Carters Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide

Carters Sale Calendar: Everyone can benefit from a good discount, particularly on clothing for babies and toddlers.

In a blink of an eye, little ones grow out of their clothes. It’s crucial to shop for your children’s wardrobes at the lowest possible price.

Carters Sale Calendar

Would you believe that you do not have to wait until the next Carter’s Sale to get your savings? That’s right! 

This post includes Carter’s current discounts and offers, in addition to our guide to the Carter’s sale schedule.

You’ve found the best place to find the best Carter’s deals. We will take you through the most important sales at Carter’s, and give you special discounts.

When does Carter’s have sales?

Carter’s has sales all year long. Exclusive Coupons are available all year long and can help you get some great bargains.

We created the Carter’s Sales Calendar so that you can easily access all of their sales and coupons that are released regularly.

Carter’s offers amazing discounts on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other days.

Carter’s Sale Dates

Sale Name Predicted Sale Date
Carter’s Semi-Annual Sale January/September
Carter’s President’s Day Sale February 18
Carter’s Memorial Day Sale May 27
Carter’s 4th of July Sale July 4
Carter’s Labor Day Sale September 2
Carter’s Black Friday Sale November 29
Carter’s Cyber Monday Sale December 2
Carter’s After Christmas Sale December 25

Carters Sale Calendar

Carter’s can have different dates for their sales each year. Carter’s sales are usually held at the same time every year. 

As long as you follow this guide, there’s no need to worry about missing a Carter’s sale.

You can find all of the Carters sales and promotions below.

Continue reading for a comprehensive list of Carter’s Sales. Here’s your guide to Carter’s sales throughout the year.

Carters Semi-Annual Sale

  • Sale dates: January/September

Carter’s semi-annual sales are among the best to look forward to when you want to find baby and toddler clothing at an affordable price. 

You can get incredible clearance sales, new arrivals discounts, and much more. Carter’s holds their semi-annual sale twice a year in January and September.

Carter’s is having a clearance sale on clothing for babies and toddlers. Prices start at $3.99.

 In January of last year, we saw five-packs sold for only $12. This is less than $3 per onesie! Carters’ semi-annual sale was one of the best sellers.

Baby basics is not the only thing on sale. During this sale, many customer favorites are marked down. You won’t be able to resist the doorbusters!

Carters’ semi-annual sale is now underway. Here are the best deals that we have seen in previous sales:

  • Sleep n Plays $6
  • Jumpsuits 8
  • Outerwear 40% off
  • Halloween items 50% off

Carters is offering a 15% discount on full-priced items purchased online when you spend $40 or more. This offer can be combined with other coupons to maximize savings.

Carters Black Friday

  • Sale Dates: November 29th

Carter’s Black Friday Sale is something you don’t want miss. You can find some great deals on Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers.

Carters Black-Friday sale takes place every year on the Friday following Thanksgiving.

We are not kidding when we say this Carters sale offers some of the best deals and discounts that you can find. Carter’s offered 30% off the entire store and website just two years ago!

They offered a special code that would allow free shipping on Black Friday. In celebration of Black Friday, they also offered an array of doorbusters starting at 6 dollars.

You’ll be surprised at the discounts they offered in previous years.

Carter’s shocked their customers with a 50% discount on all products. On Black Friday, they also provided an additional coupon that offered 20% off all in-store purchases. Carter’s continued to offer discounts with $5 doorbuster offers starting at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day.

It can be overwhelming to see so many savings. You will save a lot of money if you choose Carter’s Black Friday sales.

Carters Cyber Monday

Sale Dates: December 2
Carter’s Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to score the best deals in the entire year without leaving your home.

Cyber Monday is great because you can get all the best deals on-line. Carter’s Cyber Monday means you don’t have to compete with anyone else for the last onesie pack.

Carters usually hosts Cyber Monday on their website the last Monday in November.

Cyber Monday is a close second to Black Friday at Carter’s. Both in-store and on the web, you can get huge discounts. Carter’s Cyber Monday Sale featured an extra 30% off the entire website last year with the use a coupon.

We anticipate that this year’s deals will be as good or better than last. Keep an eye out for a Carters Cyber Week coupon.

We will post it on our website as soon as we receive it. We will keep you informed by highlighting the latest sales and discounts.

Can I combine a Carters sale with a gift card?

In most cases, yes, you can combine a Carter’s promotion with a gift certificate.

Carter’s is a popular retailer of children’s clothes that allows its customers to pay with gift cards, regardless of any ongoing sales or promotions.

To ensure that there are no restrictions, it’s best to Check the terms and condition of the gift card, as well as the Current Promotion.

Carter’s policies can also vary. To get the most up-to date information, it is best to call their customer service department or visit their site.ime.

What are Carter’s Doorbusters?

Carters’ doorbusters include some of the best sales and offers you can find for baby clothing.

Carters offers these deals every day to entice shoppers into their stores and online.

Carter’s often offers doorbusters to encourage customers to shop online and in store, resulting in more sales for the children’s clothing retailer.

Carters offers a wide range of discounts on its merchandise.

When does Carter’s have the best sales?

What are the best Carter’s deals if you do not know where to search? Carter’s offers discounts and special sales throughout the year.

However, their best sales are usually held in the semi-annual sales that take place between January and September.

Carter’s Black Friday Sale is a good time to get some great discounts. The sale is always held on the 24th of November, in traditional Black Friday style. Carter’s offers the best deals at this time.

Are all sizes available during a Carters sale?

The availability of sizes during a Carter’s Sale can vary. The availability of sizes can vary depending on the items being sold, the popularity and inventory levels.

Carter’s aims, in general, to offer a variety of sizes for different age groups. This includes newborns, toddlers, and older children.

Due to the high demand, some sizes can sell out very quickly during a sales event.

You can always check the sizes of specific items on Carter’s site or at their authorized retailers or stores.

Do I need a promo code to access Carters sale prices?

You do not usually need a code to get Carter’s Sale Prices. Sale prices are often automatically applied during the period of the sale.

Certain promotions or offers may require that a promo code be entered during checkout.

Carter’s marketing channels such as its website, newsletters or social media pages usually provide these promo codes.

Promo codes are usually clearly stated with any specific sale or promotion. Check the terms and conditions for any promotion or sale to make sure you know all the information needed to get the discount.

Can I return items purchased during a Carters sale?

You can return most items bought during a Carter’s sale. Carter’s offers a return policy for both regular and sales items.

However, the details can vary. For the most up-to date information, it’s best to check the Carter’s return policy or contact customer service.

Returning items bought during a sales event will generally be treated the same as returning regular priced items.

Returning an item may require that you return it within a certain timeframe and Provide proof of purchase (such as a confirmation or receipt). You should also ensure that the item is in its original condition.

FAQ – Carters Sale Calendar

Is there a Carter’s Memorial Day sale?

Carter’s might have a Memorial Day Sale, but you should check their website and promotional materials to get more details.

When is Carter’s biggest sale of the year?

Carter’s Black Friday and Cyber Mon sales are usually significant.

Are there any Carter’s sales for back-to-school shopping?

Carter’s offers special deals on children’s clothing and accessories for the back-to school shopping season.

Does Carter’s offer discounts during the summer?

Carter’s offers summer sales and promotions to help customers save money on summer clothes and accessories.

When is Carter’s fall sale?

Carter’s Fall Sale timing can vary, but typically it occurs in the fall, with discounts on fall-themed products.

Are there any Carter’s sales during Easter?

Carter’s offers discounts on spring themed clothing and accessories during its Easter sales.

Are there any Carter’s sales for Valentine’s Day?

Carter’s offers specials or sales for Valentine’s Day that feature themed clothing and accessories.

Is there a Carter’s Labor Day sale?

Carter’s may have a Labor Day Sale, but you should check their website and promotional materials to get more information.

Do Carter’s sales happen online or in-store?

Carter’s offers both online and in stores. Shop their sales online or in their stores.

Can I use coupons during Carter’s sales?

Coupons can usually be used at Carter’s during sales. Coupon restrictions may apply to certain promotions or sales.

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