is essential to set up an appointment for a consultation with our skilled stylists who will evaluate the condition of your hair, discuss the look you’d like to achieve and provide a detailed price that’s tailored to your individual requirements.

We at David’s Salon, we take pleasure in providing high-quality hair extensions that ensure that they blend seamlessly and naturally with your hair.

Our skilled stylists will assist you throughout the process, guide you pick the appropriate extension type and will provide expert installation and maintenance to get the desired outcomes.

It is recommended to contact our salon directly for more specific prices for extensions, and to book consultations to one of our expert stylists. 

They’ll be able to give you the most exact details and help you in getting the hair you want.

David salon haircut and hair color price

In David Salon, we offer an array of services to accommodate your haircut and hair color requirements.

The price structure of our services can vary according to factors like the length and the thickness of your hair and the level of nature of the color or style you want, as well as the experience degree of the stylist.

This is the general cost range of our services:


  • Women’s Haircut: $30 – $70
  • Men’s Haircut: $25 – $45
  • Children’s Haircut: $15 – $35

Hair Color:

  • Single Process Color: $60 – $120
  • Highlights/Lowlights: $80 – $150
  • Balayage/Ombre: $100 – $200

How Much is Hair Color in David Salon

The cost for hair color treatments in David Salon can vary based on a variety of factors, such as the kind of color treatment, length and thickness of your hair and the level of detail desired color. Here’s a rough cost for color treatments:

  • Single Process Color: $60 – $120
  • Highlights/Lowlights: $80 – $150
  • Balayage/Ombre: $100 – $200
  • Price for Color Correction are available on request

Be aware that these are estimates and will vary depending on your individual needs and the skills that our stylists have. 

To get a more precise quote we suggest scheduling an appointment by one of our expert colorists. 

They will evaluate your hair, talk about the desired color and give you an individual quote depending on your specific requirements and hair goals.

David Salon David Salon, we are determined to provide outstanding colors for hair. 

Our highly skilled colorists keep up on the latest trends and techniques in order to deliver amazing and custom-made outcomes in terms of color. 

We employ high-end products and are committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the final result.

David style hair salon and spa

David Style Hair Salon and Spa is a top establishment that provides exceptional services for your hair and spa.

We have a team made up of trained experts is dedicated to providing the most recent trends and styles and ensuring complete satisfaction of our clients.

David Style David Style, we believe that hair is the crowning jewel of your appearance We strive to improve its natural beauty with our extensive variety of services.

If you’re looking for haircuts or color treatments, or even styling, our stylists are able to collaborate with you to discover your preferences and create a unique style that matches your personal style.

In addition to hair care services Our spa also offers a tranquil and serene environment that allows you to indulge in revitalizing treatments.

Our skilled spa therapists are experts in a range of services that include facials, massages treatment for body and nail treatments.

We utilize high-end equipment and treatments to ensure the best results and provide a luxurious experience.

David Hair Salon Regular Hours

Day Time
Monday Closed
Tuesday 8:30am – 9pm
Wednesday 8:30am – 9pm
Thursday 8:30am – 9pm
Friday 8:30am – 9pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm

Summer Hours

Day Time
Monday Closed
Tuesday 8:30am – 8pm
Wednesday 8:30am – 8pm
Thursday 8:30am – 8pm
Friday 8:30am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 4pm
Sunday Closed

David Hair Salon Near Me


David Hair Salon is a well-known salon that is known for its expert hairstylists, personal services, and a modern style of haircuts or color treatments as well as hair styling. 

With a dedication to quality and precision They deliver outstanding results as well as a pleasant experience for their customers. 

You can trust David Hair Salon for Stunning hair transformations.

For more information about other Nails & Hair salon prices please visit our website salonpricelist.com.

FAQ – David Hair Salon

Does David Hair Salon offer hair color services?

Yes, we offer hair coloring services. Our stylists are educated in different methods of coloring, such as highlights, full color, lowlights, balayage and many more. You can choose to renew your existing color or experiment with the latest shades, our color specialists will design a formulation that will complement your skin tone and highlights your appearance.

Are the products used at David Hair Salon high-quality?

We will use only the best quality products available at David Hair Salon. We select only the best professional products for hair care that nourish and safeguard your hair. From shampoos and conditioners, to coloring products and styling tools we focus on the health and quality of your hair, which means longevity and shine.

Can I bring my children to David Hair Salon?

We welcome customers from all ages at David Hair Salon, including children. Our stylists are skilled in working with children and designing hairstyles that are appropriate for their age and trendy. We aim to make our salon experience enjoyable for all the family, making sure that your kids leave with smiling faces.

What makes David Hair Salon unique?

What is what sets David Hair Salon apart is our commitment to excellence that is unwavering. We’re Committed to providing exceptional services that meet the requirements of our customers. Our highly skilled stylists, customized consultations, premium products and attention to details ensure that each appointment at David Hair Salon is a unforgettable and transformative experience. We aim to provide a welcoming and friendly environment where our customers feel appreciated leaving with haircuts and styles that leave them feeling confident and gorgeous.

Are walk-ins accepted at David Hair Salon?

We do recommend making an appointment ahead of time in order to secure your preferred time slot we will accept walk-ins on availability of stylists. It is recommended to call ahead and inquire about availability.

Can I purchase hair care products from David Hair Salon?

Absolutely! We provide a selection of high-quality products for hair care to purchase at our salon. Our stylists will suggest the most suitable products to your hair’s kind and needs.

How can I book an appointment at David Hair Salon?

Scheduling an appointment at David Hair Salon is easy. Visit our website and utilize our online booking system to select your preferred time and date. Or, contact us directly and our courteous receptionist will assist you with making an appointment.

Does David Hair Salon offer additional services apart from hair styling?

Yes, we can provide additional services like treatments for scalp deep conditioning treatments blowouts, extensions for hair, bridal services for hair and makeup and much more to enrich the experience in our salon.

Is David Hair Salon suitable for both men and women?

Absolutely, David Hair Salon caters to both women and men. Our stylists are experts in hairstyling of all genders.

Does David Hair Salon offer hair treatments for damaged hair?

Yes, we provide various hair treatments specifically made to nourish and repair damaged hair. Our stylists will examine your hair’s condition and suggest the best treatment that meets your requirements.

Does David Hair Salon offer hair smoothing treatments?

Yes, we provide treatments for smoothing your hair, such as Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts to lessen frizz, improve shine making your hair manageable.

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